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Amy Downstairs


Wow, so it was really going to be real.  My husband Ted had finally gotten that job in California.  We were moving out west; in three weeks we would be out of the apartment and out of New York City, driving a Ryder truck across the country, on our way to a whole new life.

It still didn’t seem quite real.  And yet there was so much to take care of, so many loose ends to wrap up.  I quit working –as a freelancer that was easy enough for me to do; Ted would have to stay in his office almost all the way to the bitter end.

I ran into Amy, the daughter of the couple who lived downstairs from us, sitting on the stoop.  My hands were full of grocery bags.  She offered to hold one for me while I opened the front door.

Amy was a pretty girl; soft and curvy and bookish, a polite and soft spoken fifteen-year old.  I had had a huge –and quite perverted- crush on her ever since we had moved into the place two years ago.  Sometimes when Ted and I had sex, I fantasized about her listening to us from down below, masturbating to our sex noises.  Sometimes I would moan out loud just for her imagined benefit.

She was so cute, so pretty and serious and I found her teenage awkwardness absolutely enchanting.  I think she kind of reminded me of myself at that age.  Only sexier.  I had hardly ever talked to her; in her presence I seemed to become as tongue tied as a teen myself.

“Is it true you’re moving out Mrs. Katz?” she asked me, still holding a bag full of groceries.

“Yes,” I told her “Me and my husband are moving to California at the end of the month.”

“Oh,” Amy said, looking sad “I’m going to miss you guys so much.”

She very sweetly offered to help me carry the groceries upstairs (Ted and I lived on the fifth floor, Amy and her family lived on the fourth.)  When we got to the front door, I set down my bags and fumbled for the key.  When I unlocked the apartment door, there was an electrically charged pause.  After what seemed like a long time, but what was probably only a couple of heartbeats, I said “Amy, would you like to come in and hang out for a while?”

Oh My God. Was I hitting on a girl half my own age?

“Sure Mrs. Katz, that’d be great.  I’ve never even been inside your place before.”

“Okay,” I said as the door shut fatefully behind us, “but if we’re going to be friends, you’ve got to stop calling me ‘Mrs. Katz’.  My name is Andrea.”

“No problem… Andrea,” she said “Where should I put this bag?”

“Right next to the bed, along with all your clothes,” was what I wanted to say.  Instead I said, “On the kitchen counter would be fine, thanks.”

“Would you like a coke Amy?” I asked as I put vegetables away.

“Sure.” she said.  I dug a can of coke out of the refrigerator and opened a beer for myself.  We sat down on the couch in the living room and talked about school, work, the weather, whatever.  That is to say, we talked about nothing in particular.  I had the eerie feeling that I was out on a first date.

Then, out of the blue, she hit me with a thunderbolt.

“Mrs. Katz- I mean Andrea, have you ever kissed a girl?”

Oh God.  My clit, which had been obnoxiously perky ever since Amy had said ‘Hello’ suddenly swelled up like a hard pink pencil eraser.

“Yes,” I managed to say without blowing beer out my nose, “Yes, I have.”

“Is it different from kissing boys?” she wanted to know, “Is it nicer?”

I thought back to the different girls I had kissed.  Holy shit, I hadn’t been with a girl since I was in college, over a decade ago .  “It’s certainly different,” I told her, “Nicer?  I guess it depends on who you’re kissing.”

“Oh, okay.” she said, “I was thinking about being a lesbian.  But I wasn’t sure because I’ve never kissed a girl before.”  She finished her coke. “Well, I’ve got to go.  Thanks for letting me hang out Mrs. Katz.”

As soon as she left I pretty much pulled my jeans straight down and masturbated to a humongous (and loud) orgasm right there on the couch.  When Mr. Katz got home later that evening, he didn’t know what had hit him.  Not that he was complaining; I almost never initiated sex.  To tell the truth I usually preferred my vibrator, any more.


The next day, about three in the afternoon, there was a tap at the door.  I honestly had no idea who it might be.  UPS?  Jehovah’s Witnesses?  I had been packing books (books are the bane of moving) away into boxes.  There at my door was Amy, bright and sunny, wearing a little white sundress that was almost but not quite see through.  My heart leapt up into my throat.

“Hey Mrs. Katz!  I was wondering if you felt like hanging out.  My parents won’t be home till this evening.  If you feel like company that is.  If you don’t mind.”

Of course I didn’t mind.  Amy’s father was Polish, her mother Palestinian.  I have no idea how they met.  They seem like really nice people.  He was an engineer, she was an architect, and they both kept long hours.  I knew Amy had two older brothers, but they were both grown up and out of the house.  Poor kid must be lonely.

“Come on in!” I said, “And stop calling me Mrs. Katz.  I’m only 36.  You make me sound so old!”

“I don’t think you look old Andrea,” she said skipping into the apartment, “I think you’re beautiful.”

Oh God.

“I hope I’m not interrupting you.” she said, noticing the boxes strewn across the living room floor, “Is this a bad time?”

“Not at all,” I said truthfully, “I needed a break anyway.  Can I get you a coke or anything?”

“A glass of water would be great, thanks!”

I poured her a glass of water and opened a beer for myself (I needed a beer!), and we both sat down on the big comfy red couch.  How were we going to get that big old couch down the stairs?  Ugh.

“I decided I’m not a lesbian.” Amy piped up.  I almost snarfed my drink. “At least I’ve decided that I don’t have to decide yet.”

“That’s right,” I said, “You’ve got plenty of time to decide.”

“And some people like both, don’t they?”

“That’s right.” I said, “Some people do.”

“You wanna know what?” she asked.


“I lost my virginity two weeks ago… Don’t ever tell my mom that, ok?  She wants me to wait until I’m married.  As if.”

Not to worry, I wasn’t about to tell her mother anything. “Oh?  Well congratulations.  And how was it?”

“It pretty much sucked.  It was with this guy from school, we did it over at his apartment when his parents weren’t home.  Some of my friends had told me he had a really big dick…” she made a face, “and he did.”

I went to take a sip of my beer and realized that I had already drained the bottle

“Bigger isn’t always better.” I said.

“Yeah no kidding.” Amy said, “It hurt.  More than I’d thought it would I guess.  I was kinda glad it was over pretty quickly.  But I didn’t even get to… you know, have a come.”

