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Rape Fantasy

One Friday night, as we cuddled together and basked in the afterglow of a bout of some truly delicious but utterly vanilla sex, my boyfriend Saleem asked me a question that made me raise my eyebrows:

“Jen, have you ever had a rape fantasy?”

I was totally in love with Saleem that year; if I could have been anyone in the world at the time, I would have been him.  He was beautiful, smart and funny, generous, kind, intelligent and loving.  We had been together a year, and had shared an apartment in Williamsburg for the past six months.  He was great, a real keeper.  The only problem, as far as I was concerned, was that he was a little… tame in bed.

There was nothing wrong with his sex drive, far from it.  And vanilla is a nice flavor too.  But whenever I suggested anything even remotely kinky, the answer was always the same:

Bondage play, golden showers?  “Hmm, sounds interesting.”

Threesomes, spanking?  “That could be fun.”

Anal sex, exhibitionism?  “Could be interesting.”

Role playing, dildos?  Well you get the picture.  He was always positive but noncommittal, and it never happened. Saleem’s idea of kinky was going down on me with the lights on.  And he was pretty freaking good at that, I have to say.

So that is why I was surprised when Saleem asked me about rape fantasy.  He had never talked about his sexual fantasies before, and I was pleased to hear him opening up.

“Yeah” I said, giving him a squeeze “I bet most people have.”

“Would you ever… you know… want to act it out?”  Saleem got embarrassed easily talking about sex.  This was by far the most he had ever shared with me about his own fantasies.

“Sure” I said “That would be a blast.”  Play rape wasn’t really very high on my personal list of fantasies, but I had told Saleem many times that I was up for anything.  And hey, it might just be fun.

“Could be interesting” Saleem said.  I could tell he was turned on again.  He crawled on top of me, and we sixty-nined until his talented tongue had given me a couple yummy orgasms, and his big beautiful cock had spurted a fresh load of come into my hungry mouth.

The next day was Saturday, and we rode our bikes to the park and had a picnic and played Frisbee with friends.  Then we rented a movie, drank beer, and crashed out.

I woke up early on Sunday morning, and ran upstairs to have a little chat with our neighbor Audrey.

Audrey didn’t look like a dyke; at least I didn’t think so.  She had big eyes and ears that stuck out and seemed almost pointed at the ends.  She actually looked more than a little like a Tolkien elf.  She was waif-thin, with almost non-existent hips and butt, and a nearly flat chest.  She had fine features, a pleasant laugh, and hair down to the middle of her shoulder blades that varied wildly in color from day to day.  It could be anywhere from magenta to electric blue.  Today it was bleach blonde.  She had a tiny nose stud, but aside from that and the hair, she dressed fairly conservatively.  She wore more makeup than I ever did.  She worked in some dot-com where she pulled long hours and made money by the wheelbarrow full.

Audrey and I had slept together once, when Saleem and I had first moved in to the building.  It had been a lapse of judgment on my part, but even though I felt really guilty about it, I couldn’t quite bring myself to regret the incident.  Audrey might be a skinny little thing, but I swear her tongue was about three feet long and she could do push-up with it.  Holy shit, the things she had done with that tongue…!

The three of us had become friends, and we hung out fairly often.  Sometimes Audrey would hit on me, but not too hard.  I had hinted broadly to Saleem that I was attracted to her and wouldn’t mind watching him fuck her, but the only response I got was “Hmmm. Could be fun.”

When Saleem woke up, we had a hot cup of coffee ready for him.  His hands were cuffed and tied securely to the headboard, and his feet were velcroed to a spreader bar; these were items that had come down with us from Audrey’s apartment.  We had thought about gagging him, but had decided against it.  For now.

“What the hell is going on?” he spat as he struggled into consciousness.  Saleem has never been much of a morning person. “Jen, untie me, let me go!”

“Do you want the coffee or not?” I asked coldly “Bitch”

“Yes” he said, as Audrey brought the mug to his lips.  He drank deeply “Please tell me what is going on?”

“Fuck you” Audrey said, putting the cup down on the side table and slapping him across the face.  I winced, that was hard. “You’re ours now Cunt.  Our property.”

“What?” Saleem looked over at me.

“Shut the fuck up Bitch” I told him sternly “And things will go easier for you.”

“I’ve got to pee” he complained.

“So what’s stopping you?” asked Audrey, picking up an empty pint glass from the dresser.

When it became clear that we weren’t going to untie him or let him up to use the bathroom, Saleem realized that he would have to pee in the cup or humiliate himself by pissing all over himself and the bed.  Audrey held his limp penis, and he tried to go, but he couldn’t release.  It was cute watching him struggle to relieve his swollen bladder.  I probably didn’t help matters much by pressing on his stomach.  Finally, nature took over, and Saleem let go with a yellow flood that seemed to go on forever.  We laughed at him as Audrey directed the stream into the glass.  I was a little worried that it would be more than the pint glass could hold, but it wasn’t.

We left him there to stew for a little while, while we flushed his urine, and smoked a joint in the living room.  I was having a lot of fun, and seeing my boyfriend naked and helpless on the bed was more of a turn-on then I ever would have thought.

When we came back, pleasantly stoned, he again begged us to let him go.  It was kind of cute, but it got annoying.  Audrey had to gag him with a pair of my dirty panties just to shut him up.  Saleem struggled and glared, but he wasn’t going anywhere.

Audrey and me started making out on the foot of the bed.  At first it was mostly just to tease him, but we got really into it.  Pretty soon I had all but forgotten about Saleem and his predicament there on the bed with us.  Audrey is a really good kisser, but I had forgotten just how good she is.   I got lost in her lips and her tender touch.  Clothes went flying, and before long, we were down to panties.  Audrey was all over my tits, which she seemed to enjoy immensely.  I was playing with her nipples, which were smallish, brown, hard as rocks, and pierced with thick gold rings.  She moaned as I tugged hard on her rings, distending her titties as she sucked on my own sensitive nipples.  My clit was humming, and my panties were drenched.

I looked over and realized that Saleem had grown an erection while Audrey and I had been playing.  I pointed this out to her.

“You fucking little slut” Audrey snarled “You got turned on watching me with your girlfriend, didn’t you?” Saleem nodded.  She slapped his dick hard, which only seemed to make him harder “You’re lucky we don’t cut your balls off, you know that?”

Turning to me, she said “I think it’s time he got a taste of pussy, don’t you?”

I agreed, though I would happily have been the one tied up between Audrey’s thighs at that moment.  She pulled off her high-cut bikini underwear, revealing just how naked she was.  Audrey had waxed her cunt recently, and there wasn’t a hair to be found down there, she was bald as Patrick Stewart.  She sported a tattoo that I love on her left ass-cheek of winged faerie girl, legs spread wide, masturbating with two delicate fingers

I felt just a twinge of jealousy as Audrey undid Saleem’s gag and crawled on for a ride.  She sat on his face, mercilessly rubbing her bald snatch up and down on his tongue.  From the sounds she was making, he was doing a pretty damn good job down there too.  The man gave good head, that was a fact, and Audrey seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. Meanwhile I pulled off my own more than damp underwear, and fumbled with the straps of Audrey’s harness.

The dildo that she had fixed onto it wasn’t that huge.  It was black and silicone, and realistically shaped, down to a pair of balls that were supposed to stimulate your clit.  A lipstick vibrator fit into a slot at the base.  It hummed pleasantly against my pussy.

Audrey was bent over Saleem’s face now, her small tits hanging down, rings glistening and jerking as he tongued her distended clit.  I crawled on top of him, enjoying the sensation of his hard penis sliding down my stomach.  It felt weird to have a big fake cock projecting from my crotch, waggling every time I moved.  Weird, but not unpleasant.

Audrey’s asscheeks were spread wide apart as Saleem pleasured her, and I just couldn’t resist licking her sexy ass.  I licked up and down her crack, teasing her until her little rosebud was gasping and winking for attention.  Finally I pressed my tongue into her hole, tasting her earthy, sexy taste, driving my tongue as far up her backside as I could while Saleem slurped away at her wet cunt.  She came, cussing like an ironworker and grinding onto Saleem’s mouth.

While she recovered, Saleem and I kissed.  She was all over his face, and I liked tasting her slick wetness on him.  It made kissing him feel nasty and naughty.  There was no more whining to be let go, and his nice big cock was harder than ever.

“The little slut is a pretty good pussy-eater” Audrey said “Not as good as you though.”  I blushed at the memory.  “I think he’s ready to get fucked, don’t you?”

That was when Saleem notice the strap-on for the first time.  His eyes went wide, but he didn’t say anything.

Together, we rolled him over and onto his knees.  “Make him suck your cock” Audrey told me.

I offered the dildo to him, and he obediently opened his mouth and started sucking.  He looked cute like that, but it didn’t really do that much for me.  The little vibrator was buzzing away inside the silicone cock, but it wasn’t being pressed against me enough to do that much.  I reached down and fingered myself as Saleem sucked.  I was surprised to find just how wet I had become; joy juice was literally flowing down the insides of my thighs.

“I think he’s enjoying this” I told Audrey “Horny little slut.”  I grabbed a handful of hair and forced Saleem down on my phallus until he choked and gagged.  I held his head down there.  When I finally let him up, his face was all red and he was gasping for air.  What a feeling of power!

Meanwhile, Audrey had retrieved the little bottle of AstroGlide from the bedside table, and was applying it to Saleem’s cute little backside.  He jumped a little the first time she touched him there, but then he seemed to relax.  I couldn’t WAIT to fuck that little hole!

“I think he’s ready” Audrey told me.  I disengaged my cock from Saleem’s mouth, and joined her behind my boyfriend.  Audrey had her forefinger buried to the knuckle in his puckered asshole, and she was sliding it in and out.  I was so horny at that point I thought I might shoot come right out the end of my silicone dildo.

Audrey removed her finger, and I just couldn’t help but lick him there a little bit.  He moaned and sighed as my tongue invaded his nether regions.  Audrey kept her hand on his balls, giving them a firm squeeze now and then, just to make sure he didn’t get too worked up.

“Are you ready to get fucked up the ass?” she asked rhetorically “Do you want to feel what Andrea feels when you fuck her asshole?”

“He’s never fucked me back there.” I told her.

“Is that true?” she asked.  He nodded ‘Yes’.

“Well we’ll have to change that later on, won’t we?”

“Oh yeah” I said, “We definitely need to change that!”

Audrey helped me get the end of my cock positioned at his anus.  She squirted a little extra lube on just for good measure.  Then she repositioned herself so that Saleem could, if he craned his neck, get his tongue on her wide open pussy.  “Fuck him” she told me “Fuck that fucking little slut bitch.”

I wanted to tease him a little first.  As he lapped at Audrey’s pussy and she rubbed her clit and pulled on her nipples, I drew the dildo up and down his ass crack, nudging it against his ball sac and tickling his asshole.  He pressed back eagerly whenever the end of it contacted his anus.

“Goddamn it!” he exploded “Come on Jen, stop teasing and fuck me already!”

“Say ‘please’!” I chided

“Please… Please fuck my ass!”

That was enough for me.  I pressed forward, and his asshole opened up, and suddenly the head of my black silicone cock disappeared inside his anus.  Saleem moaned loudly, throwing back his head and squeezing his eyes closed tight.  I think it was a happy moan.  I thrust forward a little more, and he humped back toward me, burying the fat dildo inch by inch into his hungry asshole.  He was tight, so I took it slow, but I wasn’t gentle.  I slapped his sweet buns hard as I buried my cock in his sexy little butt.  I liked seeing my handprint raised on his light brown flesh.  It looked sexy.

Once I was all the way up inside, I started fucking him in earnest, grabbing a fistful of his hair and mashing his face into Audrey’s cunt.  I fucked him hard and selfishly.  I was surprised at how goddamn good it felt.  Aside from the raw sexual power of taking my lover this way, aside from the delightful visual spectical of the slippery black cock sliding in and out of Saleem’s ass while he strained to orally pleasure sexy naked Audrey, the little vibrator in the base of the dildo was really doing its work now, humming against my throbbing clit with every thrust.  I was a little surprised to discover that I was actually going to come from this.  I fucked him harder.  He moaned out loud from between Audrey’s pale thighs.

I came, pulling on my nipples and grinding my clit against his butt.  Every inch of my cock was buried in his asshole.  My legs were soaked and slippery with my own juice.  Gently, I disengaged the dildo from his poor abused little asshole, and slipped out of the harness.

Audrey kissed me, and fingered my totally wet pussy.  “That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen” she whispered in my ear.  “Poor thing” she said aloud “Don’t you think we ought to let him come?”

Saleem’s cock was swollen and the head was bright purple and leaking clear precome all over his tummy.  I would have loved to have taken him in my mouth, but Audrey had other ideas.

“I want to fist him” she said

“I don’t know if I can take it” Saleem said quietly

“Do you think he can take it?” I asked.  Audrey has small hands, but they aren’t that small.

“Oh he’ll take it alright” she said, smiling evilly “He will if he wants to come anyway.”

Saleem still had his doubts, but we ignored him.  We got him onto his back on the bed, knees in the air, feet still lashed to the spreader bar, asshole exposed and vulnerable.

Audrey covered her hand in lube, squirting more on his poor tender anus for good measure, as I softly stroked his cock and pinched his little nipples.  He was really close to coming, I could tell.

Audrey was soon fucking him with three slippery fingers.  He accepted them easily, and seemed to enjoy her attention.  I rubbed his cock very softly, careful not to push him over the edge.

Audrey added a fourth finger, and he winced.  “You don’t get to get off” I reminded him “Until her whole fist is up there.”

Audrey was trying to get her thumb in.  Her hand was now shaped like the bill of a duck.  I wouldn’t have thought that poor Saleem’s ass was so pliable, but he was spread wide open.  His cock looked like it was about to explode.  It was trembling, and the purple veins were bulging out.  I removed my hand, and petted my own needy clit.

Suddenly he opened up, Audrey pressed forward, and her hand disappeared inside him up to her slender wrist.  They both gasped aloud in surprise and pleasure.  Audrey’s fingers were busy between her own legs.  I brought my hand to his engorged cock, to jerk him to a well-deserved climax.  Saleem’s body writhed and bucked and twisted as Audrey fist-fucked him and I moved my hand wildly up and down his beautiful dick. His orgasm seemed to last forever, squirting what seemed like gallons of semen all over his chest, my face, and Audrey’s tits.

