When we graduated from college, my roommate Myrna and I were moving to New York, and we wanted to get there by driving the trans-canada highway.  My mom didn’t really approve, but my dad thought it sounded like a great idea.  He volunteered to come with us, to keep us safe and to help us move in, and for the adventure of it.  Myrna and I were excited to have him along; unlike my mother, my dad is very cool and fun to be around.

Myrna and I had been lovers for almost a year, and while we weren’t exactly “out” to our families, we didn’t go out of our way to hide it either.  I don’t know how much my parents knew, or guessed, but they always referred to Myrna as my “friend” or my “roommate”.

When moving day came, we swung by my parent’s house to pick up dad, say goodbye to mom, and grab a few last things.  We had been packing up our apartment until late the night before.  The back of Dad’s Chevy Astro was already pretty full of Myrna and my stuff.  There were a few boxes of mine still to go in though.  One thing, of course, led to another, and we ended up staying for lunch.  Before lunch, I went up to my dad’s office to check my email, and that’s when I stumbled on his porn stash.  I really mean stumbled; I wasn’t snooping.  First of all, I was in a hurry, and already a little annoyed at our late start; and second of all, it just wouldn’t have occurred to me that my dad kept porn on his computer.  I guess I understood that my parents must be sexual creatures, but I preferred not to think about it.  My dad was trim, neat and tidy and dignified; my mom was quite overweight, older looking than her 47 years; serious, stiff and formal.

I happened to bring up the ‘documents’ menu and along with my dads business correspondence, it was full of pornographic sounding file names.  Well, of course then I had to have a look.  It turned out that my dad had a whole lot of porn on his hard drive.  In fact he had an entire folder labeled “porn”.  It was fairly standard stuff, but the bulk of it was blowjob themed: young looking girls with big boobs sucking dicks and getting come on their faces.  Not really my kind of thing.  My porn preferences are 1) pretty lesbians; 2) anal sex; and 3) pretty lesbians having anal sex.  Not that I disapproved.  Far be it from me!  In a way I felt proud of my dad.  I was glad I wasn’t the only family member who wasn’t a prude!

Myrna walked in to the office, and I just had to show her.  Before we were dating, Myrna called herself the “Blowjob Queen”.  She said that was the one thing that she missed in lesbian sex.  “Licking a clit just isn’t the same” she told me.  I begged to differ, but I’d never given a blowjob, so what did I really know anyway?

Myrna and I looked through dads naughty pictures, and giggled like schoolgirls for a few minutes, but we really had to eat our lunch and get on the road, so we shut down the computer and headed downstairs.

“I wonder if your mom ever gives your dad head” Myrna mused to me as we left the room.

It was hard to imagine.  Both my parents were school teachers, but sometimes that seemed to me all they had in common.  My mother had become religious, conservative, all stiff and serious.  She was the pessimist of the family.  If something seemed fun, she would probably be against it; and list all the reasons it was bad for you and would send you to hell.  Needless to say, she had argued against my moving to New York.

It was afternoon before we finally got on the road.  I had been looking forward to the drive for a long time.  I had heard that the trans-canada was a beautiful road.  I was looking forward to moving into our new apartment, and to living in the big city.

We crossed the border without any problem, and headed off into Canada.  With the late start, we only made it through Vancouver before it was already getting dark.  We stopped for pizza, and got a hotel room.  We had planned on camping out most of the way, but we were still in the suburbs and there was nowhere to pitch our tent.

There were two beds in the room: one for me and Myrna, and one for dad.  After watching Canadian TV for a while, we turned out the lights and went to bed.

Myrna and I had quiet sex in the dark that night: her large full breasts pressed against my smaller ones, kissing deeply, rubbing each others clits and probing each others pussies.  We tried to do it silently, but I don’t know just how successful we were.  When Myrna pressed her index finger against my asshole, I came, kissing her hard and grinding my clit onto her palm.