“I’m so sorry Sweety.” I said

“It’s ok.” she said brightly

There was a long pause.  I was hugely conscious of being incredibly turned on.  I swear I was making the couch wet through the denim of my jeans at that point.  I couldn’t believe this was happening, that I was even having this conversation.  ‘Holy Shit’ I thought to myself ‘I am going to fuck this little girl.’

“Andrea,” she started hesitantly, “Do you ever masturbate?”

“Of course!” I laughed, “Everybody masturbates.  I do it all the time.”

There was a very long pause.  I held my breath.  We made eye contact.

“Sometimes I do it with my hairbrush.” Amy whispered.

Just then the phone rang.  It was Ted calling in from the office.

“I should go.” Amy mouthed at me.  I fluttered my hand at her, and watched her shapely behind wiggle under that sundress as she left the apartment.

Oh My God I was so turned on!  This time I made it all the way to the bedroom, grabbing my vibrator from the top drawer and jamming.  I came hard and I came fast and I came loud.  I realized that I was being extra noisy for Amy’s benefit, hoping that she was downstairs and could hear me through the floor.  That thought turned me on immensely.

That night, Ted wanted to have sex again.  Somewhat to my own surprise, I didn’t mind one bit.  Two nights in a row for us, something like a new record!  He was actually still a really very sexy man, and I loved watching his face when he came.  Later, when he was asleep next to me, I rubbed myself to a lovely little orgasm.

When we had started dating, we had had sex pretty often.  Now that we had been married for nearly five years, the sex was- well I hate admitting it, but the sex was pretty boring.  Not unpleasant; far from it.  I loved Ted, and I was almost always happy to put out for him when ever he wanted it, and sometimes I would even get to come.  But the fact was masturbation seemed like more fun and less fuss.  And it had been that way for years now.

Our sex life had never ever been very kinky, which was a drag, but I’d never know how to approach Ted about it.  I’d say that I’m a pretty open person, and that I’m up for trying most things, but I’ve never been very good at talking about sex with Ted; I always get embarrassed.  As for Ted, he’s always seemed happy enough with our sexual activities, and never seemed particularly interested in trying different things.

He knew that I’d fooled around with girls, and even had a girlfriend in college, but I’d never known what he thought about that.

And I had no idea what he might say if I told him that I had a bad case of the hots for the teenage year old girl downstairs.


The weekend passed by at a snails pace.  We went upstate to a party at a friends place.  It was fun, but bittersweet seeing people who it would be a long time before we saw again, if ever.  And yet I was constantly distracted, unable to focus.  My mind kept wandering back to New York City and that pretty underaged girl downstairs.  Could she really seriously want to –I don’t know what- with me?  Would I actually go through with it?  I’ve never ever fooled around on Ted.  And then there was the small matter of her age.  She was less than half my own age.  She could (conceivably) have been my own daughter.

On Monday morning, I got all snuggly with Ted, kissing him and telling him over and over how much I loved him.  For a moment it seemed as if we were about to get it on, but then he realized what time it was.  “Just wait till I get home Andrea!” he kissed me one last time and hurried up to get dressed.

I spent most of the day in the kitchen, packing up all the stuff that we wouldn’t need to use in the next couple weeks.  I was super jumpy.  I kept hoping to hear a tap on my door, even though I knew that Amy was surely at school.

In the early afternoon, sick of packing and itching with sexual frustration, I decided to bag it and go for a run around the park.  It was a good choice.  I took two turns around the park.  It felt good to work out, and soaked in honest sweat, I climbed the five flights back up to the apartment.  I stretched out, did some crunches, and jumped into a blessed hot shower.

I barely heard the knock over the rushing water.  Fuck Me!

I jumped out of the shower, dripping wet; wrapped a towel around my body and ran (yes ran) to the front door.  If this was a Jehovah’s Witness, I swear I would kill!

It was Amy.  She was wearing a faded pair of blue jeans and a sweetly ironic Sailor Moon t-shirt; her thick dark hair cascaded over her shoulders.  Her young breasts made delicious little bumps like Sno-Cones in the front of the white cotton shirt.  She had never looked so sexy to me as at that moment.  She looked all round and curvy and ripe as a peach ready to be squeezed and kissed and licked and… Oh my!  I really am a pervert!

“Oh Mrs. Katz! Is this a bad time?”

“Not at all Amy.  Come on in.”

She stood in the doorway, the door half open behind her.  I faced her, standing in the hall, towel wrapped around my body, a little puddle spreading out on the hardwood floor beneath me.

And then, like a diver on the high board, I pushed off, spinning downward into an rapidly accelerating unstoppable arc.

I took Amy’s small soft hands in my own.  I noticed that I was trembling.  I bent down (she was a good six or eight inches short than me) and kissed her on the lips.  She responded eagerly.  It felt really good to kiss those soft little lips.  How long had it been since I’d kissed a girl?  Way too long. Years and years.  Her hands squeezed mine tight.

Finally our kiss ended.  Our lips separated, but our hands were still clasped together.

“Is this ok?” Amy asked

“Yes.  Oh god yes.” I said pulling her closer to me.  Her lips found mine and we kissed hard and passionately as we embraced.  Amy’s tongue aggressively pressed into my mouth.  I nibbled on her lower lip.  She moaned into me.  She was an amazing kisser.  It had been years since I had kissed anyone but Ted.  Just kissing this little nymph was making my knees weak.

Finally the kiss ended.  As we broke off our embrace, the purple towel that I had wrapped around my midriff fell to the floor.

“Oh my gosh Mrs. Katz,” Amy exclaimed from the open doorway, “You’re beautiful!”

I blushed, despite myself.  “Come inside.  And close that door!”

“So how was it?” I asked once we were both inside and the door was shut, “To kiss a girl?”  I could feel her eyes on my naked body, and I blushed once again.

“Great!” she said, not taking her eyes off of me, “I want more.”

We kissed again, hotter, harder.  I caught myself rubbing my naked tits against her smaller, bra-enclosed ones.  I didn’t ever want to stop kissing her.  Finally, we came up for air.

“Mrs. Katz… Andrea,” she said breathlessly, “You’re so beautiful… I love your breasts.”

I’ve always been secretly proud of my boobs.  They’re not the biggest in the world, but they’re big enough, and I think they have a nice shape to them.  I felt my nipples perk up even more at the compliment.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Amy said.

“Me either.” I said.

“I want to fuck you.” she said quietly, “What do you want?”