We untied him, and removed Audrey’s hand, and let him get up and go to the bathroom.  After a shower, the three of us spent most of the rest of the day in bed, alternately fucking, sucking, cuddling and napping.

Later, when Audrey had gone home, Saleem told me “Jen that was incredible.  I never would have imagined that such a thing could be so pleasurable.”

“Hey” I said “It was your fantasy.”

Then it struck me: when he had said ‘Rape Fantasy’ you don’t suppose he had meant ME being the one who got raped, do you?

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Driving Miss Lisa


Lisa was a bit of a math prodigy.  At 15, she wasn’t a Newton or a Leibnitz, but while her classmates were struggling grudgingly through pre-algebra and geometry, she was being bored silly by our most advanced high school math classes.  As her math teacher, I had taken it upon myself to arrange for her to attend class twice a week at the University, where she joyfully studied calculus and analysis.  And I took it upon myself to twice a week forego my planning period and give her a ride to the University and then back home.

It was about a half hour drive from our school to the University campus, and then another 45 minute drive back to Lisa’s house.  I didn’t mind.  Lisa was good company.  She was CUTE!  (not in the sexual sense, not at all—she was a frumpy little girl with big glasses who had been stuffed into the school uniform: charcoal grey skirt, high black stockings and a frumpy button-down shirt)  She was also a funny girl, and a good conversationalist, once she got over her shyness.

I didn’t think she was a sexual being at all.  I had turned into a sex fiend when I was about Lisa’s age or even a little younger, masturbating every time I had the chance and losing my virginity at the earliest possible opportunity.  But Lisa seemed innocent to all that, at least to my grown-up eyes.  In retrospect I don’t know why I assumed that.  Lisa was very much like me as a girl, only smarter.  And more daring.

So we were driving over to the University one rainy Tuesday afternoon, and Lisa was talking about this proof that she had been working on over the weekend, and I wasn’t really paying much attention because I was thinking about the stack of algebra homework sitting in my folder that I needed to grade, when she said something that made me wake right up.

“Miss Hawkins, I’ve decided I really don’t like boys.”

Neither do I for the most part; not sexually or romantically anyway.  I was pretty sure Lisa didn’t know that though.

“Boys are alright,” I said carefully, “They’re just different.  They’re not always as mature as girls your age.  You should give them a chance.”

Lisa tossed her hair impatiently.  “Not like THAT!” she said, “Some boys are ok.  I have friends who are boys.  But I don’t want to have SEX with boys.”

She let that sink in.  I felt a disturbing tingle inside my panties.  I had reached the same conclusion myself as a teen, but I had gone through a lot of trial-and-error first.

“Some people are like that,” I said, wondering how much I could say without getting myself in trouble, “They’re called lesbians.  I’m a lesbian.”

“I know.” said Lisa, “I am too.”  She paused and gnawed on a loose strand of mouse-brown hair.  “I like penises.  I just don’t like what they’re attached to.”

And then we were there.  Lisa grabbed her bag, gave me a playful kiss on the cheek, and ran off to her class.

I was left there, bemused, sitting in a puddle of my own creation.  Usually I kill the hour she’s in class with a cup of coffee while I grade papers or put together a quiz for next week’s class.  This time I just stayed there in the parking lot.  I hiked my skirt up, slid a hand up inside my panties, and masturbated, long and slow, to a tremendous orgasm.  When was the last time I had gotten off in a car?!  It was fun, but the really disturbing thing was that I kept going back in my mind’s eye to images of little Lisa, naked in my very own bedroom.

I cleaned up my sticky fingers with a handiwipe, just as Lisa came skipping back from her calculus lecture.  I hoped the car didn’t absolutely reek of sex: I had gotten myself pretty excited during the hour she was gone.

The drive home was pretty quiet.  I was occupied with my own thoughts, and Lisa was already working on her homework.

I parked across the street from her house, a modest white cottage on a suburban block.  She made no move to get out of the car.

“My mom isn’t home from work yet.” she said.

I didn’t reply.  She reached over from the passenger side and took my hand.  I squeezed her small hand back.

“Miss Hawkins,” she said, and now she sounded shy and hesitant. Her voice trembled a little bit.  “I love your boobs.  I hope my breasts are like yours when I grow up.”

I may not be a skinny little thing, but at least I have a big set of tits, and I’ve always been rather proud of them.  Lisa’s compliment made me flush with pride.  And lust.

“Thank you” I said.  My pussy was drenched all over again.

Still holding my hand, she leaned over to kiss me ‘Goodbye’.  Instead of kissing me quickly on the cheek like normal, she kissed me on the lips.  I surprised myself by kissing her back, hard.

The moment lasted a second, and then it was over.  We both blushed furiously, said our goodbyes, and Lisa ran across the street with her book bag and disappeared into her house.


I felt a little uncomfortable on Thursday when Lisa climbed into my car: I had come this close to molesting this girl right in front of her own house!  Lisa didn’t seem uncomfortable at all.  She was bursting with questions.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, I told you I’m a lesbian.” Life’s not quite as simple as that, but whatever.  I didn’t feel like explaining every nuance of my sexuality just then.

“Do you masturbate?”


“How often?”

“About every other day.  What about you?”  I couldn’t resist.

Lisa blushed.  How cute!  “Almost every day.  Sometimes more than once.  How do you do it, when you masturbate?”

This conversation was WAY outside the bounds of what was acceptable between teachers and students.  Just having this conversation could get me fired, if not actually arrested.  I told her the truth.  “It depends.  Sometimes I just use my fingers, playing with my clit.  Sometimes I use a toy.”

“What kind of toy?”

It was my turn to blush.  “Oh, I have a drawer full. Different dildos and vibrators and stuff.”

“Ok.  Sometimes I use my electric toothbrush.”

Oh my.  I was glad to see that we were pulling into the University campus.  I had to get this girl out of my car before things got totally out of hand.

Lisa went happily off to class, and I parked and tried to concentrate on grading papers.  It didn’t go well.  I kept squeezing my thighs together, giving myself my little jollies and looking at the same page over and over again.  I was about to give up.  I unbuttoned my slacks and slipped a hand down, inside my panties.  Just then I saw Lisa skipping toward my parked car.

“There’s no class today, the professor called in sick.  They left a note on the door.”

“I’ll drive you home.” I said.  My grey pants were still unbuttoned, and the fly was halfway unzipped.

“My mom doesn’t get home until 7”

“We really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Doing what?”

I looked at her and raised my eyebrow.  She blushed.  “I won’t tell anyone.”

We pulled into her empty driveway.  “Would you like to come in with me?” Lisa asked me politely.

I thought about it for about two seconds.  This was a really terrible idea on all kinds of different levels.

“Ok, but just for a minute!”  Her mom wasn’t due home for a good couple hours.  And it’s not like we were doing anything incriminating… at least not yet.

I turned off the car, and followed Lisa inside.  The house was unremarkable inside: fairly prosperous, neat and tidy.  “Miss Hawkins, I want to show you my bedroom!”

Obediently, I followed her up the stairs and into her room.  I closed the door behind me.  My heart was racing and my knees felt weak.

It was a normal young girl’s room, a total mess with clothes and books strew all over the floor.  There was a computer, and a poster of Alan Turing on the wall, and another one of Albert Einstein, and another poster with the number e expressed to several thousand places.

Lisa sat nervously on the edge of her bed, looking at me like ‘now what?’  I didn’t know ‘now what’ either.

I sat down on the bed next to her and put my arm around her shoulders.  My heart was beating so hard I was afraid it would burst.  My hands were trembling.  I kissed her on her sweet little lips.  She kissed me back.  It was a really nice kiss.

She climbed up onto my lap and we kissed some more.  Once she got started, she was an eager, aggressive kisser.  I loved it!

Lisa kept reaching up under my sweater to cup my breasts in her hands.  Finally I peeled my sweater off over my head.  Lisa, still kissing me furiously, fumbled with my bra clasp for a little while.  It was cute, but frustrating.  I pushed her gently away, reached back, and unclasped my bra, tossing it to one side.

I heard her gasp softly.  “Oh Miss Hawkins, they’re so beautiful!”  She held one of my breasts in her hand almost reverently.  My nipple was swollen and erect.  Lisa bent down and kissed it, sending electric shocks straight through my body, directly to my clit.

“I want to see yours.” I whispered.

“I hardly have any.” she protested.

“I don’t mind,” I said as I worked on unbuttoning her shirt.  It was hard because my hands were really shaking.  Finally I got it all the way open.  She was wearing a bra even though she didn’t really need one.  Kissing her with tongue, I slid the straps off her shoulder and unsnapped the catch.  Her bra fell in my lap.

Her titties were small and swollen, sensitive little mounds with pink button nipples that were eager and hard.  I sucked on them and made her squeal happily.  “I think they’re beautiful” I said.

We kissed some more, mashing our boobs against each other, reveling in the sensation of breast-against-breast.

I couldn’t help myself.  I slipped my hand up underneath her charcoal-grey pleated skirt.  I found her panties and she lifted her butt up to give me better access.  I started stroking up and down the crotch of her panties.  Lisa moaned into my mouth, rubbing herself against my tits.

Holding my breath, I slid my finger inside the elastic of her underwear.  She was fantastically wet and slippery down there and very hot.  She moaned and kissed me even harder, squeezing one of my nipples with one hand.  I ran my forefinger up and down the length of her panty-covered slit.  She jumped every time I passed my finger across her clit.

It took about four passes, and she was coming.  She came in gasps and squeals, so loud that I got started to get really scared that the neighbors would hear.  When she was done, she showered me in kisses.  “Oh my god Miss Hawkins!  That was the best one EVER!”

She didn’t want to stop there, but I really didn’t want to get caught in this extremely compromising position.  I licked my finger clean (she tasted so clean and sexy and delicious!) and we both put our shirts and bras back on, and then I went down to the car and drove home, where I masturbated like a sex maniac all evening.


In the car on Tuesday we both did a pretty good job of pretending everything was normal.  It was only after her class, on the way home, that Lisa brought it up.

“I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the other day.” she said.

“Don’t worry about it,” I smiled and blushed, “It was my pleasure. But…”

“That was the best one I’ve ever had!  You made me feel so good Miss Hawkins!”

I realized that I had pulled off the main road, and that I was pulling into a small park with a duck pond and a couple benches.  The parking lot was empty.  I couldn’t believe I was doing this, in public and in broad daylight no less.

“Miss Hawkins?”

“Yes Lisa?”

“Do you like the way… vaginas… taste?”

“Yeah, I sure do.” I replied huskily.

“Me too.”

“Have you ever gone down on a girl?” I asked, a little surprised.  I hadn’t sampled that particular pleasure until I was in college.

“No… but I like the way my… pussy… tastes.”

“I do too.” I said.

I parked my car in the far corner of the lot, under a huge weeping willow tree.

“Miss Hawkins?”


“Could I go down on you?  Please?”

I skootched over into the passenger seat, and Lisa sat down on my lap.  We started kissing.  Lisa got her hand up inside my blouse and started fondling my boobs.  Unable to control myself, I started feeling up her sweet little ass through her panties.  It was heavenly.

I was also incredibly aware of how visible we were and what a dangerous game we were playing.  After a couple blissful minutes of kissing and petting, I broke it off.


“I know.” She pouted a little.

“Do you really want to..?”

She smiled and nodded eagerly.

“We don’t have much time.”

“I know.” she said seriously.

I scooted the seat back as far as I could and hiked my skirt up around my waist.  I hooked my thumbs around the waistband and pulled my black panties off, tossing them into the back seat.  My pussy was soaking wet and slippery.

Lisa climbed down onto the floor of the car in front of me.  Her small body fit perfectly between my legs.  I scooted my butt forward and planted my feet on either side of the glove compartment.  She grinned happily up at me.

“Tell me if I’m not doing it right, ok?”

I parted my labia with two fingers.  My clit felt humongous, swollen and throbbing.  I didn’t think Lisa had anything to worry about.  I had already made a sticky puddle on the pleather car seat.  The side of her glasses pressed coldly against one of my thighs, giving me a thrilling little shiver down my spine.

Lisa started licking my pussy, tentatively, like a kid tasting a lollipop.  The sensations her tongue was causing drove me insane.  I ran my fingers through her hair, gasping out loud.

“Put a finger up inside me!”

She complied, sliding a small finger easily up my hot, very slippery cunt hole.  It felt really good.  She started moving that finger in and out.  Meanwhile, her tongue had discovered my clit, which was almost too excited to be touched.

“Fuck!  Fuck girl!  Oh yes, YES!”  I was squirming around the passenger seat, leaving a huge wet spot, gasping and moaning and cursing, and grinding myself onto Lisa’s face, coming like the Fourth of July.

When I finally settled down a little, she came up for air, grinning broadly and wetly, glasses all askew.  “Was that OK?” she asked.

“Oh. My. God.” was all I could say.

My fingers were busy between my legs, and I was all ready to go for a second round when a car pulled into the parking lot.

There ensued a few terrifying, panic-stricken seconds of pandemonium as we attempted to get covered up and back into innocent, non-making-out-in-the-front-seat positions.

A young couple took their toddler out of the car to go feed the ducks.  They could hardly have been less interested in what was going on in our car. Lisa and I collapsed in a fit of giggles.  I tucked a boob back into my bra (somehow it had slipped out in the heat of the moment), and drove Lisa home, the wetness cool and sticky between my thighs.

“Miss Hawkins?” she asked as we pulled up to her driveway.

“Yes Sweety?”

“I like the way you taste!”  She kissed me chastely on the cheek, and hurried up the walk toward her front door.


Saturday morning, and I had a whole stack of papers to grade before I went to my yoga class.  I was sitting at my desk, wearing my stripy pajamas and sipping coffee when the doorbell rang.  This had better not be the Mormons again!

It was Lisa, standing shyly on my front door step.  It may have been the first time I saw her wearing something other than her school uniform: she had on a pair of blue dungarees with a white t-shirt on underneath, and a pair of black Converse All Stars on her feet.

“Come in, come in, come in!” I hustled her through the door, heart pounding.  “How did you know where I live?”  My house was a little less than a mile from hers.

“Google Maps,” she replied, “I shouldn’t have come over, should I?  I wanted to see you really bad.  I would have called first, but I don’t have your phone number.”