The next morning, we all woke up early, eager to get on the road.  Myrna got up, still topless, and gathered her things before going into the bathroom for her shower.  I don’t know who was more shocked; me or my dad.  Myrna has a beautiful head of curly brown hair, and mischievous deep blue eyes; but her best asset is unquestionably her breasts.  She has the kind of boobs that I thought only existed in magazines: big, full, symmetrical and gravity defying, with small brown upward pointing nipples.  I love Myrna’s breasts, though she constantly complains about them: they are too big, it’s hard to buy swimsuits and bras, it’s hard to jog, and they’ll end up sagging… I don’t have a lot of sympathy.  I’m not exactly flat chested, but I’m not what you would call busty either.  My dad tried not to stare at Myrna’s lovely rack as she jiggled around the room.  He wasn’t very successful, and I couldn’t blame him.  She pretended not to notice, and immerged from the bathroom freshly showered and fully dressed.  Dad and I took turns taking our showers, and then it was time to hit the road.

We drove all day long, through the Canadian countryside, mostly two lane road with long stretches between small towns.  It was hot, and even with the air conditioner on, we were sweating.  Thunderclouds sometimes gathered on the eastern horizon, but the sun beat down on us all day. Suddenly we were climbing up into the Canadian Rockies.

The storm broke at the same time we pulled into the campground.  Lightning flashed, thunder crashed, and the rain poured down in blinding sheets.  We sat in the minivan and watched the storm.  When the worst of it seemed to have passed, we got out and set up the tent.  Putting up a tent in the dark and rain may not sound like fun, but after a long day of driving in the heat, we played like kids in the rain.  The tent got put up, our stuff made its way inside, and all three of us were soaked.  We piled into the tent, and stripped off our wet clothes.  It was pitch black.  I suspected that Myrna had stripped completely nude; a quick caress confirmed it.  Throwing caution to the wind, I joined her, pulling off my damp underwear.  I didn’t know if Dad could tell, but it did feel really good to be sleeping nude next to Myrna.  Our sleeping bags zipped together.  We slept with our bodies intertwined, listening to the sound of the wind in the trees.

I woke up early, as I usually do when I am camping.  The tent was filled with soft, pre-dawn light.  I looked over; Dad was still asleep.  Myrna, however, was awake.  Our eyes met, and my clit tingled in anticipation.  We would have to be really really quiet about it, but there was no way we weren’t going to do it.  I kissed Myrna softly, and she kissed me back.  We kissed like that for a long time.  Then I felt her talented fingers probing between my thighs.  I moaned softly into her hair, and squeezed her ass.  I was so hot for her.  What I really wanted at that moment was to don my strap on and fuck her pussy really hard; then maybe to flip her over and fuck her in her sweet little asshole.  That, unfortunately, was totally out of the question.  I could still fuck her though.  I let my fingers slip between her ass cheeks, finding their way down to her already wet pussy.  She whispered in my ear “Yes Jenny, fuck me.”

I unzipped the bag halfway to give myself better access and so I could enjoy the sight of my beautiful naked lover as she squirmed on my fingers.  She got up on her knees and arched her back like a cat.  My pussy drooled at the sight.

“If you girls are going to have sex” I heard from the other side of the tent “Do you mind if I masturbate?”

I was stunned speechless, shocked and embarrassed.  How long had he been watching?  What must he think of me?  I didn’t know what to do or say.  Fortunately Myrna spoke up.  “Of course you can Mr. Davis. Go right ahead.  We don’t mind.”

I didn’t mind, really.  Why shouldn’t he masturbate?  If anything, I thought it was rude of us to be fooling around in the tent.  My dad isn’t a bad looking man; he stays in shape, runs every day, and has done marathons.  Of course, I had never seen him naked before.  Now I could see his penis, and it was clear that he was pretty excited, but that was only natural; he was after all, in a tent with two twenty-two year old girls who were getting it on in front of him.  So what if one of them happened to be his daughter?  He was stroking his penis, which I thought was kind of interesting; I had never actually seen a man masturbate before.  At the moment, however, I only had eyes for Myrna.