“I want… I want you to be naked.”

I pulled Amy into the living room.  My trembling hands pulled the Sailor Moon t-shirt up over her head.  She unsnapped her bra from behind, letting it fall to the floor.

Her tits were small and conical, and very perky, with gumdrop sized nipples that were swollen with excitement.  “Do you think they’re ok?” she asked, “I know they’re not as big as yours.”

“Oh Amy!” was all I could manage.  I dropped to my knees, taking her tit into my mouth and sucking it like a fiend.  Meanwhile, my fingers worked the button of her jeans.

It was a trick, keeping her boob in my mouth and unbuttoning her pants, but somehow I managed it.  Finally I got the last button undone, and her soft faded jeans fell in a heap around her ankles.  I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy through her white cotton underpants.  I loved the smell of her.

I released her boob, all wet and pink and swollen, and tugged her panties down.  She had a perfect little triangle of black curly pubic hair, incredibly soft.  Unable to resist, I kissed her right between the legs.  She was already quite wet.

Amy giggled at the touch of my lips, and squirmed, tripping on the bunched-up jeans around her legs. She fell laughing onto the rug.  I crawled voraciously over to her, my tits hanging down, licking my lips hungrily.  Her knees splayed apart, opening herself up for me.

Her pussy was beautiful, heartbreakingly delicate.  Petite labia were puffy and engorged, and glistened with wetness.  I could see her clit, a tiny little pink button, peeking out from beneath its hood.

“Please Andrea…” she whispered to me.

I licked up and down her pussy, spreading her wide open with my tongue.  She tasted so good, so hot and sexy and clean.  I couldn’t keep my tongue off her clit long though.  As soon as I gravitated up to her sexy little button, she got super excited, wiggling around and moaning “Yes Oh Yes God Yes!”

As I flicked her clit with my tongue, I let a finger slip up her sweet little pussy.  I couldn’t believe how hot she was inside!  It felt amazing to be finger fucking this beautiful girl. Her pussy was super tight and muscular. She humped back against my thrusting finger.  My jaw was starting to ache, but I wasn’t about to stop. I had a rhythm going on her clit and I could tell she was really close.  Experimentally, I let one wet finger brush against her anus.  Her moans immediately increased in pitch and intensity, and her hips rose up off the floor.  I kept my face buried in her pussy, finger fucking her pussy and very gently tickling her asshole as my exhausted tongue flicked her clit.  I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t care.  I just wanted her to come.

At last she came, and hard!  Her body squeezed my finger, and her asshole pulsated, letting the tip of my finger slip inside.  I kept my tongue on her clit as long as I dared, while her body shook and shuddered and she kept saying my name over and over again.

Finally it was over and I detached myself from her.  She lay there on the floor in front of me, flushed and sweaty, jeans bunched up around her ankles, with a big beautiful grin on her face.  I was covered in her juices.  I felt like I was glowing.

“How was that?” I asked

“Wow!” she said, “That was amazing!  I’ve never… Do you think I’m a pervert?”

“Now why would I ever think that?”

“It really got me off when you touched me… back there.  No one’s ever done that to me before.”

“That doesn’t make you a pervert.  Lots of people like anal play.  I sure do.”

“Mrs. Katz, you have such a beautiful ass.  That’s what first… what I first noticed about you.”

We kissed for a while more.  She kicked off the tangled mass of jeans and panties.  I encouraged her to let her hands explore my body all over.  I loved feeling her hands on my breasts.  I was so wet and excited, my pussy made little squooshy noises every time I moved.  Finally, after what seemed like an exquisite eternity, I began to feel a purpose to her shy explorations.  I let her maneuver me onto my hands and knees, with my head resting on my folded arms on the couch, my ass thrust up in the air.

I shivered with anticipation as she explored me from behind, softly kissing all over.  How long had it been since I had received any attention back there?  I wanted to scream out loud “Lick Me Amy! Lick My Ass!” but I didn’t.

I was drooling.  Wetness was literally running down my thighs.  I felt her hot breath on my pussy.  I thought I would melt.  Then her soft, sexy, still a little bit shy tongue was running up and down my swollen, hungry crack, making me jump every time it met my clit.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned into the pillow.  In response Amy licked harder, more aggressively, slurping my pussy like a kid with an ice cream cone.

My clit was so hard it felt it felt like a little dick hanging down between my legs.  Exploring fingers found my breasts, tweaked and pinched the nipples.  I was making all kinds of animal noises as she pleasured me.  The next time she fucking touched my clit I was going to come all over her pretty young face.

And then she pulled back.  Her small hands still cupped my breasts.  I held my breath.  I could hear the traffic down on the street, the thumping of my own heart.

Then her tongue again.  Searching, tentatively shyly exploring between my spread cheeks.  Her tongue brushed against my asshole, light as a feather.  I wiggled my ass invitingly.  “Yes, Oh please yes!”

Emboldened, she returned to my ass.  Circling it with her tongue, then flicking it, and finally burying her tongue inside me.  I was in heaven.  It felt like she had about a yard of tongue up my butt.  “Please fuck me!” I managed to gasp out.

Without removing her tongue, she slipped fingers, two, three I don’t know, up into my hungry, more than ready pussy.  She began fucking me in earnest, hard and fast, still licking my asshole like a mad thing.  Every time she thrust into me, her thumb would brush my engorged clitoris.  I exploded, coming so hard, coming over and over again in body shaking waves.  She stayed with me until it was over, and I was a sweaty, quivering mass of flesh lying on the living room floor.

“Was that ok?” she asked.

I realized that I was crying “Yes,” I said through tears, “Oh Amy that was amazing!”

“So you don’t…. think I’m perverted?”

“Oh no, no never.  You could do anything you wanted to me.  Anything!”

We hugged and she kissed the tears off my cheeks.  We cuddled for a while, naked together on the couch.  Then Amy got up to use the bathroom.  I started to think about a second round.  And I also started to think about what time Ted would be coming home.

“This doesn’t count as cheating for you, right?” Amy said standing naked in front of me like some slightly chubby erotic angel.  “Because we’re both girls.”

“Yeah,” I said smiling though inside I wasn’t so sure, “That’s right.”

“You’re so lucky,” she said, still standing there letting me admire her body, “You’ve got an awesome husband.  I think he’s really hot.”

“Would you like to fuck him?” I heard myself say

“Would you let me?”

“Yeah.” I said, “I think that would be hot.”