“It’s ok,” I said, “I’m glad you’re here.  You just caught me by surprise.  I’m always afraid we’ll get caught.  I’m afraid people will think we’re…”

“Having sex?”

We both broke up in a nervous gale of giggles.  “Yeah, that.” I said.  I sat down on my sofa, and Lisa sat down next to me.

“I don’t want to get you in trouble Miss Hawkins,” she said, “but I really like being with you.  And doing things with you.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and gave her a little squeeze.  “I like it too Lisa.”

“Miss Hawkins, how old were you when you lost your virginity?”

I thought back to the event.  It had been with a much older man, a guy my father’s age, a librarian.  “I was 16.”

“Was it… bad?  Did it hurt?”

“No, it didn’t hurt… he was very sweet and gentle.  It was good.  It was fun.  It was… a learning experience.”

“Miss Hawkins?”

“Yes Lisa?”

“I’d like to lose my virginity to you, please.”

I should have argued with her, told her she wasn’t old enough, told her she should do it with someone her own age who she could have a real relationship with.  But I didn’t.

Lisa climbed up on my lap, and we kissed a lot.  I really liked kissing her.

“Would you like to come see my bedroom now?” I asked.  Now I felt like the shy one.

“Sure!” she said, and grinned.

We ran across the living room and into my boudoir.  I slammed to door shut behind us.  Lisa jumped up onto the bed.  “Can I see you naked?” she asked.

Feeling oddly self-conscious, I pulled my pj top off over my head.  My tits hung free, feeling heavy and swollen.  I bit my lip and pulled my pajama bottoms down and off, kicking them to one side.  I wasn’t wearing anything underneath them.  Lisa, kneeling on my bed, took her time looking me up and down.

“Miss Hawkins, you’re beautiful.”

I blushed happily at the praise.  “Could I… see you too?”

Lisa gave me a big, happy smile.  “Sure!”  She unbuttoned each of the straps of her coveralls.  The blue dungarees fell in a crumpled heap onto the bed.  She pulled her t-shirt off and tossed it aside.  She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her little boobies stuck almost straight out, plump and eager.

She was wearing white panties with pink hearts on the waistband.   She gave me a look that I couldn’t read, hooked her thumbs under the waistband, and peeled off her underpants.

She had a tiny little patch of wispy brown hair, below which pouted an exquisite set of pouting lips.  It was Lisa’s turn to blush and my turn to stare.  “Do I… look ok?” she asked, her voice trembling slightly.

“Lisa, you look beautiful!  You have a fantastic body… Good enough to eat!”

We both giggled at that, and I crawled up onto the bed, pushing her down onto her back and clambering on top of her.  Our hands met and intertwined, my large boobs pressed against her little ones, and we kissed; first soft and tenderly, then harder and more passionately.  As an experiment, I tried biting her lower lip and tugging on it.  Lisa moaned, and I felt her wetness against my naked thigh.

I slid down her lithe body, stopping to nibble on her breasts (‘Oh, Miss Hawkins..!), before slipping my face between her legs.  Her thighs parted for me, and I found myself face-to-face with her moist, almost hairless slit.  I could feel the heat and the sex radiating off of her, and her pink parts were nestled just inside.  I traced her pussy with the tip of my tongue, and she moaned my name, blossoming like a rose.  She tasted yummy!

I licked her again, with the flat of my tongue, all the way from the crease of her butt-cheeks to her sparse pubic patch.  Lisa arched her back and groaned.  “Oh Miss Hawkins, you’re going to make me come!”

I licked more and more, flicking my tongue against her pink little clitoris, making her squirm.  She was soaking wet.  I slid my index finger up between her labia.  She was hot and tight, and I could only get my finger a little way in.  Diddling her pussy with the tip of my finger, and licking at her tiny button like a kitten lapping up milk, I did make her come, and it was amazing.  She squealed and flushed and every muscle in her body tensed and her legs kicked wildly.  I kept licking until she squirmed away from me.

“Miss Hawkins, I want you to fuck me!”  I came up for air, still teasing her pussy with my finger. “I want you to fuck me with a COCK!”

I scooted up in the bed so that we were lying side-by-side, facing each other.  I kissed her sweet lips, and she kissed me back.  I kept my finger nestled between her labia.  She reached down between my legs and found my pussy, which was sopping wet and drooling. She ran her fingers up and down my furry crack, making me squirm with desire.

“Put a finger in” I whispered to her.  She complied.  It felt really good to have her inside me.  “More” I said, starting to stroke my own clit.

She slid two more fingers up my slippery hole.  It felt so good!  We kissed some more as she finger fucked me.  “I want you to fuck me so bad!” Lisa said, “Do you have a dildo?”

“Yes!” I responded.  Oh fuck, I was going to come.

Lisa was fucking me harder with her fingers.  Her brow was wrinkled in concentration, and her glasses threatened to fall off.  Her small boobs jiggled endearingly as she worked.  I looked down and saw that she had four fingers buried in my honey pot.  It felt like she was fucking me with a big thick dick, and her fingers were hitting all the right spots.

Lisa looked up at me and grinned, and then added her thumb to the mix.  For a moment the pressure was painful, I was stretched to the point of tearing, and just as I was about to grab her arm to stop her, I felt my body relax and accept her, and her whole hand slipped up inside my pussy.

“Oh my God!  That feels amazing!”  “Oh my Gosh, is that ok?” we both exclaimed at the same time.

“Oh God, YES!  Just move your hand slow.”  The sensations going on in my cunt were sending me off into orbit.  I lay back on the bed and let her fist fuck me as I twisted and pulled on my own nipples.  Lisa moved her hand slowly in and out, creating little earthquakes of sensation.  Just as I started to go off, she very deliberately stuck out her tongue and slurped my engorged clitoris.

I went off like a derailing freight train.  I came and came, and kept on coming, like rolling thunder in an August thunderstorm.  I think I was really loud.

As I slowly came back to earth, Lisa’s hand slipped out of my pussy with an audible –pop-.  She was thoroughly coated in my juice.  She looked a little shocked at what she had just done to me.  I pulled her to me and held her close, kissing her over and over.

“Are you going to fuck me now?” she asked.  She started playing with my boobs, sucking on first one nipple and then the other, making them stiff and swollen and sensitive.

“I’ll do anything you want me to Sweetie!” I said, reluctantly disengaging her from my breasts.  I crawled over to the edge of the bed and pulled open the Drawer of Shame.  “Pick out the one you want me to use.”

Of course she picked out Pinky.

“Are you sure you want to start with that one?  It’s kind of big.”  Pinky is the biggest dildo I own, a pink tapered silicone number with delightful curves and an internal vibrator.

Lisa nodded emphatically.

“It might hurt” I said.

“If it hurts too much I’ll tell you.” she said.



I pulled my bottle of lube out and started warming it up between my thighs.  Meanwhile, I arranged Lisa on her back on my bed with a couple pillows under her ass.  I got a little distracted licking her sweet and tangy little pussy, which she didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Getting back to the task at hand, I pulled Pinky out from under my breasts where I’d been warming him up.  I opened the bottle of AstroGlide and poured the clear slippery liquid all over Pinky, smearing it around until the dildo was totally covered.  Lisa’s pussy seemed plenty wet, but just to be safe I dribbled lube onto her.  She giggled and squirmed at the sensation.

Lisa looked so beautiful at that moment: her neat little pussy was excited and spread wide open for me, her eyes were half-closed with pleasure behind her glasses.  Her body was a wonderland and it was all for me.

I started sliding Pinky up and down the length of Lisa’s pussy.  She purred, “Oooh that’s nice!”

I turned on Pinky’s vibrate function and poured some more slippery stuff on.  I’d nudge the vibrating tip of the dildo between her hungry lips, then slide it up and down her crack, from her clit to her butt cheeks.  Every time the buzzing dildo touched her clit, Lisa jumped and sucked in her breath.  Every time the vibrator nudged against her butt cheeks, she seemed to gasp eagerly.

I decided to try a little experiment.  The next time I slid Pinky down the length of Lisa’s pussy, I didn’t stop when I ran into the crease of her butt.  Instead I pressed a little harder than before, letting the tip of the dildo nudge between her ass cheeks.

“Mmm yes” she whispered, adjusting herself to give me slightly better access.  She pried one cheek out of the way, and for the first time I saw her impossibly tiny, crinkled little anus.

Telling myself this was just a detour, I let Pinky travel the length of Lisa’s butt crack.  She gasped as the vibrator brushed past her butt hole. “Yesssss”

Setting the dildo aside for a moment, I stuck my tongue out and traced a circle around that little hole.  Lisa moaned something unintelligible.  I pressed my tongue against her anus, and felt her yield as I pressed the tip of my tongue up inside her.

“Oh Miss Hawkins, it’s so good!”

Well, as long as she was enjoying this so much… I poured a few drops of lube onto her crinkled rosebud, and pressed the humming tip of Mr. Pinky up against her sensitive anus.

“Mmmm, yeah!”

I pressed a little harder and suddenly the rather substantial bulbous tip of my dildo slipped up inside Lisa’s asshole.


I froze.  She sucked in a deep breath.  “Oooh… more…”

Very very gently, I started moving Pinky.  Around a little bit, then I started pressing him in and out just a tiny little bit.  I was enchanted.  Lisa’s pussy was red and swollen and literally dripping juice.  Her clit looked like a tiny pink pea, trying to burst out of its pod.  A little more of Pinky’s girth slipped up her butt.

Little by little, very very slowy, with lots of lube, we worked almost the entire length of my dildo up Lisa’s asshole.  Her poor hole was stretched almost impossibly wide, and she was making these grunting noises like a small burrowing animal as I fucked her ass with the dildo.

Her eyes flew open.  “Oh Miss Hawkins, you’re going to make me come like that!”

I fucked her ass just a little harder, a little faster.  Her head lolled back and she tugged on her own pink nipples.

I traced my finger along the outside of her sopping wet pussy.  Every time I shoved the dildo up her ass, her pussy made a kissing motion.  I nestled my middle finger in between her swollen labia.  I couldn’t believe how hot and wet she was.

The grunting and moaning noises intensified.  I slid my finger in between her lips.  I could feel the membrane stopping me from going further inside.

I pulled Pinky about half-way out of her horny ass, and pressed my finger a little harder against her virginity.  And a little harder still.

“Ow!”  Suddenly there was no resistance.  I buried my finger up to the knuckle in her incredibly hot, incredibly tight little pussy.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes, oh yes!  I’m so close… fuck my ass, fuck my pussy Miss Hawkins, make me come please!”

Her pussy was grasping at my finger like Chinese handcuffs.  I slid Pinky back up her asshole.  I could feel every centimeter of his texture slide past.  I started fucking both her holes in tandem.

“Eee eee eee!  I’m coming!”  Yeah she was!  Her little boobies blushed blotchy red, and her stomach heaved and her head lolled back and forth, and I felt her pussy grabbing at my finger as she went off.  It was beautiful.

As she came down, I let my finger slip out of her pussy.  There was a little blood, but not a ton.  Getting Pinky out of her asshole was a little trickier: after her orgasm, Lisa had gotten super-sensitive, and jumped with every bulge of Pinky that squeezed past her anus.

When we were finally all disentangled, we kissed and cuddled a little bit, and Lisa did her best to shove her tongue all the way down my throat.

“Oh Miss Hawkins, that was AMAZING!  Thank you, thank you!”

“It was my pleasure.”  It was my pleasure.

“I should probably be going home,” she said after a little, “My mom thinks I’m over at Sara’s house.”

“You should probably take a quick shower first.  You’re covered in sex.”  She giggled and nodded.  “Are you ok?”

Lisa stood up experimentally.  “A little sore… in a nice way.”  She took a towel off my dresser.  There was a single droplet of blood running down the inside of one milky thigh, leaving a trail like a comet.  “Miss Hawkins?”

“Yes Sweetie?”

“What’s going to happen now?”

“I don’t know Lisa.  I really don’t now.”

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Switching It Up

I was fresh out of the shower. My skin was clean and pink. As I sprawled on the bed in the Saturday morning sunlight, I could hear Elise in there, running the water, and my cock twitched with anticipation.

We were going to be switching it up that day, and I could hardly wait. Usually it’s me who does the tying up, administers the spankings. Which is a ton of fun, believe me, but now and then its nice to get to relax and be on the receiving end of things.

Elise came back into the bedroom, resplendent in her nakedness. I admired her perfect little breasts and the soft triangle of golden hair between her legs. She carefully bound my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed, leaving me spread-eagled, flat on my back. My penis was already heavy and halfway hard between my legs as I imagined what was going to be coming next.

“Is that my cell phone ringing?” she asked. I couldn’t hear anything. She slipped out of the room, and I heard a muffled one-way conversation. I couldn’t make out any words beyond ‘yeah, uh-huh’. She flounced back into the room, grinning like a Cheshire cat, pulled on a baggy pair of jeans (no underwear) and a t-shirt that did little to conceal her jiggly little breasts.  She gathered her long blonde hair into a pony tail, fluttered a little ‘Goodbye’ wave, and disappeared.

It’s hard to say exactly how much time passed. I couldn’t see the clock; I didn’t have any frame of reference. My guess would be more than half an hour, but less than a couple hours. My mood shifted from excited horniness to bored frustration to annoyance. I had an itch on my nose that I couldn’t do anything about. I tested and tugged at my bonds.  Nothing; I was securely fastened to the bed.  I was just about to abandon all dignity and start hollering her name out loud when I heard the front door open and shut.

I heard hushed girly voices in the hall, and stifled giggling, and then they burst into the bedroom. Elise was followed closely by Jenny, our downstairs neighbor.

I’d had a crush on Jenny for a while, though I hadn’t told Elise about it. I thought Jenny was sexy as hell. She didn’t have a supermodel’s stick figure, but her body was all exuberant curves and softness, and she had a wild mop of flame red hair and a plump pair of boobs. How many times had I watched that plump sexy ass wiggling down the street or up the stairs, and wondered what exactly was going on under the skirt or the blue jeans that concealed it?

I felt deeply self conscious as the girls brazenly ogled me, pointing and giggling at my nakedness and vulnerability.   “He’s pretty cute naked,” Jenny said, “I want to see him with a hard dick.”  Then Elise put her arms around Jenny and they started open-mouth kissing right in front of me.