She crawled out of the bag, and I knelt behind her for better access.  Her pussy and ass were splayed for my pleasure.  Her boobs hung down, and her face was covered in her brown mop of hair.   I slipped a finger up her pussy and she responded hungrily.  She was really wet, and scalding hot inside.  I love fucking her.  I added another finger, then another, fucking her hard and fast with my hand.  Her own finger was busy with her clit.  I rubbed myself as I fucked her.  I was incredibly turned on.  It felt weird to be on display like this.  I felt hot and dirty.  I knew that my own father was watching me have really hot sex with my girlfriend, and was stroking himself to our most intimate acts.  I felt my juices running down my thighs.  Myrna’s tiny asshole looked incredibly sexy and inviting.  I slipped a finger between her cheeks and ran it lightly up and down her crack until her asshole gasped with desire.  I pressed my finger against her opening and she pushed back onto me.  Her ass was tight, but it accepted my wet finger easily.  I buried my forefinger in all the way up to the knuckle.  Her ass grabbed me tight.  I twisted my finger in her anus.  Myrna moaned uncontrollably as I fucked her in both her holes.  It felt incredibly sexy to have fingers from both my hands moving inside my lover.  Myrna came, and I stayed with her, fucking her hard as her body bucked and spasmed, feeling her orgasm on my fingers.  When she was done, my fingers were totally coated with her come.  I was right on the edge myself.  Myrna spun around and pressed her tongue to my clit, and quickly pushed me over the edge.  I came, grinding onto her mouth, moaning out loud and pulling on my nipples.  As I was recovering, I saw my dad come.  His eyes were glazed, and his hand was a blur.  He shot halfway across the tent.  I thought that was pretty neat.  I was amazed at how much came out, and how forcefully it shot.  I get really wet, but I wished I could squirt like that.

We didn’t talk about what had happened; it was just too weird.  Instead we went on with our day as if nothing sexual had happened.  We had planned on spending a day or two hiking around Banff, and that is what we did.  It was incredibly beautiful.

At one point, when Myrna and I were alone on the trail, she told me that she thought my dad had a delicious looking dick.  I was a little surprised.  It hadn’t occurred to me; I thought a penis was a penis.

“Oh no” Myrna said “His is beautiful.  It’s just the right size, and it looks yummy.  In fact” she paused “Would you consider letting me go down on him?”

Oddly enough, the idea didn’t bother me at all.  I knew Myrna loved giving blowjobs; my dad appeared to have a thing for blowjobs and probably hadn’t had one from mom in years.  Why not?  It would be kind of sexy, in a perverted kind of way.  Furthermore, tomorrow was his 49th birthday.  I had gotten him a card, but this would be a knockout birthday present from both of us.

We had lunch at a small diner off the road next to a crystal clear lake.  Dad suggested that we hike up to an alpine hut and spend the night there.  Myrna and I had exchanged looks at that.  We sat in the sun and ate ice cream on the edge of the lake.  Myrna made a show of licking her cone in a very suggestive manner.  I had a hard time keeping from breaking out in uncontrollable giggles as she licked and tongued her cone.  She has one talented tongue.  I don’t know what dad thought, but by the time she was done, I was starting to wish I was her ice cream cone!

The hike up to the hut was short in terms of distance, but very steep, and the trail was rough.  The landscape was incredibly gorgeous, just breathtaking.  We had to keep stopping to rest and to take pictures.  The last part of the trail was straight up a gully full of loose rock.  Every few minutes we heard the sound of falling rock.  Just going up that slope took over and hour.  By the time we made it to the hut, a small structure nestled at the very top of a high pass, it was dark, and we were exhausted.  We had just enough energy to heat up some stew and then it was bedtime.  Being midweek, we had the place to ourselves.  We arraigned our sleeping bags near the fireplace and turned in.  The wind howled eerily around the little hut, but I was asleep as soon as I was in our bag and my eyes were closed.