“When does he get home?”

“Usually around five thirty.”

“So we’ve got time to do it again now?”

My god, the girl was insatiable.  Fortunately, so was I.


I swear, that girl had a tongue six feet long that could out-wrestle an alligator.  We were lying on top of the bed, enjoying the sensation of warm sunlight streaming in through the window onto our naked bodies.  My face was sticky with her juices.

As I lay there, idly stroking Amy’s luxurious thick dark hair, I was feeling a contradictory mix of sexual contentment and nervous jitters.  I honestly didn’t know what Ted would say or do when he got home.

Insofar as we had ever talked about sexual fantasies, I knew that having a threesome with two women was one of Ted’s.  But wasn’t this the sort of thing that you planned out with your spouse, or at least got him to agree to in advance?  I didn’t know, not having any prior experience in this realm.  I hoped against hope that I hadn’t just ruined my marriage.  I wasn’t sure I could live without Ted in my life.

I heard his key in the door and I jumped involuntarily, starting Amy out of her half doze.

“Honey, I’m home!” came his familiar singsong greeting.

“We’re in the bedroom!” I called.

I’ll never in a million years forget his face when he walked into the bedroom and saw us there on the bed.  A whole spectrum of emotions registered in that first silent moment, but a big fat grin steadily won out, lighting up his entire face.

“We’ve been waiting for you.” I said, “Haven’t we, Amy?”

“Yeah…” she said, stretching like a cat, “Waiting for hours and hours.”

We watched, enthralled, as he undressed.  I’ve always thought it was kind of sexy, watching Ted undress.  Now I glowed with pride as I watched Amy watch him.  I was glad that she thought he was sexy too.

“He’s beautiful!” Amy told me.  Ted’s cock hung down thick between his legs.  “He looks delicious.”

“Would you like to taste him?” I asked, “Would you like to suck on that?”

“Yeah!” Amy blushed red.  It was cute. “I mean sure, I’d love to.  But this is the first time… I mean I’ve never…”

“You’ve never given a blowjob?”  I was a little shocked, after the things she and I had just done together.

“No…. I’ve used my hand before.”

“We’ll show you how.  Right Ted?”

Ted certainly didn’t object.  He crawled up onto the bed, standing on his knees.  His cock had perked right up at the mention of sucking; now it was pointed happily at the ceiling.

Amy got down on her knees in front of him. “What should I do?”

“Take it in your mouth.” I told her.  She opened wide and swallowed Ted’s penis.  She was able to take the whole thing in her mouth.  Instinctively her head started bobbing up and down, pausing now and then to lick it like a big lollipop.  Truth be told, she didn’t really need much instruction.  I found it incredibly sexy to watch her sucking my husband’s cock.  She looked beautiful like that.  So did he.  I joined in, licking the shaft of his cock while she sucked the head and playing with his balls and squeezing his tight little butt as he gently fucked her mouth.  Sometimes Amy and I would kiss each other across his cock.  It was really hot.  I realized that I was fingering myself.  Amy looked over at me and grinned.  Then she handed me Ted’s dick, harder than I’d seen it in a long time and soaked in her saliva.  I took him hungrily into my mouth.  When was the last time I gave Ted a blowjob?

Ted’s moans changed tenor.  His cock thrust more urgently into my mouth.  I opened up my eyes and realized that Amy had maneuvered behind Ted, and that her face was busy between his ass cheeks.  That was a place I had never dared go with him.

“Holy Shit Andrea…” he whispered to me, his eyes glazed over as if in a trance.  Amy came up for air, rubbing her soft naked body against my husband’s back.  I kept my mouth on his dick.  My eyes met Amy’s.  Very deliberately, she slipped two fingers deep, deep up her lovely little pussy until the third knuckles were hidden in her pubic curls.

“So wet.” she said quietly.  Then she moved her hand back to Ted’s ass.  He stiffened as she penetrated him, then moaned almost inaudibly, relaxing into it.  “I’m fucking your husband.” she told me with a wicked little smile.

Ted didn’t last long after that, with Amy’s fingers inside him and my eager mouth all over his cock.  I could feel Amy finger fucking him, and it turned me on immensely.  He came loud and hard and hot, squirting hot salty slightly bitter semen into my mouth as Amy’s little hand vigorously fucked his ass.  I’d never let Ted come in my mouth before.  I guess I’d always thought it was kind of gross.  At that moment, it was the sexiest most intimate sensation ever.

We all collapsed onto the bed, kissing and touching.  My fingers were still busy on my clit.  Amy’s fingers replaced them.  I found her very wet pussy.  As Ted watched, we brought each other off once again, almost simultaneously.  Amy’s eyes squeezed tight, and her small breasts flushed red and jiggled when she came.  I caught Ted’s eye and winked.  He just smiled.  I don’t know when I had come so many times in one day before.

“I’d really like to fuck you.” she told Ted, “If that’s still all right with you?”

They both looked over at me.

“That’s fine with me,” I said, “I think that’d be really hot.”  Ted’s dick was hard again.  When was the last time he’d had two comes in one session?  “Do we have any condoms?”

That was a problem.  We hadn’t used a condom in ages; I was on the pill and had been since before we married.  Going without really wasn’t an option; none of us needed a teen pregnancy on our hands.  In the end, Ted had to pull on some clothes and run downstairs to the bodega on the corner while Amy and I snuggled up in the bed.

While we were waiting, Amy put those sweet lips of hers to good use again.  Before too long she had me right on the edge of orgasm all over again.  I could get used to having this kind of a sex life.

Ted came back into the room, all out of breath with a small paper bag in hand.  He was already pulling off his trousers.  “All right, break it up you two!”

While he got naked again, I got the box of condoms open and tore one of the wrapped packages open.  A little oral attention got Ted all stiff and ready.  I rolled the condom down onto his straining needy cock, taking care not to catch any of his pubes.  Amy watched silently.  I couldn’t wait to see my husbands’ hard dick sliding in and out of her beautiful little pussy.

“I’m a little nervous.” Amy said, “It wasn’t so good the last time.  I mean the first time.”

“It’ll be ok.” I said, giving her hand a squeeze, “He’s a good size.  And he’ll be gentle.  I promise.”

“I want it.” she said, “I want him inside me.  I’m so horny right now.  It’s just a little scary that’s all.  I’m glad it’s not too big.”