For the moment, I seemed to be completely forgotten. They were kissing passionately, totally wrapped up in each other. Elise had wriggled out of her shirt, and Jenny was all over her beautiful little tits, sucking on the pink up-turned nipples. Elise was trying to get Jenny’s white camisole off, and Jenny had her hands down Elise’s pants. Finally the top came off, and Jenny’s big round breasts spilled out into the room.

The girls tumbled onto the bed, jostling me in my tied-up state. Without even noticing it, I had developed a raging erection just watching them make out. Elise kissed me on the lips and playfully tweaked my nipples, making them hard and poiky. Then she was all over Jenny, pulling off her flower-print skirt, revealing yellow and pink bikini panties which were lying on the bedroom floor in very short order.

Jenny had a lovely body. Both me and Elise were enchanted. Her breasts were large and globular, with big pink erect nipples that pointed slightly off to either side. Her soft round belly was accented with a navel ring. Her pussy was soft and plump and totally bare. I’d never seen that before in real life, outside of porn. I had to admit it looked really good on her. I liked that you could see every bit, every single fold of her sex. I didn’t have much of a chance to gape though, because Jenny climbed up on top of me, straddling my face, and presenting her wide-open, slippery wet pussy to my tongue. Her fat pink clit strained out to touch me. I happily obliged, slurping up and down between her labia and flicking her clitoris up and down and left and right while she ground herself off on me. She tasted clean and female and sexy. I could feel my cock leaking wetness onto my tummy as I licked. She came fast, she came hard and loud, and I couldn’t breathe for a while, but I kept licking all the way through it.

When she was finally done coming, she shifted herself, removing her pussy from my soaking wet slick face. She presented her ass to me, spreading her cheeks obscenely. Her tiny little rosebud winked at me. “You know what I want,” she told me, “Go ahead. You know exactly what to do, don’t you?”

I certainly did. I caught a glimpse of Elise (now fully naked) fondling Jenny’s breasts, and then I dove right in. I teased her as long as I could stand to, running my tongue up and down the crack of her ass and kissing all around, avoiding that needy little hole until she was moaning out loud with frustration and desire. I flicked her asshole with the tip of my tongue, and she sighed, and I felt a hand -somebody’s hand- on my poor neglected cock. I ate her ass out like a dog licking out a tin can, driving my tongue as far up her asshole as I could. She certainly seemed to enjoy the ride. Her fingers were busy on her own clit as I licked.  The hand slowly and softly petting my dick was driving me insane: never stimulating me quite enough to bring me off or even very close; just stringing me along. It was a delicious kind of frustration.

Finally Jenny climbed off, which was probably for the best because my tongue was starting to cramp up. She flashed me a big fat smile and said to Elise, “Oh, he’s gooood!”  They both giggled raucously, and kissed some more.  My cock twitched helplessly.

Then the girls started to give me a double blowjob, which was really amazing, and sexy as hell to watch: me tied up and helpless while two hot naked women worked over my dick. But distressingly quickly they got all distracted by each other again and started kissing and touching and playing with each other’s tits.  And then they seemed to forget all about me for a while.

I was treated to an awesome view of Jenny eating out Elise’s juicy, golden-haired petite-lipped pussy. Then they moved into a 69 position right next to me on the bed.   Just watching the show made my cock stand straight up like a flag pole. I wanted to get off, I wanted to touch my dick, to make myself come. I was humping the air with frustration, leaking clear pre-come like a drain spout, but there was no way. I just had to lay there and suffer.

Elise (who was on the bottom) was lapping hungrily at Jenny’s clit, and had two fingers up her wet twat, finger fucking our sexy neighbor with a vengeance.  I could see Jenny’s anus winking between her cheeks, and wanted so bad it hurt to bury my cock in that sweet little hole.

Finally the girls came, first Elise in muffled, high-pitched gasps; then Jenny, wailing and snarling and moaning and kicking her legs. They disentangled, and came up, kissing each other with sticky, wet lips, grinning and giggling.

“He likes taking it up the ass.” Elise informed Jenny. I was a little of mortified. Nobody except Elise had ever known that about me. I felt myself blushing, a deep red full-body blush.  My erection flopped against my tummy, and my balls ached.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Jenny said sweetly, “There’s nothing wrong with liking that. I like it up the butt from time to time myself.  I think it’s hot.”

Elise untied my ankles and pressed my knees back toward my ears. I felt terribly vulnerable, exposed. Jenny had located our bottle of lube, and was slicking up her fingers.

The lube felt cool against my asshole. I wanted it, but I couldn’t relax. Jenny was patient. Elise less so: she started smacking my ass-cheeks, HARD, which stung like a mother-fucker.  She pinched and twisted and pulled on my poor little nipples until I was begging and whining for mercy.  This made both the girls grin.

Jenny’s finger finally worked its way up inside, probing and stretching me. It felt so good. I realized that I was moaning out load. “He really likes it,” Jenny gloated, “Mmm what a nasty little slut.”

She slid her finger in and out of me like a miniature cock. I got into the rhythm of it, relaxing and letting myself enjoy the sensation. Jenny’s big tits swung with every little movement. She poured on more lube and added another finger.

I looked over and saw Elise, kneeling next to us, eyes fixed on my goods. She had fetched her blue vibrator out of the drawer, and it was buzzing happily away, sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy and grinding against her clit.

Jenny had three or maybe even four fingers up inside me, stretching me to my utmost. She was fucking me hard, with a vengeance, making her boobs shake. I was going to come at any second. It was amazing, indescribable, beyond pleasure or pain, almost more than I could take. My body arched up to meet her every stroke. Fingers buried deep inside my body, she leaned forward, stuck out her tongue, and traced the underside of my cock, following the vein that led from my balls slowly all the way up to the head. When her tongue touched my swollen purple cock head, I shot off. I screamed something, I don’t even know what, out loud, and my body spasmed and unloaded. The first jet squirted up my chest, all the rest went straight into Jenny’s mouth. My orgasm seemed to go on and on as wave after wave of pleasure racked my body. At last my limp penis slipped from Jenny’s reluctant mouth, and she extracted her fingers from my tender butt. Elise untied me, and we all took turns showering, then got dressed and went out for a late breakfast.

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At the Cottage

I was already annoyed with myself when I stepped off the train; when it became apparent that nobody was there to meet me, I was double annoyed.  I should never have agreed to this in the first place.

I should never ever have agreed to come down here.  I had just spent the last six hours on a train, when by all rights I should have been enjoying my Friday afternoon back in the apartment in Brooklyn having hot girl-on-girl sex with my girlfriend Aya.   Instead of facing a torturous weekend alone with my family.

I had agreed to this weekend casually several months ago, never thinking that I would actually be called upon to go through with it.  My Mom’s husband Siad has an uncle who has a cottage on an island on the coast of North Carolina.  She said he might be willing to let us use it for a weekend.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get the entire family together again?

Wouldn’t it be nice?  Hardly!  The very thought gave me a stomachache.  What had I ever been thinking?

For the last hour, Aya and I had been texting back and forth, flirting away and getting bolder and bolder as we both got more excited.  I was getting obnoxiously horny, with no good way to do anything about it on a crowded train with a smelly bathroom.  Later on I’d have to get a little ‘private time’ by myself out at the cottage.

It was half an hour before Melissa showed up.  “Sorry, Sis.  I misread the train schedule.  Hope you weren’t waiting too long!”

I stepped into the blissful A/C of her rental car, and assured her that it wasn’t a problem.  In the last half-hour of texting, while I sat on a bench in front of the train station in the 95 degree southern heat, Aya had gotten more and more frisky and suggestive, toward the end telling me exactly what she was doing to herself while she fantasized about burying her face between my thighs.  God, how I missed her!  Now I was soaked in sweat from the heat and humidity, nervous and on edge about spending the weekend with my family, and obnoxiously turned on all at the same time.  My pussy was seriously sticky inside my panties, and I couldn’t wait to get out of them.  It was going to be a long weekend, I could tell already.

Melissa helped relax me as we drove out to the cottage.  She is a cool girl, and though we’d never been particularly close, we’d always gotten along pretty well.  She told me that she had been dreading this thing for weeks too, and we conspired to keep our mother heavily sedated for the duration.

A little family history:  I was the oldest by almost twelve years.  My father had died while I was an infant; I have only the barest glimpse of him in my memory.  Then my mother had remarried, and along had come Melissa, and then Sean.  Then my mother and her new husband, Siad (a second-generation Lebanese computer engineer) had divorced.  Two years ago they had remarried, and to all appearances were as happy as could be together.  In the middle of all this, I had come out as a lesbian.  For almost a year, Mom didn’t talk to me.  Then she changed her mind and wouldn’t stop talking to me: apparently she thought that being a dyke made me some kind of sex and relationship expert, and I got way more information about her and Siad’s sex life than I ever wanted to hear.  Complicated enough for you?  It was way too complicated for me.  I generally avoided family gatherings at all cost.

What my Mom had described as a cottage looked more like a mansion to me.  The place was huge!  There were three bedrooms and a futon mattress in the common room.  The rent for a weekend was about the same as Aya and I payed for our apartment in Brooklyn.

I felt very self conscious when all five of us were finally together at the cottage.  Siad fidgeted uncomfortably and made small talk that seemed forced and out of place; Melissa and Sean both looked like they would much rather be anywhere else, and Mom wouldn’t stop giving us crushing hugs and kept breaking down in little crying fits.  We all went out for dinner to the one small town on the island, and I drank a lot of wine; the alcohol had a good numbing affect.  When we finally got back to the cottage, I stumbled up the stairs, head swimming, and passed out cold the moment my head hit the pillow.  I slept long and hard, and didn’t dream.

It was late when I woke up.  Sun was streaming through the curtains.   My dirty clothes were strewn on the floor where I had left them.  My hand slipped under the sheet and between my thighs and I discovered that I was already quite moist.  Easing into the act, taking my time, I ran my finger very lightly up and down my slit, spreading the copious slippery juices around.  My clit twitched with excitement.  I pinched and pulled a nipple.  My pussy tingled with expectation.  Then the door swung open.

My mother knocked twice, after poking her head into the room.  “Alicia, wake up sleepyhead!  If you want any breakfast, you’d better hurry on down!  We’re headed down to the beach.”

Oh…  Damn.  Regretfully, I got dressed and went downstairs.  At least there was still enough coffee for me to have a cup.

We spent the day at the beach, alternately swimming, napping and snacking.  I have to admit that it was pretty nice.  I had expected to be bored; I’m not usually much of a beach person.  There wasn’t anyone else there; the next “cottage” was a mile down the island;  the water wasn’t too cold once you got used to it; the sun felt great; and I found myself having a good time despite myself.  Mom and Siad pretty much stayed on the beach on a blanket, reading their books; Mom with her martini and Siad sipping his iced tea while us three “kids” played in the surf.  We avoided talking to Mom as much as we could and generally had a blast.

I hadn’t been around my two half-siblings in a long time.  They had gone and gotten all grown-up on me.  Melissa was twenty, and Sean had just turned eighteen and was starting college in the fall.  They were both beautiful, dark eyed and smoky skinned (unlike me: gangly tall, blue-eyed and hiding my pale skin under spf-60 sun block); and Melissa was practically bursting out of her blue bikini (again unlike my flat-chested self, and yes I noticed, and yes I felt a little nasty for noticing).

“Bad Alicia!” I thought “Must get mind out of gutter.”

But Melissa was, I kept noticing, looking especially good in that blue bikini.  I’ve never really been a boob girl, but I kept catching myself staring at Mel’s.  Her breasts were large, but perfectly in proportion with her curvy, svelte body, and they seemed to stand straight out from her chest without any need for support.  She had a nice butt too, exactly the kind I like; full and curvy and just begging to be squeezed and licked and kissed.  I couldn’t believe I was looking at my kid half-sister like that.  I was going to have to masturbate soon, before I turned into a total pervert.  It was a real shame that I didn’t get any cell service out here; I could really have gone for some hot phone sex with Aya.

At one point, we were all three knocked over by a breaking wave, and Melissa’s top got pulled straight down almost to her waist.  I had a momentary glimpse of exposed breast and brown crinkled nipple as she pulled her suit back up, apparently unconcerned.  I thought Sean might have caught a peek too, but I couldn’t tell.  I couldn’t blame him if he did.  He was pretty easy on the eyes himself, come to think of it.  He had a distance-runners’ body; lean and muscular, just the kind I would have gone for if I went for boys.  He had run cross country all the way through high school, and gone to the state championship.  He had a cute ass too.  I caught myself wondering what he had going on under those orange swim trunks.  Argh, mind-in-gutter again!  At one point, I saw them holding hands as they charged another breaking wave, but I didn’t think anything of it.

Later on, Mom and Siad announced that they were going to go visit some of Siad’s relatives, the ones who had the island cottage, and lived an hour or two away.  We were all welcome to come if we felt like it, but they would probably stay the night over there.  Unsurprisingly, we all three opted to stay on the island.

The three of us ordered pizza and drank beer and smoked a little pot that Melissa produced.  We all got along really well, especially now that the ‘grown-ups’ weren’t around and we could relax; it was as if a load had been lifted from all of our backs.  I invited them both to come visit me in Brooklyn anytime, and they both seemed into it.

After pizza, Sean and Mel wanted to watch a video; I excused myself.  They put a Harry Potter movie on, while I went upstairs and took a shower.  The hot water felt amazing on my body.  I just luxuriated under the shower for a long time, washing away the salt and sand and sunscreen and enjoying the sensation of hot water on my naked body.  I started to masturbate a little in the shower, but I didn’t get very far.  The water started to run cold on me, and anyway, I wanted to make a proper job of it; I had been waiting a long time for this and the anticipation was almost killing me.  I wanted it to be a memorable session, and anyway I had brought one of my favorite toys along, wrapped in a towel in the bottom of my backpack.

I toweled off and went across the hall to my bedroom- Mel was in the room across from me, Mom and Siad had the downstairs bedroom while Sean was stuck sleeping on the futon in the living room- and slipped into my room, fully intending to have an extremely long, hot, slippery, and satisfying masturbation session.  Downstairs, I could hear Harry Potter on the television set.

Believe it or not, I fell asleep right away.  ‘Just a little nap first’ I had thought to myself.  The long day in the sun and the water and the pizza and beer had snuck up on me.  When I opened my eyes again, it was late night, and the light of the full moon was spilling in through the window.  My wet towel was still next to me on the bed, where it had left a rather large wet patch, and the only sound I could hear was the ever present low roar of the surf.