I woke up late.  Dad and Myrna had already made breakfast:  hot oatmeal and black coffee.  We sat outside on the rocks and ate and enjoyed the sun and the view.  I brought out the card that Myrna and I had signed for Dads birthday.  He thanked us, and kissed us both on the cheek.  The sun was warming things up.  I peeled off my fleece.  Myrna took hers off too.  It was pretty obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could clearly see her large breasts under her t-shirt, swaying freely.  I knew Dad could see them too.

“Mr. Davis” Myrna said quietly, almost shyly, “When was the last time you had a blowjob?”

My dad looked uncomfortable, embarrassed.  “To tell you the truth” he said “It’s been a very long time.”

“How long?”

“Well about twenty years.”

There was a long pause.  Myrna and I looked at each other.  “I would sure like to give you one” she said “for your birthday and all.”

The next thing I knew, Myrna had her top off, her beautiful boobs free in the mountain air.  With obvious relish, she was pulling my dads pants off.  The head of his penis was peeking out of the waistband of his underwear, which she quickly pulled down and off.  I watched as it sprung free, almost hitting Myrna in the face.  She started out by kissing it, licking up and down his shaft, nuzzling his balls, and then dragging her tongue along the length of his shaft. The she rubbed her tits all over his wet penis.  He caressed her, petting her hair as she buried her face in his crotch, slurping it up and down, sucking him all the way into her mouth.  I was amazed that she was able to get his entire length into her mouth.  His dick looked pretty big to me; it was about the same length as our strap-on.  Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I found myself getting really turned on watching my beautiful girlfriend pleasuring my dad.  I unbuttoned my own jeans and slipped my hand inside my panties, where my clit was already poking out from under its little hood, and my vagina was oozing happily.

Dad was moaning and groaning and caressing Myrna’s hair as she sucked him in earnest.  She held his ass in her hands as her head bobbed up and down on his dick.  I rubbed my clit hard and fast as he arched his back, emptying his balls into Myrna’s mouth.  She stayed with him until he was done, drinking him all down.  They watched enraptured as I finished myself off, rubbing furiously and gasping for air as I came with my legs spread wide, my pussy pornographically exposed, swollen and wet.

We all had big goofy smiles on our faces as we hiked down the mountain back to our van.

It was back on the road again.  We bought dad lunch, and headed off in the Astro into the east.  The dramatic mountains slowly changed into rolling hills as the miles clicked away on the odometer.  The sun went down behind us, and the shadows got long as we looked for somewhere to camp.  We finally pulled into a provincial park just off the highway where we made camp.

We had picked up a six pack, and after we had eaten dinner and the tent was pitched, we all sat on the picnic table and watched the stars come out as we drank a beer.  I was sitting next to dad; Myrna was sitting next to me.  She reached across me and started playing dad’s crotch through his pants.  I drank my beer and watched, enjoying the show as the lump in dad’s pants grew.  Myrna soon had his dick out in the open, and was stroking it slowly.  Myrna was right; it did look delicious.  I liked the way it swelled and twitched under her touch.  When Myrna took my hand in hers and brought it to my dad’s penis I was a little surprised, but I didn’t resist.  It was hot and silky smooth in my hand.  I kind of liked it.  I petted it slowly, enjoying the texture.  Then I felt Myrna pushing me down toward dad’s swollen cock.  I hesitated for a second, and then went with it, taking his prick into my mouth. It felt big and hot and alive in my mouth.  I started sucking, letting my tongue explore him.  I heard him groan, and thrust slightly into my mouth.  It felt good.  I could kind of see what she meant about blowjobs.  I felt Myrna tugging my jeans down, and I got on my hands and knees on the table, keeping dads penis in my mouth.  With Myrna’s help, I kicked my panties off, and felt the cool night breeze on my wet crack.  Dad reached under my t-shirt and cupped my breasts through my bra as I continued sucking him.  I realized at that moment, how incredibly weird this was.  I was sucking my own father’s dick, even as he was pulling up my bra and playing with my sensitive nipples.  This wasn’t right; it was sick.  But it felt so damn good!  I was really turned on.  I don’t know if I could have stopped even if I had wanted to.  And I didn’t want to stop.