Amy got onto her hands and knees, and Ted came at her from behind.  He played with her breasts while I guided his latex-sheathed cock to her pussy.  I couldn’t resist giving her a little lick, and letting my tongue snake up to her tiny asshole.  She tasted so good.  I rubbed his cock between her labia, brushing the head up against her straining little clit, making her wiggle.  The smell of sex was intoxicating.

“Please,” Amy moaned, “Oh please”

“Please,” Ted whispered.  With one hand, I guided his dick to her hungry hole.  With a tiny little movement, he nudged the head between her labia.

“Please,” she said again, “Do it”

As I watched, Ted’s cock slid easily up into her, not stopping until he was all the way inside, her ass pressed up against his pubic hair.  I cupped his balls, feeling her wetness on his shaft.

“Oh God,” she murmured, “it’s so fucking good.  Please do it to me, fuck me now, fuck me Ted, fuck me harder.”

He started fucking her little pussy, gently at first as I had promised, then harder and harder.  Her little tits were shaking all over the place, her hair was wild, her head arched back, her eyes clenched tight.  Ted was gasping over and over again “Oh fuck, fuck yes oh fuck yes…” I knew neither one of them was going to last much longer.

Running my hands over Amy’s sexy round ass, I spread her cheeks wide apart.  I had a choice view of my husband’s latex covered cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.  I licked my index finger and let it slip right up Amy’s tiny crinkled little asshole.  It was really tight, but I had no trouble getting it in.  Later she told me that she like to put her hairbrush up there when she got herself off.  Her body squeezed my finger hard.  She was really hot inside.  I could feel Ted’s cock pistoning inside her, I could practically feel the individual veins of his cock.  It was amazing.  The sensation was too much for them.  She squealed out loud, thrusting back to meet us, wiggling her ass like the scrambler at the county fair. Ted shouted aloud, shouted my name.  I swear I could feel his cock spasming inside her cunt.  Finally it was over.

There were many kisses and much cuddling all around.  We were all three in an amazing mental space.  Then Amy had to run downstairs to take a shower before her parents got in, with promises to see us both again soon.  Ted and I lay together on the bed, just breathing.

“I think I owe you an orgasm.” he said, licking his lips lasciviously.  Amazingly, his cock was halfway hard once again.

Mmm.  That sounded lovely.  It had been forever since I had felt his tongue on my clit, and he was so good at that too.  But there were other things I craved as well.

“How would you like,” I asked, “To fuck me in the ass?”


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When we graduated from college, my roommate Myrna and I were moving to New York, and we wanted to get there by driving the trans-canada highway.  My mom didn’t really approve, but my dad thought it sounded like a great idea.  He volunteered to come with us, to keep us safe and to help us move in, and for the adventure of it.  Myrna and I were excited to have him along; unlike my mother, my dad is very cool and fun to be around.

Myrna and I had been lovers for almost a year, and while we weren’t exactly “out” to our families, we didn’t go out of our way to hide it either.  I don’t know how much my parents knew, or guessed, but they always referred to Myrna as my “friend” or my “roommate”.

When moving day came, we swung by my parent’s house to pick up dad, say goodbye to mom, and grab a few last things.  We had been packing up our apartment until late the night before.  The back of Dad’s Chevy Astro was already pretty full of Myrna and my stuff.  There were a few boxes of mine still to go in though.  One thing, of course, led to another, and we ended up staying for lunch.  Before lunch, I went up to my dad’s office to check my email, and that’s when I stumbled on his porn stash.  I really mean stumbled; I wasn’t snooping.  First of all, I was in a hurry, and already a little annoyed at our late start; and second of all, it just wouldn’t have occurred to me that my dad kept porn on his computer.  I guess I understood that my parents must be sexual creatures, but I preferred not to think about it.  My dad was trim, neat and tidy and dignified; my mom was quite overweight, older looking than her 47 years; serious, stiff and formal.

I happened to bring up the ‘documents’ menu and along with my dads business correspondence, it was full of pornographic sounding file names.  Well, of course then I had to have a look.  It turned out that my dad had a whole lot of porn on his hard drive.  In fact he had an entire folder labeled “porn”.  It was fairly standard stuff, but the bulk of it was blowjob themed: young looking girls with big boobs sucking dicks and getting come on their faces.  Not really my kind of thing.  My porn preferences are 1) pretty lesbians; 2) anal sex; and 3) pretty lesbians having anal sex.  Not that I disapproved.  Far be it from me!  In a way I felt proud of my dad.  I was glad I wasn’t the only family member who wasn’t a prude!

Myrna walked in to the office, and I just had to show her.  Before we were dating, Myrna called herself the “Blowjob Queen”.  She said that was the one thing that she missed in lesbian sex.  “Licking a clit just isn’t the same” she told me.  I begged to differ, but I’d never given a blowjob, so what did I really know anyway?

Myrna and I looked through dads naughty pictures, and giggled like schoolgirls for a few minutes, but we really had to eat our lunch and get on the road, so we shut down the computer and headed downstairs.

“I wonder if your mom ever gives your dad head” Myrna mused to me as we left the room.

It was hard to imagine.  Both my parents were school teachers, but sometimes that seemed to me all they had in common.  My mother had become religious, conservative, all stiff and serious.  She was the pessimist of the family.  If something seemed fun, she would probably be against it; and list all the reasons it was bad for you and would send you to hell.  Needless to say, she had argued against my moving to New York.

It was afternoon before we finally got on the road.  I had been looking forward to the drive for a long time.  I had heard that the trans-canada was a beautiful road.  I was looking forward to moving into our new apartment, and to living in the big city.

We crossed the border without any problem, and headed off into Canada.  With the late start, we only made it through Vancouver before it was already getting dark.  We stopped for pizza, and got a hotel room.  We had planned on camping out most of the way, but we were still in the suburbs and there was nowhere to pitch our tent.

There were two beds in the room: one for me and Myrna, and one for dad.  After watching Canadian TV for a while, we turned out the lights and went to bed.

Myrna and I had quiet sex in the dark that night: her large full breasts pressed against my smaller ones, kissing deeply, rubbing each others clits and probing each others pussies.  We tried to do it silently, but I don’t know just how successful we were.  When Myrna pressed her index finger against my asshole, I came, kissing her hard and grinding my clit onto her palm.