The idea came to me out of nowhere, but it was just perfect.  I would go down to the beach and fuck myself silly under the full moon, just me and the ocean.  I grabbed a beach towel, wrapping it around my body, and fished the pink silicone dildo out of my backpack.  Moving quietly, so as not to wake up my sleeping siblings, I slipped out my bedroom door into the hall and down the stairs.

I had just reached the top of the stairs when a sudden sound or movement down below made me freeze in my tracks.

The front door swung silently open, and there was my half-brother Sean, softly illuminated by the ghostly moonlight, standing there completely naked.  Drops of water beaded up and streamed off his smooth light brown skin, and his cock dangled thick and pendulous between his legs, crowned with a shock of black hair.

He looked beautiful.

“You look beautiful Sean.”

It was Melissa.  I hadn’t seen her in the shadows.  She was lying on her side on the mattress in front of the couch.  She was wearing a pair of white cotton string bikini panties, and nothing else.  “Come over here Little Brother, I’ve got something for you.”

I crouched down by the banister, barely daring to breathe.

“It’s been a long time, Mel” He stood framed in the doorway, looking for all the world like a piece of classical statuary, only with a bigger dick.  He wasn’t erect, but he was definitely… thick.

“Yeah it has” Melissa said, sitting up on her knees.  Her large breasts shook deliciously as she moved.  She looked beautiful.  “Too long.”

“We really shouldn’t be doing this”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.  My heart pounded in my chest.  I was so afraid that they would catch me out.

“I know,” Melissa said, “It’s really wrong.  We’ve talked about this.  It’s not right.  But I want you.”

Sean hadn’t moved from the doorway.

“We don’t have to.  If you don’t want to.”

“What if she hears us?”  Sean’s cock was starting to harden.  He wasn’t fully erect, but his penis was swelling visibly, and starting to stick out.  I hadn’t actually had sex with a guy since I was seventeen, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating a sexy cock.  And Sean’s looked really nice.

“She won’t hear us.  She’s upstairs in her room” Melissa gestured at the stairway.  I felt incredibly visible.  I didn’t know how they could not see me crouching at the top of the stairs.  “We’ll just have to be quiet.”

Sean nodded slowly.

“Come Here” Melissa said.  She was kneeling on the side of the mattress.  The moonlight caught the edge of her jet-black mop of hair.  Her nipples, slightly upturned, were dark and pointy and swollen.  Her breasts were perfect, flawless.

Slowly, as if he was in a trance, Sean walked toward her.  His penis was sticking almost straight out; his testicles were drawn up in a tight package.  As he crossed the room, I got to see his naked ass, only a shade lighter than the rest of his skin.  He had a beautiful butt, tight and muscular, perfect for holding on to or for licking.

When he reached the mattress, Melissa took that ass of his ass in both of her small hands, and without a moment’s hesitation, opened her mouth wide and swallowed his penis whole.

Oh My God I was so turned on!  As silently as I could, I moved away from the top of the stairs, and down the hall a little so that I was almost directly above them.  By peeking my head between railings, I could look down and see everything.  I could clearly hear the slurping noises Melissa was making as her head bobbed enthusiastically up and down.

I reached between my legs and confirmed that my pussy was moist.  I tend to get extremely wet whenever I am excited (This can sometimes be embarrassing.  I’ve soaked through a pair of jeans before, Thank You Aya!).  I was indeed soaking wet: my juices were already starting to run down my thighs.  My clit was swollen and throbbing, peeking out from beneath its hood, ready for action.

At long last, Melissa took her mouth off of Sean’s glistening cock.  “I’ve wanted you so badly.”

Sean took her by her shoulders and lifted her to her feet.  “I’ve missed you Mel.”  They kissed for a really long time, deeply, like lovers who know each other well.  Their bodies were pressed close together, Melissa’s breasts squished against Sean’s chest; Sean’s very erect wet cock nestled against her stomach.

“I love you Sis”

“I love you too, Little Brother.”  She squeezed one of his tight buns and giggled “But not like that, of course.”

“Of course.”  He stuck a finger into her armpit, making her choke down a loud squeal.  It quickly devolved into a tickle-fight, tumbling on the mattress, poking squealing and loudly shushing each other until they ended up lying side by side on the mattress, gasping for breath.

I had taken the opportunity to slide the plump pink dildo up inside my cunt, and I had begun fucking myself with it, but oh so slowly, just barely moving it in and out, reveling in the sexuality of it all.  My clit was screaming at me, begging for attention; but I deprived it for now.  I knew I would come as soon as I touched myself there, and I wasn’t ready to come just yet.  I would be having many orgasms tonight, I knew.  For now I just wanted to savor the sensations.

“What do you want?” Sean asked, stroking her toned arm softly.

“What do you want?” Melissa rejoined

“Asked you first.” There was a long silence.  I held still, afraid that they might hear me masturbating, hear the squooshing of my wet pussy, my gapsing breath.  I don’t think I needed to worry.  They were in a world all their own.

“I’d like you to do it to me” Melissa said looking down “the way we did it the very first time.”

“You sure?  That’s the way you want it?”

“Yeah.  If that’s ok.”

“Oh yes Sis.  That’s ok.  That’s more than ok.  That sounds absolutely fucking amazing.”  Sean took a handful of her black hair in his fist and kissed her again, hard.  His other hand cupped her large, full breast, squeezing tight.  She moaned softly.

They broke off the embrace.  Her nipples were swollen, sticking out like black cherry gumdrops.  His cock bobbed eagerly.  I thought I could make out a glistening strand of pre-cum leaking out the end of it.  Melissa got down on her hands and knees, resting her head on the mattress and arching her back, thrusting her shapely ass up toward Sean (and me).  With one sexy wiggle of her rear end, her little white panties were around her knees.  I almost gasped out loud at her lovely exposed ass, so suddenly bared.  She had a perfect butt: two smooth and firm half moons separated by a dark and mysterious crack that, God help me, I wished with every fiber of my being that my face were planted deep inside, licking like a fiend.

Sean wasted no time.  As I watched, steadily and deeply fucking myself with my head stuck between two railings watching them unabashedly, he got down on his knees behind his sister.  Fully erect cock bobbing happily, he stuck his face between her thighs and started hungrily licking her pussy.

Melissa responded enthusiastically, moaning out loud and wiggling her ass fetchingly.

“Oh gosh Big Sis” Sean said, coming up for air “You are so fucking wet!”

And so was I.

“Just don’t you stop Baby Brother” Sean got back down below and resumed his ministrations.  His hands stroked and massaged her sweet ass, avoiding (somewhat to my frustration) the forbidden territory between her gorgeous soft cheeks.  His tongue must have found the right place because Mel was getting louder and more emphatic.  “Oh Fuck Bro, I’m going to come!”

Well so was I.  I couldn’t take it any more.  Pink dildo crammed up my pussy, my finger found my clitoris and strummed.  I went off like a rocket, shaking and writhing on the hall carpet in tandem with Melissa, biting my arm hard to keep quiet, leaving a deep blue bruise on my bicep that I would later have to explain away to Aya.

I couldn’t believe how fucking wet I was by now.  The dildo was covered with gooey slickness, and I had left a genuine wet patch on the carpet.  And I was still riding a knife edge, ready to explode all over again.

They were kissing again, kneeling upright, face to face, and Melissa had her hand on his cock.  She was whispering in his ear, I couldn’t make out what she was saying.  They were so beautiful, both of them together.

Melissa was down on all fours again, her big breasts hanging down, swaying sexily.  Sean knelt beside her, and to my delight, spread those gorgeous ass cheeks and started licking up and down, all around her beautiful ass.

She moaned out loud “Yes… mmmm so good!”  He had two fingers up inside her pussy, and his tongue was drilling deep deep inside her little asshole.  When he moved his head for a moment, I actually caught a glimpse of her sexy little rosebud, glistening with his saliva, winking hungrily.

“Please” Melissa said softly “Hurry.”

That was all Sean needed.  Removing his finger from her vagina, he stood up on one bent knee and guided he stiff penis to her rear entrance.  Melissa’s hands went straight to work between her own legs.  I watched, rapt, as they swayed and moved together in little thrusts, trying to fit his thickness into that tight place.  It was a losing battle, but it sure looked (and sounded) as if they were both enjoying the struggle.

Finally, Melissa broke it off.  Crawling away, she reached deftly into her bag by the couch, and retrieved a little clear bottle of lubricant.

Sean laughed “You had this planned all the time, Sicko!”

“Well Duh!”  Melissa giggled, pouring some fluid on her fingers and reaching behind to slippery things up “Now stick that fucking thing up my butt!”

They resumed their previous position; Mel with her ass thrust high in the air like a cat in heat, Sean half-standing crouched behind her.  Taking the little bottle, he squirted a liberal amount on his penis, spreading it thoughtfully while he contemplated his sister spread wantonly before him.

“God I’ve missed doing this with you Melly”

“Just do it Babe”

He guided his raging erection between her widely spread ass cheeks, finding his target and resting the head of his penis against her puckered anus.

Silently, she pressed back against him, impaling herself on his penis. Probably three quarters of his gorgeous, swollen dick was suddenly buried in her asshole.  She raised herself up onto her hands and knees with a deep throated groan/growl.

“Is it ok?” Sean asked (somewhat unnecessarily, I thought)

“Yeah Bro, it feels really really good.  Fuck my ass good and hard, ok?”

He started to move his cock in and out of her, slowly at first, then faster and faster.  One of her hands was again busy between her legs.  I could actually hear the little squishing noises they were making as they fucked.

“I’m not going to be able to hold off very long.”  No kidding.

“It’s ok Little Brother.  I want to feel you come in my asshole.” Melissa said through clenched teeth “Come on, fuck me harder”

His sexy ass was clenched tight as he pounded her backside with a vengeance, every muscle in his back defined and his long leg muscles straining tightly. Sometimes he would pop all the way out before plunging back in, deep up her little hole until his dark pubes were finally pressed against her ass cheeks.

Melissa was loving it, frigging her clit like a madwoman and meeting him thrust for thrust, growling “Mmm Yes!  Oh this is so wrong… this is so sick… Oh it feels so good!  Yeah Sean, fuck your sister’s ass, you fuck me so good!”  If they had been worried about waking me up, that was totally forgotten now.  Melissa was getting louder and louder; I could hear Sean’s labored breathing.  I’m not sure I could have slept through that.  Fortunately I was wide awake, stuffed full of dildo, and right on the edge of coming myself.

“Oh Melissa I’m coming!” Sean made a noise like a wild animal, arching his back and burying himself deep in his sister one last time.

“Oh God Yes!  Oh fuck fuck fuck!” Melissa came too, kicking her legs and trailing off into unintelligible noises as her brother collapsed onto her back, kissing her passionately.  That was enough for me; with one finger buried sympathetically in my own ass, I came like a breaking wave, hips bucking and pussy spasming.  My orgasm seemed to go on forever; it just kept peaking and peaking again as my body shuddered.  It was amazing, I thought it would never stop, and when it did, I was totally drained, unable to do much beside lie there gasping.

Down below me brother and sister were cuddling, basking in post-sex stickiness.

“That was amazing” Melissa said “It’s been forever.”

“Yeah” Sean said. “I’ve really missed you… I’ve missed this…  Things aren’t going to be weird now are they?”

“No.” Melissa said “Not between us.  Never between us.”

“So does your boyfriend at school do this to you?” Sean asked, a little shyly

“No.” Mel said, ruffling his hair and kissing him on the cheek “Maybe you should teach him.”

I took the opportunity to gather up my beach towel and my come-coated dildo and pad quietly to my bedroom where I would spend most of the rest of the night playing and replaying the scene that I had just witnessed, until my parts became too tender to touch and I drifted off into confused erotic dreams.

I really hoped that my two half-siblings would come visit me in New York.  Soon.

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Oh Brother, My Underwear!

I had a suspicion that my older brother Jared had been snooping in my room; nothing I could put my finger on, but things weren’t exactly the way I left them when I had gone to school that morning. I wasn’t too worried about it: the toys and things that would have been really bad for him to find were all safely locked in a box under my bed. Nothing was missing, nothing seemed to have been disturbed… but I was pretty sure that I hadn’t left the panties I wore yesterday on top of the pile of dirty clothes. No, they had been buried under my pajamas, I was pretty sure of that.

Jared was home from college that semester, living at home and working to save up money. The idea of him rooting through my dirty underwear just wouldn’t get out of my head. He wasn’t a bad looking guy really. He was tall and lean, and the only blond in the family. He had filled out since he had left for college; he was definitely a man now. I was seventeen, tall and gawky, in my senior year of high school. If he hadn’t been my brother…

The more I thought about it, the more turned on I got. I was a virgin at the time; I hadn’t dated much, and the only boy I had ever dated had broken my heart the last summer. I knew that my body had changed a lot in the last few years, and I was insecure about it. I wanted to be sexy. I wondered what Jared did with my panties. I wondered if he masturbated with them. I kind of liked the idea, though I knew I shouldn’t. I decided to try an experiment.

That night, after I got myself off (thoughts of Jared and the bulge in his jeans kept coming unbidden into my head and I had to push them away), I pressed the crotch of the underwear I had been wearing that day against my pussy. I wiped my wetness into them. I held the damp material to my nose. My scent was all over them. I left them on top of the big stack of dirty clothes in my closet. Then I pulled a hair from my head and laid it across them.

When I got home from school that afternoon, Jared was still at work. He did noon to ten o’clock shifts, six days a week. I ran up to my room and checked the closet. Sure enough, the hair was missing, and I was sure that my panties had been moved. So it was true; someone had been messing with my dirty underwear, and I knew it wasn’t Mom. Somehow I found that really exciting.

I was bold that night. I wore my red thong, my “first date” underwear, as I called it, to bed. I fucked myself hard with my vibrator, leaving the panties on, pulled to one side. Needless to say, they got soaked. I moaned out loud when I came, as loud as I dared. Jared’s room was next to mine, and I found myself half hoping that he could hear me through the wall.

The next morning, after making my bed, I took a deep breath and made my decision. I left the red thong (still damp and reeking of my sex) sitting on the top sheet of my bed. I got a piece of paper and a pencil and left a note next to them:


All day at school I thought and worried about what would happen when he found the note. Or maybe I had been making it all up. Maybe the hair I had left the other day had just blown off. What did he think about when he borrowed my underwear? Did he jerk off to them? I kind of hoped he did. I kept getting excited thinking about it. What kind of a pervert was I? I had a hard time concentrating on schoolwork.