I felt Myrna’s tongue probing between my ass cheeks, and I moaned in delight, my mouth full of my father’s hard meat.  Soon, her long, talented tongue was circling my anus, licking and squirming up inside me, driving me crazy with desire.  I reached between my thighs and found my cunt all wet and slimy.  I offered my sticky fingers to dad, and he licked my juices off my fingers.  Meanwhile Myrna had inserted a finger in my hungry ass hole.  It felt so nasty and erotic to be butt fucked like that, my hot girlfriend fingering my butt while I sucked my dad off.  I was determined to make my dad come in my mouth the way Myrna had that morning.

Myrna added another finger and another, stretching me to the limit.  Damn!  How many fingers did she have in me?  I was diddling my clit and sucking for all I was worth.  It felt like she had her whole hand up my ass.  I didn’t know if I could take much more.  I felt incredibly, excruciatingly full.  I felt like I was going to explode.  I couldn’t decide whether to beg her to fuck my ass harder or tell her to stop.   Then Dad reached under me and slipped his big middle finger up my tight pussy, pressing against my g-spot.  I orgasmed hard, my ass clenching on Myrna’s hand, my pussy gushing sticky wetness.  I let Dad’s dick fall out of my mouth as I shook and squirmed on their fingers.  I just kept coming and coming like it would never stop.  Finally, I collapsed in a quivering heap on the table top.

The next thing I was aware, Dad had Myrna on her back on top of the picnic table next to me, and was fucking her pussy.  I got down between her thighs, and licked the two of them as they fucked.  I ran my tongue all over her labia, stretched around Dad’s penis, down the crack of her ass to her precious little brown hole, and up to her tiny pink clit.  I licked her juices off dads cock and balls.  Sometimes he would pull out all the way and I would take him in my mouth for a few seconds before guiding him back inside Myrna.  She was moaning my name over and over; I knew she was close to coming.  Dad started fucking her hard and fast.  I got out from beneath them; at this point I was just in the way.  I held Myrna’s hand and kissed her as she came.  She looks so beautiful when she orgasms; her stomach heaves and her abdominal muscles flex and she gets a rash across her chest and her eyes half close, and she gets the most sexy smile on her face.  Dad came as a second orgasm shook Myrna’s body, crying “Fuck Fuck yes Oh Yes.”  It was the first time I had ever heard my dad is foul language.

Dad’s come was leaking out of Myrna’s tired hole.  I felt compelled to lick it up.  I didn’t know why; I just had to.  It didn’t taste bad; it didn’t taste like much of anything.

We didn’t fool around with Dad any more on that trip.  I think we all knew that we had crossed a dangerous line, and had to take a step back.   Once, on the long drive down from Canada through New York State, while Myrna was asleep in the back, Dad confessed to me that in the twenty three years he had been married to Mom, this was the only time he had been unfaithful.  I didn’t know what to say.

Dad helped us get moved in, and then started the long lonely trip back to Seattle. Myrna and I loved the city and our new apartment.  We were kept busy finding jobs and getting settled and adjusting to the city.

When Myrna missed her period, we didn’t think much of it; she is notoriously irregular, and we figured that the move and the new surroundings were to blame.  A few weeks later though, she started getting ill in the mornings.  A trip to the doctor confirmed it.  She was pregnant.


  1. Elsie Fan(ny) said

    This is my favorite story of yours. It has everything! Threesomes, bi and straight sex, impregnation, and incest. I have read and re-read it many times, but I never get tired of it. Thanks for re-posting it here.

  2. Dave said

    This is a very good story and once again a fantasy I would enjoy. I like how everyone gets something. Dad gets to experience not only the lovely Myrna but gets to see the beautiful sexuality of his daughter. She can now see him not just as her Dad but as he is, a man who has natural sexual needs and desires like anyone else. Myrna has the opportunity to not only have sex with a man but satisfy the sexual fantasy of an older man. Very well done.

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