The next morning, we all woke up early, eager to get on the road.  Myrna got up, still topless, and gathered her things before going into the bathroom for her shower.  I don’t know who was more shocked; me or my dad.  Myrna has a beautiful head of curly brown hair, and mischievous deep blue eyes; but her best asset is unquestionably her breasts.  She has the kind of boobs that I thought only existed in magazines: big, full, symmetrical and gravity defying, with small brown upward pointing nipples.  I love Myrna’s breasts, though she constantly complains about them: they are too big, it’s hard to buy swimsuits and bras, it’s hard to jog, and they’ll end up sagging… I don’t have a lot of sympathy.  I’m not exactly flat chested, but I’m not what you would call busty either.  My dad tried not to stare at Myrna’s lovely rack as she jiggled around the room.  He wasn’t very successful, and I couldn’t blame him.  She pretended not to notice, and immerged from the bathroom freshly showered and fully dressed.  Dad and I took turns taking our showers, and then it was time to hit the road.

We drove all day long, through the Canadian countryside, mostly two lane road with long stretches between small towns.  It was hot, and even with the air conditioner on, we were sweating.  Thunderclouds sometimes gathered on the eastern horizon, but the sun beat down on us all day. Suddenly we were climbing up into the Canadian Rockies.

The storm broke at the same time we pulled into the campground.  Lightning flashed, thunder crashed, and the rain poured down in blinding sheets.  We sat in the minivan and watched the storm.  When the worst of it seemed to have passed, we got out and set up the tent.  Putting up a tent in the dark and rain may not sound like fun, but after a long day of driving in the heat, we played like kids in the rain.  The tent got put up, our stuff made its way inside, and all three of us were soaked.  We piled into the tent, and stripped off our wet clothes.  It was pitch black.  I suspected that Myrna had stripped completely nude; a quick caress confirmed it.  Throwing caution to the wind, I joined her, pulling off my damp underwear.  I didn’t know if Dad could tell, but it did feel really good to be sleeping nude next to Myrna.  Our sleeping bags zipped together.  We slept with our bodies intertwined, listening to the sound of the wind in the trees.

I woke up early, as I usually do when I am camping.  The tent was filled with soft, pre-dawn light.  I looked over; Dad was still asleep.  Myrna, however, was awake.  Our eyes met, and my clit tingled in anticipation.  We would have to be really really quiet about it, but there was no way we weren’t going to do it.  I kissed Myrna softly, and she kissed me back.  We kissed like that for a long time.  Then I felt her talented fingers probing between my thighs.  I moaned softly into her hair, and squeezed her ass.  I was so hot for her.  What I really wanted at that moment was to don my strap on and fuck her pussy really hard; then maybe to flip her over and fuck her in her sweet little asshole.  That, unfortunately, was totally out of the question.  I could still fuck her though.  I let my fingers slip between her ass cheeks, finding their way down to her already wet pussy.  She whispered in my ear “Yes Jenny, fuck me.”

I unzipped the bag halfway to give myself better access and so I could enjoy the sight of my beautiful naked lover as she squirmed on my fingers.  She got up on her knees and arched her back like a cat.  My pussy drooled at the sight.

“If you girls are going to have sex” I heard from the other side of the tent “Do you mind if I masturbate?”

I was stunned speechless, shocked and embarrassed.  How long had he been watching?  What must he think of me?  I didn’t know what to do or say.  Fortunately Myrna spoke up.  “Of course you can Mr. Davis. Go right ahead.  We don’t mind.”

I didn’t mind, really.  Why shouldn’t he masturbate?  If anything, I thought it was rude of us to be fooling around in the tent.  My dad isn’t a bad looking man; he stays in shape, runs every day, and has done marathons.  Of course, I had never seen him naked before.  Now I could see his penis, and it was clear that he was pretty excited, but that was only natural; he was after all, in a tent with two twenty-two year old girls who were getting it on in front of him.  So what if one of them happened to be his daughter?  He was stroking his penis, which I thought was kind of interesting; I had never actually seen a man masturbate before.  At the moment, however, I only had eyes for Myrna.

She crawled out of the bag, and I knelt behind her for better access.  Her pussy and ass were splayed for my pleasure.  Her boobs hung down, and her face was covered in her brown mop of hair.   I slipped a finger up her pussy and she responded hungrily.  She was really wet, and scalding hot inside.  I love fucking her.  I added another finger, then another, fucking her hard and fast with my hand.  Her own finger was busy with her clit.  I rubbed myself as I fucked her.  I was incredibly turned on.  It felt weird to be on display like this.  I felt hot and dirty.  I knew that my own father was watching me have really hot sex with my girlfriend, and was stroking himself to our most intimate acts.  I felt my juices running down my thighs.  Myrna’s tiny asshole looked incredibly sexy and inviting.  I slipped a finger between her cheeks and ran it lightly up and down her crack until her asshole gasped with desire.  I pressed my finger against her opening and she pushed back onto me.  Her ass was tight, but it accepted my wet finger easily.  I buried my forefinger in all the way up to the knuckle.  Her ass grabbed me tight.  I twisted my finger in her anus.  Myrna moaned uncontrollably as I fucked her in both her holes.  It felt incredibly sexy to have fingers from both my hands moving inside my lover.  Myrna came, and I stayed with her, fucking her hard as her body bucked and spasmed, feeling her orgasm on my fingers.  When she was done, my fingers were totally coated with her come.  I was right on the edge myself.  Myrna spun around and pressed her tongue to my clit, and quickly pushed me over the edge.  I came, grinding onto her mouth, moaning out loud and pulling on my nipples.  As I was recovering, I saw my dad come.  His eyes were glazed, and his hand was a blur.  He shot halfway across the tent.  I thought that was pretty neat.  I was amazed at how much came out, and how forcefully it shot.  I get really wet, but I wished I could squirt like that.

We didn’t talk about what had happened; it was just too weird.  Instead we went on with our day as if nothing sexual had happened.  We had planned on spending a day or two hiking around Banff, and that is what we did.  It was incredibly beautiful.

At one point, when Myrna and I were alone on the trail, she told me that she thought my dad had a delicious looking dick.  I was a little surprised.  It hadn’t occurred to me; I thought a penis was a penis.

“Oh no” Myrna said “His is beautiful.  It’s just the right size, and it looks yummy.  In fact” she paused “Would you consider letting me go down on him?”