When I got home, I ran straight to my room. My panties were still there, untouched as far as I could tell, and there was a new note next to them:


I felt really bad. I hadn’t meant it that way. I didn’t want him to feel bad. It wasn’t as if he was hurting me. When we were younger, I used to borrow naughty magazines from under his bed, and he had never said anything, though I suspected that he knew. Anyway, I didn’t really want him to stop.

I hadn’t been in his room since he had been home from college. It was tidy (not like mine), and quite bare. Just his clothes in the closet and his shoes next to the neatly made bed. No decoration, just a few books. I looked under the bed, but no magazines there; they had gone away when he had left for college, and apparently hadn’t come back with him. It seemed more like a hotel room than someone’s bedroom. I left the dirty red panties on the middle of his bed with a new note:


I wondered what he would think when he found them. I was tense all evening. Mom asked me what was on my mind. I told her I had a lot to study for in school. I made sure to be in my bedroom before Jared got in; I didn’t want to run into him before he found my note. I was confused and anxious. I didn’t even masturbate that night. When I got home from school the next day, there were my panties on my bed, with another note next to them:


I really didn’t mind. And so, believe it or not, this is how things went: every night I would masturbate with my panties on, or wipe my come into the crotch of that days panties; the next morning I would leave them sitting on my bed for my brother. I rarely saw Jared at home, with him working and me in school, but when we did see each other, he never said anything, and neither did I. It was as if nothing was different.

The next week I had a Monday off. “Teachers Planning Day” or something. Kind of a non-holiday, but I wasn’t complaining. I took the rare opportunity to sleep late. I half woke up around seven when Mom left for work, but I rolled over and went back to sleep. Usually by now I would be getting ready to start first period history. Staying in bed was such a luxury! I dozed on and off, and started to think about getting up.

When my bedroom door opened, I woke with a start. I had forgotten all about “The Panty Game”, as I called it to myself. Of course Jared was coming to my room to get the panties I had left for him. Or would have left for him, if I had remembered. I was, in fact, still wearing them.

When Jared saw me, half sitting up in bed, he turned bright red. “I’m sorry” he stammered, backing out of my room “I didn’t realize you were home.”

I felt oddly calm just then, sitting there in my pajamas, my hair all over the place. “No, its ok Jared” I said “I forgot. You don’t have to go.”

He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. He was looking at the floor, not making eye contact with me. I knew he was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. I sat up and smoothed my hair out of my face. “Do you still want to borrow my underwear?”

He nodded, still not meeting my eyes. “You’re sure you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind.” I said “actually I think it’s kind of sexy. What do you do with them anyway? Do you wear them?”

“Oh no!” he answered quickly.

“Do you masturbate with them then?”

He nodded. “I like… I like the way they smell.”

“It’s ok” I said “It’s only natural. I mean guys like pussy right? And my underwear smells like my pussy… its all about pheromones.” I realized that my nipples were getting erect. I wasn’t wearing a bra under my pajama tops and I wondered if Jared could see.

“Thank you Andrea” he said “This is really embarrassing for me” he added.

“Listen” I said, and now it was my turn to blush “Would you mind if I watched once?”

“You mean?”

“Yeah… while you masturbate with my panties.”

“Ok” he said “If you want me to.” He sat down on the edge of my bed.  I could see his hands trembling.

“You don’t have to” I said, “If it makes you uncomfortable.” I was blushing hard, my heart was racing, but my pussy was getting damp.

“No” he said “It’s only fair really.”

There was a long pause.

“Hey Bro,” I said “Would you like to borrow my underwear?”

He laughed “Yeah” he said “I would like that.”

Under the sheets, I squirmed out of my panties. I wasn’t wearing anything fancy, I remembered with a little regret, just white cotton bikini briefs. I handed them to Jared. I noticed that the crotch was a little wet. Jared took them shyly, then held them to his face and inhaled deeply. I realized that I was incredibly turned on. I let a hand slip under the sheet, softly and unobtrusively caressing my slit.

Jared looked at me once, shrugged as if to say “What the heck”, unbuttoned his jeans and stepped out of them. He was wearing boxers, and his cock made a huge tent in the material. A little trail of fur led down from his navel, promising hidden delights below. I had never seen an actual cock before, and my pussy was drooling with anticipation.

He pulled off his boxers, and his cock sprung free. It was even better than I had hoped. I mean I had seen pictures, and watched videos and read stories, so I had a pretty good idea what to expect, but I hadn’t imagined how sexy and delicious it would look in person. I also didn’t think it would be quite so big. His was bigger than my vibrator, but not so big that it was really intimidating. “God, I could take that.” I thought involuntarily. His balls were drawn up tight, and a clear drop of fluid glistened at the end of the swollen purple head.

He started stroking it, his face buried in the crotch of my moist panties. Under the sheets, I diddled myself in time with him. I couldn’t believe how tight he held his cock. It was red and purple and totally excited. I knew I was close. Jared was pumping himself faster and faster, till his hand was almost a blur. Finally he shouted and come shot out of his cock, all over my sheet. It was amazing how much came out, gobs and gobs of pearly white, and it kept on leaking out as his cock wilted. He lay there, breathing hard for a few minutes, his eyes closed, a peaceful smile on his lips. My dirty panties lay on the bed next to his face. With a groan, my hips bucked and I came. I rode the waves of my orgasm, coming and coming. When I was done, I held my slimy fingers out to him. “Do you like the way this smells?”

He surprised me by licking my fingers clean. “I have to get ready for work now.” He said “Thank you Sis.”

He put his boxers and jeans back on as I lay there, head reeling. Then he left, shutting the door after himself. On impulse, I stuck my tongue out and sampled the biggest puddle of semen. It wasn’t bad at all, a little salty. It tasted like sex. I licked it all off my sheets, swallowing hungrily. I couldn’t believe how much he had shot out. I wished I could shoot off like that.

I realized that I was still incredibly turned on. I pulled the vibrator out of the box under my bed, and quickly gave myself another orgasm. I couldn’t help imaging that the buzzing latex tool in my pussy was Jared’s swollen cock, spewing come inside me as my cunt shook. Afterward, I lay there, head spinning with guilt and confusion. Knowingly letting my brother borrow my panties was one thing, a little naughty maybe, but basically harmless. This was something else entirely; I had crossed a line this morning. I was a pervert now, and I knew it.

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The View From My Window

It had been cold and threatening all day, with heavy gunmetal-grey clouds lurking overhead.  As I was walking home from work it started to snow.  Big wet flakes that melted as soon as they made contact with the pavement.  Soon there was a layer of slush on the sidewalk that soaked right through my canvas sneakers and stockings, chilling my feet straight through to the bone.

I was already feeling blue.  It was November, coming up to Thanksgiving, which meant that it was dark when I left for work in the morning, and it was dark when I went home at night.  My job was boring, I was dirt-poor, and I lived alone in a crappy old ex-industrial apartment five floors up in a really crappy part of Brooklyn.  This wasn’t really what I’d pictured when I’d moved to New York two years ago.

The plan for the evening, such as it was, was to go home, boil up a pot of mac and cheese (which I was by now incredibly sick of), and surf the internet for porn for a couple hours and then to masturbate until my clit was too tender to touch and my eyes wouldn’t stay open.  Pretty much the standard Friday night routine.

At 25, I felt like the oldest living virgin in New York City, and definitely the horniest.  I was constantly annoyed with the body I had inherited from my Japanese mother and my Dutch father. Asian girls are supposed to be waif thin; I was short and round, much like a steamed dumpling with legs.  That was my parents’ nickname for my: Dumpling.  To make matters worse, I wore glasses; annoying thick glasses that I was constantly misplacing.  And I was shy; chronically, painfully shy.

When I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to be in college.  When I was in college, I couldn’t wait to graduate.  And now I was in New York City: patching ATM machine code by day; working on a novel that did not yet have a name by night; and masturbating pretty much all the time in between.

It was only by lucky chance that I noticed at all.  When I got into the dark little apartment, instead of turning on the lights right away, I kicked off my wet shoes and padded across the room in my cold damp socks to turn on the computer. It had been a long, stupid, frustrating day at work, and I had been obnoxiously horny all day.  At my desk, I had been constantly aware of my clitoris inside my panties, feeling all swollen and sensitive.  A couple of times I had reached up inside my shirt and tweaked my nipples, savoring the electric sensation that coursed straight through my body down to my clit.  Delicious torture.  I could have just gone to the ladies room and masturbated right there (and some days that is exactly what I would have done); but today I preferred to wait and do it properly.  And besides, I wanted to look at pictures.  I have been told that females are less visually inclined than males, but frankly I don’t believe a word of it.  Lately I had been on a big kick for Blacks on Blondes, and I really wanted to get myself off while watching some hot black dude with a big dick fuck some cute white chick right up the butt.  I didn’t know the why of it, I just knew it was really hot.

Standing there with cold wet feet in the middle of my dark apartment, waiting for the dreadfully slow computer to finish booting up, I happened to look out the window.

One floor down, in the building across the street, there was an apartment with the lights on, and nothing obstructing the windows.  As I looked out across the way, the most beautiful black guy I had ever seen walked across his bedroom, completely stark naked.

Later on I figured I was lucky that my double-take didn’t send my glasses shooting off my face; I never would have found them in time to appreciate the view.  The guy was probably a little younger than me, most likely in his early twenties; tall and thin as a willow, with compact, well defined muscles, the body of a dancer.  He had very short kinky black hair atop his head, and dark dark chocolate skin, no body fat whatsoever, and not one strand of body hair.  His dick hung, naked and exposed, wiggling in an oddly fetching way as he walked; and where there should have a triangle of pubic hair, there was just smooth brown skin.

I had never actually seen a man naked before.  Not in person, anyway; I’d seen plenty in porn of course. I’m the queen of missed opportunities: I always seemed to turn into a quivering bowl of tongue-tied jelly any time I found myself in the presence of a guy I was in any way attracted to.  Frustrating, yes, but I have learned that there are ways of dealing with frustration.

I stood there, open-mouthed and staring, as he turned around, exposing his perfect taught black ass; bent down, picked up a pair of white boxer shorts, pulled them on, and turned off the light as he walked out of the room.

Well!  This beat internet porn all to hell.  I pulled off my damp clothes and positioned myself on the windowsill (my loft apartment had these huge industrial windows with sills big enough to sit in.  Beautiful, but a real pain to heat in the winter) Vibrator in hand, I masturbated to a quick and explosive orgasm right then and there.  Then, lust temporarily sated, I cooked up a pot of mac and sleaze, and looked at dirty pictures on the net until well after midnight, one hand constantly busy between my thighs, and one eye constantly cocked on the apartment across the way, hoping to catch my beautiful neighbor coming home.

The next day was Saturday, my writing day. I went in to Manhattan, and in a high-end photo store run by orthodox Jews, with shaking hands I spent almost the entire remaining contents of my savings account on a good pair of binoculars.

Through the afternoon I genuinely tried to work on the novel.  Very little actual writing got done however.  As I sat typing at the computer, I realized that fewer and fewer words were actually coming out.  Eventually I just abandoned it and alternated between SimCity and porn.  By late afternoon it was dark outside and darker in my apartment, and as I sat in the pale blue glow of the computer monitor, I kept glancing through the window, checking for signs of life across the street.

As soon as I saw the light click on, I lunged for my new binoculars.  My hands were shaking too much; I had to rest my elbows on the window sill to hold the image steady.  The view was amazing.  I could have read over his shoulder with those glasses.  He was getting undressed; I caught a tantalizing glimpse of his brown cock and balls, and then he turned out the light.

Over the next few days, I became a bit obsessed.  This wasn’t surprising; I was naturally a bit of an obsessive, that was part of what made me a good coder; but it confirmed my belief that I really and truly was a serious pervert.  I waited for him to get up in the morning; I waited for him to come home at night.  I became paranoid that he might see my, sitting in the window sill in the darkened apartment with my binoculars pressed to my eyes.  But that didn’t stop my.  I caught him naked a few times.  I held my breath, trying to keep him centered in the binoculars while he walked around naked in his bedroom.  But mostly, I got bored with sitting there, looking across the street at an empty room, waiting for him to come in.

And then, on Friday night, when I had all but lost hope of seeing anything good, and was starting to seriously regret dropping way more money than I could realistically afford on a pair of binoculars I really didn’t need, I struck gold.

I didn’t even see him come in.  I just happened to glance across the street and noticed that his light was on.  Then I noticed that he was lying naked on his bed, and almost broke my neck tripping over my feet as I grabbed the binoculars and ran over to the window.

It was like being six inches away from him.  I could see every detail.  His cock was rock hard, his balls were drawn in tight as he slowly stroked himself.  It was beautiful.  I could almost see the veins pulsing on his shaft.  The head was the darkest dark purple, and as his hand moved up and down the length of it, I reached inside my own panties and confirmed that I was in fact wet and slippery as an eel. A very wet eel.

I momentarily lost him from my field of vision as he changed position on the bed, nearly panicked and then found him again, kneeling on the bed, rummaging through the drawer of his bedside table.

What a sexy ass!  So tight and smooth and strong.  I imagined running my hands over that ass, pulling it close, opening my mouth to swallow the beautiful black cock on the front end, squeezing those brown cheeks in little pale hands… Damn!  Those panties of mine were just getting in the way, no doubt!

Relieved of those annoying panties (to say nothing of the sweatpants around my ankles that had been threatening to trip my flat on my face), I found him again in the binoculars.  He was on his hands and knees on the bed, that fat juicy cock dangling heavily between his legs.  I could even make out a drop of precome hovering on the end of his dick, threatening to dribble down onto the white sheet.  With one hand I caressed my clitoris, spreading my juices liberally around.  “Oh the things I would do to that cock, if only it were in MY bed.”

And then I saw what he had in his hands.  Wow!  I was shocked enough to stop (at least for a moment) what I was doing downstairs.  He had a dildo in his hands, a big one, bigger than any of my own toys; made of a sparkly blue material molded to look just like a lifelike dick, right down to a truncated pair of balls on the base.  He was carefully coating it with lube from a small clear bottle.