Oddly enough, the idea didn’t bother me at all.  I knew Myrna loved giving blowjobs; my dad appeared to have a thing for blowjobs and probably hadn’t had one from mom in years.  Why not?  It would be kind of sexy, in a perverted kind of way.  Furthermore, tomorrow was his 49th birthday.  I had gotten him a card, but this would be a knockout birthday present from both of us.

We had lunch at a small diner off the road next to a crystal clear lake.  Dad suggested that we hike up to an alpine hut and spend the night there.  Myrna and I had exchanged looks at that.  We sat in the sun and ate ice cream on the edge of the lake.  Myrna made a show of licking her cone in a very suggestive manner.  I had a hard time keeping from breaking out in uncontrollable giggles as she licked and tongued her cone.  She has one talented tongue.  I don’t know what dad thought, but by the time she was done, I was starting to wish I was her ice cream cone!

The hike up to the hut was short in terms of distance, but very steep, and the trail was rough.  The landscape was incredibly gorgeous, just breathtaking.  We had to keep stopping to rest and to take pictures.  The last part of the trail was straight up a gully full of loose rock.  Every few minutes we heard the sound of falling rock.  Just going up that slope took over and hour.  By the time we made it to the hut, a small structure nestled at the very top of a high pass, it was dark, and we were exhausted.  We had just enough energy to heat up some stew and then it was bedtime.  Being midweek, we had the place to ourselves.  We arraigned our sleeping bags near the fireplace and turned in.  The wind howled eerily around the little hut, but I was asleep as soon as I was in our bag and my eyes were closed.

I woke up late.  Dad and Myrna had already made breakfast:  hot oatmeal and black coffee.  We sat outside on the rocks and ate and enjoyed the sun and the view.  I brought out the card that Myrna and I had signed for Dads birthday.  He thanked us, and kissed us both on the cheek.  The sun was warming things up.  I peeled off my fleece.  Myrna took hers off too.  It was pretty obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could clearly see her large breasts under her t-shirt, swaying freely.  I knew Dad could see them too.

“Mr. Davis” Myrna said quietly, almost shyly, “When was the last time you had a blowjob?”

My dad looked uncomfortable, embarrassed.  “To tell you the truth” he said “It’s been a very long time.”

“How long?”

“Well about twenty years.”

There was a long pause.  Myrna and I looked at each other.  “I would sure like to give you one” she said “for your birthday and all.”

The next thing I knew, Myrna had her top off, her beautiful boobs free in the mountain air.  With obvious relish, she was pulling my dads pants off.  The head of his penis was peeking out of the waistband of his underwear, which she quickly pulled down and off.  I watched as it sprung free, almost hitting Myrna in the face.  She started out by kissing it, licking up and down his shaft, nuzzling his balls, and then dragging her tongue along the length of his shaft. The she rubbed her tits all over his wet penis.  He caressed her, petting her hair as she buried her face in his crotch, slurping it up and down, sucking him all the way into her mouth.  I was amazed that she was able to get his entire length into her mouth.  His dick looked pretty big to me; it was about the same length as our strap-on.  Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I found myself getting really turned on watching my beautiful girlfriend pleasuring my dad.  I unbuttoned my own jeans and slipped my hand inside my panties, where my clit was already poking out from under its little hood, and my vagina was oozing happily.

Dad was moaning and groaning and caressing Myrna’s hair as she sucked him in earnest.  She held his ass in her hands as her head bobbed up and down on his dick.  I rubbed my clit hard and fast as he arched his back, emptying his balls into Myrna’s mouth.  She stayed with him until he was done, drinking him all down.  They watched enraptured as I finished myself off, rubbing furiously and gasping for air as I came with my legs spread wide, my pussy pornographically exposed, swollen and wet.

We all had big goofy smiles on our faces as we hiked down the mountain back to our van.

It was back on the road again.  We bought dad lunch, and headed off in the Astro into the east.  The dramatic mountains slowly changed into rolling hills as the miles clicked away on the odometer.  The sun went down behind us, and the shadows got long as we looked for somewhere to camp.  We finally pulled into a provincial park just off the highway where we made camp.

We had picked up a six pack, and after we had eaten dinner and the tent was pitched, we all sat on the picnic table and watched the stars come out as we drank a beer.  I was sitting next to dad; Myrna was sitting next to me.  She reached across me and started playing dad’s crotch through his pants.  I drank my beer and watched, enjoying the show as the lump in dad’s pants grew.  Myrna soon had his dick out in the open, and was stroking it slowly.  Myrna was right; it did look delicious.  I liked the way it swelled and twitched under her touch.  When Myrna took my hand in hers and brought it to my dad’s penis I was a little surprised, but I didn’t resist.  It was hot and silky smooth in my hand.  I kind of liked it.  I petted it slowly, enjoying the texture.  Then I felt Myrna pushing me down toward dad’s swollen cock.  I hesitated for a second, and then went with it, taking his prick into my mouth. It felt big and hot and alive in my mouth.  I started sucking, letting my tongue explore him.  I heard him groan, and thrust slightly into my mouth.  It felt good.  I could kind of see what she meant about blowjobs.  I felt Myrna tugging my jeans down, and I got on my hands and knees on the table, keeping dads penis in my mouth.  With Myrna’s help, I kicked my panties off, and felt the cool night breeze on my wet crack.  Dad reached under my t-shirt and cupped my breasts through my bra as I continued sucking him.  I realized at that moment, how incredibly weird this was.  I was sucking my own father’s dick, even as he was pulling up my bra and playing with my sensitive nipples.  This wasn’t right; it was sick.  But it felt so damn good!  I was really turned on.  I don’t know if I could have stopped even if I had wanted to.  And I didn’t want to stop.

I felt Myrna’s tongue probing between my ass cheeks, and I moaned in delight, my mouth full of my father’s hard meat.  Soon, her long, talented tongue was circling my anus, licking and squirming up inside me, driving me crazy with desire.  I reached between my thighs and found my cunt all wet and slimy.  I offered my sticky fingers to dad, and he licked my juices off my fingers.  Meanwhile Myrna had inserted a finger in my hungry ass hole.  It felt so nasty and erotic to be butt fucked like that, my hot girlfriend fingering my butt while I sucked my dad off.  I was determined to make my dad come in my mouth the way Myrna had that morning.