Oh Damn.  Did this mean that my neighbor was gay?  And if so, what did that do to my fantasies about him?  It took only a few moments of consideration to decide that it didn’t matter.  Not really at all.

Across the street, my beautiful neighbor was working hard on impaling himself with the big blue dildo.  I had a prime view of it too.  He was facing directly away from my, his ass thrust up in the air like a cat in heat, his smooth balls and cock dangling down.  I even got a glimpse of his asshole (tiny crinkled little thing, was he really going to shove that big fat toy up there?) before it was obscured by his hands and the dildo.

It took a while for him to get it up inside.  He took it slow, working it very gently in and out, and adding more lube before pushing hard with one hand while the other hand pried his ass apart.  I could almost hear him sigh when, at last, the pink toy slid past his anal opening and disappeared into his lean body.

Meanwhile, I hadn’t been idle.  If at first I was shocked that I found a boy toying himself to be a turn-on, I quickly realized that I was responding to it in a big way.  In fact I was having trouble keeping the binoculars trained on him and my finger on my clit at the same time.  I was kneeling at the windowsill with one hand busy between my legs, an elbow propped up on the sill, my free hand holding the trembling field glasses.

He rolled over onto his back, toes facing my direction.  His dick was grasped tightly in one hand, and the other hand working the dildo gently in and out.  His eyes were shut tight and -fuck me!- his nipples were tiny and dark and pointy –just like little Hershey’s kisses!–  His hand was moving so fast on his dick that it was a blur and at that moment I wanted more than anything to be lying on top of him, kissing him on the mouth at the instant he shot off.

And he did shoot off.  God, it was so much better than any porn, ever!  He arched his back, his toes curled (oh yes they did!) and he squirted gobs and gobs of pearly white boy come all over his smooth dark tummy and chest.

When it was over, when he had milked every last drop from his wilting penis and when he had extracted his dildo and had grabbed a Kleenex to wipe up the mess on his chest (Which would certainly not have gone to waste had I been there!), I finally set down the binoculars, lay down on my back hardwood floor, and got myself off.  I had been right on the edge for so long, it was a cinch to come at last.  I worked my clit and slipped my fingers in and out of my pussy and tickled my asshole, pretending that it was his fingers exploring my body.  The orgasm was so nice I went for a second one right away, replaying the scene I had just watched over and over again in my head.

After I had come no less than three times, I got up off my ass and drank a tall glass of water.  The apartment across the way was dark and still.  I sat down at the computer and managed to get the better part of a chapter written before falling asleep just before two in the morning.

All weekend, and all the next week I was vigilant.  And unlucky.  I barely ever seemed to catch him at home.  I caught him in his underpants a couple of times; that was the extent of my voyeuristic thrills.

That Friday, my luck changed again.  I was sitting by the window, having gotten sick of staring at a blank page on my computer screen and not ready to give up and go for the porn yet.  Across the way, his window was dark.  The sky was inky black.  Heavy clouds had been gathering all day, and snow was in the forecast again.  It was bitterly cold outside.

Without warning, his light flicked on, and he walked into the room.  And he was not alone this time.  There was a pretty blonde girl with him, and she had her arm possessively around his waist.

By the time I had found my binoculars and gotten them to focus, the happy couple was up on the bed making out.  As I watched, Neighbor Guy pulled the Blonde Girl’s sweater up and off.  It wasn’t fair; she was skinny AND she had big tits.

He played with her boobs for a while, and I had to admit that they were a lovely set.  Then she pulled off his shirt, and I got to watch in an aroused state of jealousy while Blonde Girl explored his smooth muscular brown skin.

And then Neighbor Guy was tugging off her jeans, and I caught a quick glimpse of panties, red and lacy, before they were tossed aside and she was flat on her back on his bed with her pale thighs spread wide apart and her nearly shaved pussy fully on display for him.  And for me.

He wasted no time getting his head between my legs and giving that lucky Blonde Girl a thorough tongue lashing.  She certainly seemed to be enjoying it too, kicking her legs humping back toward his face and thrashing around on his bed.

After what I was pretty sure was a supremely massive orgasm on the part of the blonde, Neighbor Boy came up for air. I could actually SEE her wetness on his face.   Blonde Girl got his pants down and his gear out (“About freaking time!” I thought) as she petted and caressed his extremely stiff lovely black boner.

They lay down together on the bed and seemed to be talking.  His ass looked really cute.  If I’d been there I wouldn’t have been wasting my time talking.  I would have had my mouth full already.

He pulled a box of condoms from the bedside table.  She shook her head ‘No.’ They kissed and touched a little more.  Than he sat up, as if he had made a decision.  She listened, and then nodded.  He pulled open the drawer on the side table and brought out the dildo.  Again, I watched Blonde Girl make a face and shake her head ‘No.’   Neighbor Guy put the toy back in its drawer.

I guess they came to some sort of compromise: he straddled her chest and jerked off onto her tits.  Blonde Girl seemed to enjoy that.  After he was done and she wiped up with a Kleenex, they both got dressed again and she headed out into the chilly night.  I felt bad for him.  I felt like he had gotten the short end of the stick.

The next day was Saturday, the designated writing day.  Clouds loomed low and dark, and a few scattered flurries whipped past the window.  The sun never really showed its face all day, and by mid-afternoon it was dark outside.

I saw the light come on across the street, and grabbed my faithful binoculars to have a look.  Was he alone?  Or did he have that Blonde Girl with him?

He was alone.  He stripped down to his white boxer shorts and lay down and as I watched disappointed, opened up a book and started reading.

I took a deep breath and contemplated what I was about to do.  I’d been thinking about this all week.  There was nothing for it but to do it.  I pulled my favorite vibrator out of the underwear drawer where it lived and switched on the overhead light.

I climbed up onto the window sill, feeling like an ass.  With the light on, I could no longer see out the window across the way.  “Please,” I thought, “Please don’t chicken out now.”

One thing was for sure: I was eminently visible to anyone who happened to be looking at my window, and I knew it.  Feeling highly self-conscious, I started to strip.  I really hoped I looked sexy, because just then I didn’t feel very sexy.  I felt like a fool.

I have never actually personally seen a strip show, but I had a pretty good idea of what I was supposed to do.  As seductively as possible, I danced my clothes off, until I stood naked in the cold light of the window frame.  Then, feeling like The Biggest Dork in the Universe, I started to masturbate.

I surprised myself.  The feeling of being on display to the city of the night, of not knowing exactly who could see me, who was getting ready to call the cops, or who was getting his (or her) jollies from watching my touch myself was a powerful thrilling aphrodisiac.  Soon, I had almost forgotten that I was supposed to be putting on a show, and was cruelly pinching and twisting my own hard nipple and deeply penetrating my pussy with my fingers while I ground the humming vibrator against my clit.  The orgasm, when it came, was earth-shattering, and I collapsed weak-kneed onto the window sill.

It was dark in the window across the way.  A little disappointed and out of breath, I pulled on my pajamas and sat down at the computer to write.  I was actually making some progress when the street door buzzed.

The intercom didn’t work, so I just buzzed the door open and stood by the front door of my apartment, waiting.

I didn’t have to wait long.  He must have run up all five flights of stairs.  When the knock came on the apartment door, I unclicked the deadbolt and found myself face to face with him.  It was my beautiful Neighbor Guy, looking chilly but incredibly sexy in a pair of faded blue jeans and a t-shirt that I could see his stiff little nipples through.

He opened his mouth, but I silenced him with a kiss.  It felt really good to kiss those lips.  Really, really good.  I could have kissed him for a long time.  But I wasn’t in a patient mood.  I was already fumbling with the fly of his jeans as he stepped into the apartment, letting the door fall close behind him.

His boxers and jeans fell around his ankles, and his cock bobbed out, stiff and black and delicious looking.  Looking up at him through my thick glasses, I dropped to my knees in front of that beautiful cock.  Without a word, I opened my mouth and swallowed it whole.

It tasted really good.  It was a clean, male, sexy taste, and I was gobbling it all up.   I was masturbating as I sucked, and Neighbor Guy had his hands down my pajama top, playing with my tits.  He was incredibly hard and hot in my mouth.  The only blowjob experience I had was from watching it done in videos.  I hoped I was doing ok.

Reluctantly, I removed his hands from my breasts.  Just now, I wanted to be completely in control.  I took the opportunity to pull off my top, setting my boobs free.  Then I went back to work on his cock, licking, kissing, sucking and bobbing my head up and down.  He moaned and I melted.  I had never had so much fun in my life.  Reaching behind him, cupping that sexy tight little ass, I let one finger explore between his cheeks, quickly finding what I was looking for.  I pressed a finger, slippery with my own juice, up inside his asshole as his moans escalated.  I could feel his body squeezing me as he humped my face, giving himself up to pleasure.

I let his hard cock flop out of my mouth.  It glistened with my saliva, and seemed to throb in time with his heartbeat.  I really wanted that thing up my cunt.  But not now.  I turned him around so his tight brown buns were right in my face.  I kissed him all over his tush before centering in on his crack.  I slurped up and down between his cheeks, enjoying his musky, male taste.  He was groaning out loud, which made me even hotter than I already was.  I parted his cheeks and licked his tiny little asshole.  He moaned.  I pressed the tip of my tongue into his opening, working my way up inside him.  Reaching down between my legs, I almost couldn’t believe how wet my pussy was.

I’m not sure how long I tongue-fucked him.  I don’t think it was really very long, but the bliss seemed to last forever.  I reached around and grabbed his cock and felt up his balls as I licked his asshole.  I felt so powerful with his gear in my hands, this strong, beautiful man squirming on the tip of my tongue.

I felt him stiffen.  “Oh my God, I’m going to come!”

I removed my face from his butt and he turned around again, offering me his swollen dick.  I took as much of it in my mouth as I could, pulling his wet ass toward me with both hands and sucking as hard as I could.

He came loud and he came hard, squirting my mouth full of thick, steaming come.  I drank what seemed like a gallon of his sticky, bitter, exquisitely male come from his spasming dick.  I would have been happy to suck him dry, but apparently he was a little too sensitive for that.  Reluctantly, I let his soft, wet black cock flop out of my mouth.

He opened his mouth to speak, but I pressed one finger against his lips.  “Later,” I said.  He pulled his jeans back up, kissed my on the forehead, and went back downstairs into the night.

I may have been the oldest, horniest virgin in the city, but at that moment I was feeling very satisfied.  I sat down at my computer and started to write.

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Helping Jess and Andrea

Andrea and I had had a thing, four or five years ago, way back when we still worked together.  It had only lasted about a week, but it had been a quite memorable week , and we had managed to stay good friends after without much weirdness.  We’d gone on to pursue different careers, and Andrea had become a dedicated, full-time lesbian, and occasionally we’d even dated the same girls (though never at the same time).  We were pretty close and we hung out a lot but things weren’t sexual between us at all; and (aside from the occasional masturbatory fantasy) I was fine with that.

And then one afternoon in early October Andrea told me that she and Jessica were thinking of having a baby.  She and Jess had been together over a year, and they shared an apartment.  They seemed really happy.

“Which one of you would get pregnant?” I asked over a large ice coffee.

“Ugh, not me!” Andrea said, slurping her coffee, “The idea of a fetus growing inside me kind of creeps me out… reminds me of that movie ‘Aliens’.  No, that would be Jess, absolutely.  She’s really into the idea of being a mommy.”

Jessica was cuter than hell.  She’s about four years younger than Andrea; a little shorter and a little chubbier.  They often get mistaken for sisters, which drives Jess crazy and amuses the heck out of Andrea.  To me they look like a mismatched pair of muppets, a dykey Bert and Ernie: one tall and skinny, one short and plump, both of them soft and fuzzy and kind of goofy looking with their matching black-rimmed geeky glasses.  A couple of sexy as all hell muppets.

“So listen…”

“Go ahead.”

“Well…” Andrea stirred the ice in her coffee with a straw. “We were wondering… we were wondering what you would think of being the dad?”

Wow.  That threw me for a loop.  It was so totally out of left field that I didn’t know what to say.

“Can I think it over?” I managed.

“Of course.” Andrea seemed relieved.  “It’s a big thing.  Of course you should think it over.  We’d be really honored though if you’d do it.  We talked it over for a long time. You’re the coolest guy either of us know.”

Huh, I wasn’t entirely sure that I’d ever been described as cool before.

“Would you do it by artificial insemination?”

“Are you kidding?? That’s expensive!  Besides… where’s the fun in that?”

We let it go at that, and I went home and thought about it and thought about it some more.

A couple days later, the phone rang.  It was Andrea.

“Have you thought about it?”

“Yeah, I sure have.”


I took a deep breath. “I’d be happy to help you guys out.”

“Awesome!!” there was a pause on her end of the line, “Listen…”

“I’m all ears.”

“Next Friday is Jess’ 25th birthday.  I was wondering if you’d like to come over and help us… celebrate a little?”

Now that I had committed myself, I couldn’t wait to start.  “I’ll be there.” I said.

“Excellent!” Andrea said, “We’ll see you Friday!”

My dick was already hard.

The rest of the week crawled by.  Work was annoying.  I kept getting distracted.  And then on Friday, I had to work late.

I took the subway out to their apartment in Brooklyn as soon as I got out of the office.  It was already dark.  Andrea met me downstairs.  She was so full of nervous energy that she couldn’t stand still.

“Come on up!” she said, hopping from one foot to the other, “We’ve been waiting for you!  I mean, I have.  Jessica knows she’s getting a birthday surprise tonight, but she doesn’t know what.”

Andrea led me up the stairs, four flights up to their apartment.  She was wearing a black t-shirt and faded blue jeans, and I got to watch her cute little butt wiggle along in that tight, soft denim a few steps ahead of me.  She had the sexiest ass.  I was hoping that I’d get a chance to have another look at it soon, much more up-close and personal.

Andrea opened the front door of the apartment and pressed one finger to her lips in a gesture that meant ‘silence’.  We both kicked off our shoes in the front hall, and she took me by the hand and led me to the closed door of their bedroom.  Her hand felt small in mine, and it was hot and sweaty.

She opened the bedroom door and pulled me in behind her.  My erection was making an embarrassing lump in the front of my slacks, and it brushed against Andrea’s jean-clad ass as we slipped through the bedroom door.  She grinned at me, a nervous grin.

Jessica was lying face down on the bed.  She was wearing a blindfold and a little black party dress, and her hands were cuffed behind her back.  At the sound of us coming into the room, she turned her head.

“Your surprise is ready, my Love,” Andrea said, tugging me forward, “Are you ready?”

“I can’t wait!” Jessica said, “What is it?”

Andrea was obviously having trouble keeping from giggling.  She guided me over to the edge of the bed.  She mimed unbuttoning pants.  I got the hint and undid my slacks, letting them drop around my ankles in a heap.  I felt like a dork standing there in my work shirt, socks and boxer shorts with a prominent erection.  Andrea rolled her eyes at me and made pulling down motions.  I pulled down my boxers and kicked them and my pants out of the way.  I realized that I was blushing.  Andrea made a face and gave me a look.  I wasn’t sure what that look was trying to say.

I had never really seen Andrea and Jessica kiss before.  I mean, I had seen them kiss, casually, but not like this.  Andrea rolled Jess onto her back, still cuffed and blindfolded, and kissed her deeply and passionately.  I thought they were beautiful like that, and it made my dick even harder than it already was.

When they were done kissing, Andrea moved Jess so that she was sitting at the side of the bed, near where I was standing.  She winked at me and pressed her index finger to Jessica’s lips, encouraging her to suck it like a little dick.

Jessica is so fucking cute!  I remember when they first started dating, I had had fantasies about getting to watch just about exactly what I was watching now.  Jess stands almost six inches shorter than Andrea, five foot nothing, and has kind of scruffy short hair, big boobs for her size, glasses, and the cutest little upturned nose with a tiny silver ring in it.

She was sucking Andrea’s finger something fierce.  “God I’m horny Dre,” she said in between slurps, “God Damn I want you to fuck me cross-eyed!  Are you ready to give me my present yet?”

Andrea took her finger away and guided Jessica’s head down toward my dick.  I could feel hot breath on the head of my penis.  Her mouth was millimeters away.

“Take this in your mouth Baby Love,” she said, “Suck it real good for me.”

Andrea pushed Jessica’s head until her lips touched my waiting penis. Then Jess eagerly enveloped my cock with her hot mouth.  I was in heaven.  Andrea grabbed a big fistful of Jess’ hair, pulling her up and off my dick.  They kissed again, ferociously.  Then Jessica broke off the kiss.

“Holy fuck Andrea, it’s REAL! This is the best birthday present ever!!”

“Mmm-Hmm!” Andrea pulled the blindfold off and roughly shoved her (not unwilling) girlfriend back down onto my waiting dick.  Jessica licked and slurped with gusto.

Oh My God, her mouth felt so good, so hot and so wet, I couldn’t help moaning out loud.  Jess smiled up at me with her big brown eyes, keeping her mouth full of my cock.  Andrea was beaming like a proud parent.

Andrea pinched one of Jessica’s nipples through the black party dress, and with one hand on the back of her girlfriend’s head she forced Jess further and further down my cock, until her nose was buried in my pubes.  I was afraid that she’d gag or choke, but she never did.  I felt her swallow the end of my cock into her throat, and she kept doing the most amazing things to me with her tongue.

“Gawd Andrea, make her stop!” I wasn’t going to be able to hold out long, not at this rate, “I can’t help it.  I’m going to come!”

“Don’t you DARE come!” hissed Andrea, grabbing a fist full of Jessica’s hair.

“Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmm,” agreed Jessica. Her boobs had spilled out the front of her dress and were shaking delightfully as she worked.  The fingers of Andrea’s left hand were busy underneath that black dress.

“Don’t you dare waste your come in her mouth!” Andrea warned me.

I felt my orgasm start in the bottom of my feet, I curled my toes and clenched with every muscle in my body.  I tried to concentrate on differential calculus.  What is the formula for finding limits?  I tried to remember the Fundamental Theorem. Jessica had lifted her mouth off my swollen dick and was looking up at me, one eyebrow raised.

I felt myself slipping over the edge, my penis twitching involuntarily, and I clenched every muscle in my body to fight down the orgasm.

One thick fat droplet of semen oozed out of the end of my enflamed cock.  Jessica grinned widely and wickedly, stuck out her tongue, and fastidiously licked it off the tip of my (almost) painfully hard erection.

“What a yummy fucking cock!” she and Andrea kissed a lot, hot and sloppy, “We’re going to have SO much fun!  Take these cuffs off, they’re chafing my wrists.”

After Andrea had fished out the keys and set wrists free, Jessica primly tucked her breasts back into her dress.  “You’ve got such a beautiful penis!” she told me, “Doesn’t he, Andrea?”

“Yeah he does!” Andrea was pulling her t-shirt up over her head.  She was wearing a lacey black bra.  Her breasts are a little smaller than Jess’, but I love how perky they are.  “It’s like the perfect penis size.  And it’s great for sucking on, huh?”

That made me glow.  I’ve always been a little insecure about my dick.  I knew my size was about average, but I guess I’ve been afraid before that girls thought it was too small.

“Is he going to get me pregnant?”

“He sure is!”  Andrea had her bra off.  Her boobs may be small, but they are just perfect in my book. They’re slightly upturned, and the nipples were pink and hard and pierced.  Steel bars gleamed in the low light of the bedroom.  That was a new addition since I’d seen them last.  “But first I’m going to stick my tongue so far up your pussy…”

She pushed Jessica onto her back on the bed.  The little black dress rode up and I caught a glimpse of black panties.  Andrea crawled on top, pulling the straps of Jess’ dress down around her shoulders, fully exposing her big beautiful breasts.  The aureole were wide and light brown.  “Aren’t they beautiful?” she asked, rubbing her own, smaller, more conical boobs against Jessica’s, “Aren’t they sexy?  I think she’s got a really nice set of tits.  Maybe later I’ll let you rub your dick all over them.  Yeah… that’d be pretty fucking hot to watch.”

Andrea slid topless down Jessica’s body.  She lifted up the black dress, gathering it around Jess’ waist.  Jessica was wearing black bikini panties with red hearts on the waistband.  Her sex swelled delightfully inside the thin fabric.  The room reeked of sex.

Jessica spread her legs wide apart, and Andrea licked all around her soft pale upper thighs, nibbling gently.  She slipped a finger inside Jessica’s underpants, and Jess moaned.

“Do you wanna see her pussy?”   I nodded dumbly.  My dick bobbed along in assent. “Me too,” Andrea said, “I want to see her pussy bad.”

Jessica lifted her ass up, and Andrea tugged, and the black panties slid right off.  Jessica had a beautiful little pussy.  Her clit was pink and swollen, straining out from under its little hood.  Her lips were swollen and puffy and pouting wide open, and slick girl-come was seeping out of her.  She was shaved, totally bare.  I’d never seen that before; I didn’t think that actual girls did that, I thought it was just what porn stars did.  She looked hot like that, soft and sexy.  I liked that I could see every little bit of her pussy.  It was beautiful.

Andrea dove right in and started licking, big loud slurps up and down Jessica’s smooth vulva.  As she licked, she fumbled with the buttons of her own jeans.

“Help me get my pants off,” she said to me over her shoulder when she came up for air.  I obliged, tugging her jeans down as she kicked her legs.  She wasn’t wearing anything underneath.  Her ass was small and pale and sexy, and her cheeks jiggled delightfully as she licked.

Jessica was up on her elbows, playing with her own nipples, tugging on them with her thumb and forefinger, hungrily watching my bobbing erection.  I think she really got off on the fact that I was there, watching them play.  Andrea was concentrating on her clit now, finger fucking Jessica’s pussy and flicking her big fat clit with the tip of her tongue.

“Roll over.” Andrea said, and Jessica did as she was told, flipping over onto her stomach.  She had a tattoo on her left asscheek, a little red devil.

Keeping her hand busy between Jessica’s thighs, fingering her pussy and clit, Andrea started licking up and down Jessica’s ass cheeks.  Jess started moaning out loud into the bedsheets.

I was sitting so close to them I could feel their body heat.  My dick was red and hot and swollen, straining up, begging to be touched; leaking a long gossamer string of clear sticky fluid.

Andrea grabbed my wrist and guided it between her own thighs.  “Stop being so damn shy,” she told me.

She was amazingly wet and slippery down there.  I slid a finger deep up inside her, finding her clit with my thumb.  She moaned, “Oh yeah, God you were always so good at that.  For a guy.”

I loved feeling Andrea’s pussy on my finger.  I remembered back to the time we had once spent together.  She hadn’t let me fuck her pussy, but we had done just about everything else.  Her pussy squeezed my finger aggressively as I slid it in and out, stroking her g-spot.

Meanwhile, Andrea had spread Jessica’s ass cheeks wide and was licking with a purpose.  I couldn’t believe I was watching this.  Jessica’s crinkled little brown asshole winked with desire as Andrea’s tongue circled around it, avoiding it, teasing it, tormenting it, and finally zeroing in on it.

As I watched, Andrea buried her face in between her girlfriends’ asscheeks.  Jessica made muffled appreciative moaning noises as Andrea slurped.  I took a chance and started gently tickling Andrea’s ass with one finger as I worked her clit and pussy with two others.

“Ok, you have GOT to fuck her right now,” Andrea announced, “I have got to see that thing of yours buried in my sweetie’s pussy!”

Jessica scooted up into doggy position as Andrea manhandled me into place.  She took my penis in her small but confident hand, and guided me to Jessica’s dripping entrance.

“Are you ready Baby?”

“Oh yeah!” Jessica replied.  Her fingers were already quite busy on her clit. “Yeah I am.  I am SO ready!”

Andrea rubbed the head of my cock up and down Jessica’s pussy.  “Fuck her,” she told me, slapping me hard on the ass, so hard it stung, “Fuck her pussy really good for me!”

I thrust forward, burying myself deep in Jessica’s drooling sex.  She was really tight inside, and very hot and very wet.  It took me a little while to get all the way in.  It was amazing.  I had never actually been inside a woman without a condom on.  It felt really good.  Really, really good.

Andrea was playing with my balls and my ass.  Every time she brushed against my asshole I jumped a little.  It felt really good, but a little scary too.

“Oh yeah, fuck her good.  Fuck her good and deep.  Oh My God you look so sexy like that!”

Andrea was masturbating as I fucked Jessica.  Jessica was enjoying the hell out of it, humping back against me and flogging her own clit.  I watched Andrea come, her fingers furiously rubbing her clit, as she watched me fuck her girlfriend.  She looked beautiful as her orgasm washed over her, making her brow wrinkle and her boobs blush pink and blotchy.

I was super turned on, and I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out.  I wanted Jessica to have an orgasm before I came inside her.

Andrea started playing with Jessica’s ass again.  The volume of her moans increased.  Andrea slid her slippery middle finger up Jessica’s butt.  I could feel it inside, pressing against my thrusting dick.  It was almost too much for me.  I stopped fucking and froze, mentally adding up the exponents of two: 2, 4, 8,16,32,64…

Andrea’s finger was sliding in and out of Jessica’s crinkled asshole, and it felt dangerously good. My poor overexcited cock twitched impatiently inside Jessica’s juicy pussy.  (4096, 8192…)

“Fuck me in the ass.”  Jessica looked back over her shoulder at me and wiggled her rear end invitingly.

I’d never done that particular thing.  I’d kind of always wanted to, I’d definitely fantasized about it, but it had never happened.  I’d always been afraid that the girl wouldn’t like it, that she’d be grossed out or think I was a pervert, or that it would hurt her.

“Fuck me in the ass.  Hurry.  Stick that cock up my butt.  Please.”  I looked over at Andrea.  She just raised one eyebrow and made a face I couldn’t read.  Her hand was still busy between her own legs, where she had a couple fingers making squishy noises caressing her own pussy.

I pulled out of Jessica’s pussy.  My cock was coated in her juices.  It looked really sexy.  Andrea gave me a quick peck on the cheek and fetched a little bottle of lube from the bedside table.  She dribbled a liberal amount of the clear fluid onto Jessica’s anus, and then guided my very slippery cock up against her girlfriend’s horny little asshole.

“Give it to her gently,” she said, “Our regular toy’s a bit smaller.”

“Yeah, give it to me hard,” Jessica said, “I want it, please.”

I pressed into her.  She pressed back against me.  Her ass opened up, and slowly, very slowly, my dick disappeared inside her.  She was unbelievably tight, almost painfully tight.  Andrea watched, wide eyed, as I slowly worked my cock all the way up Jessica’s tiny little butt.  I don’t know how long it took.  Jessica made a lot of noise, but it sure sounded like she was enjoying herself.  Her finger kept busy on her clitoris. At last I was all the way in.  My pubes were pressed against her asscheeks.  It felt like my dick was being grasped tightly in a strong, soft fist.

“Does it hurt?” I asked

“No it doesn’t hurt at all.  It feels so fucking good.  Fuck me.  Be a little gentle, but fuck me hard!”

What?  I decided not to worry too much about what that was supposed to mean.  I was way too turned on to puzzle that one out.

Andrea slithered around to the front, presenting Jessica with her wide open and sopping wet pussy.  She has a really sexy pussy too, with nice fat lips and a neatly trimmed brown bush.  Jessica dived in, moaning out loud into Andrea’s puss, lashing it up and down with her tongue.

I started fucking Jessica’s tight ass, slowly at first, then harder and faster.  The harder I thrusted, the louder she moaned, and they definitely sounded like happy moans to me.  I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer.  I reached under her belly and slid my middle finger up into her pussy and rubbed her clit with my thumb as I fucked her ass.  She was getting so loud that it was almost scary.  I felt her come, her ass spasming on my dick, her pussy squeezing my finger.  It set me off, and pounded her rump hard until I came deep inside her asshole, my cock twitching and spurting out what seemed like gallons of come, while I shouted her name out loud as her ass wiggled and bucked under me.

Later, when we were all showered and cleaned up and more or less dressed, we all sat down together on the couch.  Andrea had cracked open a bottle of wine.

“Mmm that really was the best birthday present ever!” Jessica said, snuggling up to Andrea and giving her a big wet kiss.

“I’m glad you liked it sweetie,” Andrea said, “That was really hot.”

“Yeah it was.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve played with a boy.  You’re a really fun one,” she said to me.

“Thanks.” I said.

“But you know what?  It’s going to be kind of hard to get me pregnant like that.”

“Well we’ll just have to keep on trying now won’t we?” Andrea said, sipping her wine, “We’ll keep on trying until we get it right.”

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