Myrna added another finger and another, stretching me to the limit.  Damn!  How many fingers did she have in me?  I was diddling my clit and sucking for all I was worth.  It felt like she had her whole hand up my ass.  I didn’t know if I could take much more.  I felt incredibly, excruciatingly full.  I felt like I was going to explode.  I couldn’t decide whether to beg her to fuck my ass harder or tell her to stop.   Then Dad reached under me and slipped his big middle finger up my tight pussy, pressing against my g-spot.  I orgasmed hard, my ass clenching on Myrna’s hand, my pussy gushing sticky wetness.  I let Dad’s dick fall out of my mouth as I shook and squirmed on their fingers.  I just kept coming and coming like it would never stop.  Finally, I collapsed in a quivering heap on the table top.

The next thing I was aware, Dad had Myrna on her back on top of the picnic table next to me, and was fucking her pussy.  I got down between her thighs, and licked the two of them as they fucked.  I ran my tongue all over her labia, stretched around Dad’s penis, down the crack of her ass to her precious little brown hole, and up to her tiny pink clit.  I licked her juices off dads cock and balls.  Sometimes he would pull out all the way and I would take him in my mouth for a few seconds before guiding him back inside Myrna.  She was moaning my name over and over; I knew she was close to coming.  Dad started fucking her hard and fast.  I got out from beneath them; at this point I was just in the way.  I held Myrna’s hand and kissed her as she came.  She looks so beautiful when she orgasms; her stomach heaves and her abdominal muscles flex and she gets a rash across her chest and her eyes half close, and she gets the most sexy smile on her face.  Dad came as a second orgasm shook Myrna’s body, crying “Fuck Fuck yes Oh Yes.”  It was the first time I had ever heard my dad is foul language.

Dad’s come was leaking out of Myrna’s tired hole.  I felt compelled to lick it up.  I didn’t know why; I just had to.  It didn’t taste bad; it didn’t taste like much of anything.

We didn’t fool around with Dad any more on that trip.  I think we all knew that we had crossed a dangerous line, and had to take a step back.   Once, on the long drive down from Canada through New York State, while Myrna was asleep in the back, Dad confessed to me that in the twenty three years he had been married to Mom, this was the only time he had been unfaithful.  I didn’t know what to say.

Dad helped us get moved in, and then started the long lonely trip back to Seattle. Myrna and I loved the city and our new apartment.  We were kept busy finding jobs and getting settled and adjusting to the city.

When Myrna missed her period, we didn’t think much of it; she is notoriously irregular, and we figured that the move and the new surroundings were to blame.  A few weeks later though, she started getting ill in the mornings.  A trip to the doctor confirmed it.  She was pregnant.

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The Distance Between Us

I am more than a little bit phobic about sex.  Personally, I blame it on my Catholic upbringing, although I know plenty of people raised Catholic who fuck like weasels.  I’ve never had sex without throwing up afterward.  I’m scared of getting pregnant; terrified of catching a disease; but mostly I’m just creeped out by the idea of another person touching my privates.  It really makes my skin crawl.

I don’t want you to get the impression that I’m a prude; hardly.  Throughout high school I masturbated all the time, raiding my brothers’ stash of under-the bed porn for inspiration.  When I was 17, I bought my first vibrator.  From the first buzz, I was hooked.

Oh I lost my virginity all right, and it did very little to increase my enthusiasm.  In my second year of college, I hooked up with a guy I thought was cute at a party.  We were both more than a little drunk, and it was awkward, uncomfortable, nauseating, and over mercifully fast.  At least I made sure he used a condom.  The next month was torture.  I got an AIDS test, I made a gynecologist appointment; I fretted and worried and counted the days till my period.  The relief I felt when the test came back negative, and when my period arrived on schedule didn’t exactly encourage me to go out and have sex again.

For the next two years, I studied hard, got good grades, and had a lot of orgasms… alone.  I didn’t exactly have to fight off the guys; I am exceptionally tall, I don’t have big boobs, and I wear glasses.  In the mean time, my pent up lust increased to the point of bursting.  I remember masturbating in my dorm room, my ear pressed against the wall, listening to my neighbor fuck her boyfriend, tears running down my cheeks in frustration.  My sex toy collection steadily increased.

In my senior year, I started dating Charlie.  He wasn’t a ‘nice’ boy; he had a pierced lip, and played in a band, and smoked pot, and most importantly, he didn’t pressure me to have sex with him.  He was a hell of a kisser though, and eventually I worked up the nerve to ask him if he would like to watch me masturbate.

I liked watching him stroke himself with his eyes glued to my spread pussy, a slick purple vibrator sliding in and out.  It was really only the second time I had seen a penis in real life.  I liked the way his come shot out the end of it (safely away from me), and the noise he made when he came.  It was really pornographic.  My clit twitching, I had an amazing orgasm as he watched.

Needless to say, it quickly became a habit.  I loved watching him get himself off, and he got off watching me.  Overnight, I had an amazing sex life.  One time he asked if I would use my hand on him, and to my surprise, I didn’t mind.  I wore a latex glove, and pumped his penis until he cried aloud and his sperm splashed all over his sexy smooth chest.  I liked how hard and smooth his penis felt, and how tight I could squeeze it.  I liked varying the rhythms, slower then faster until his balls contracted and the head turned bright purple.  And I loved making him come.

So that’s the way it was.  We’d watch porn together and masturbate; or he’d jack off while I toyed for him; or I’d put on a glove and lube up his stiff cock and give him a hand job.  Life was good.

I could tell he was nervous.  We were hanging out in my apartment; we had just had a couple beers, and this was the time of night when we would usually get naked and watch each other get off.  He was being quiet, and I could tell something was on his mind.  I was afraid that he was going to ruin everything and ask me to have sex with him.  When he finally asked, I nearly laughed aloud.  “Would I like to fuck him in the ass?”  I’d love to!  My clit was twitching just thinking about it.

I let him pick out the toy.  He chose one of my smaller dildos, a blue silicone one that looked like a mermaid.  I was wet just thinking about it.  He asked me to be gentle. “I’m a virgin at this”, he said.

He got on his hands and knees, his rump thrust obscenely into the air.  His cock swayed rigidly between his legs, his balls were tight.  A clear drop of precome leaking from the swollen purple tip of his cock got stuck to his belly and hung there in a shimmering arc like a sticky thread of spider web.

He looked back at me, eyes glazed over and faraway.  “Please fuck me, Julia.”

I put on my latex gloves and started applying lube.  He moaned softly and his little asshole winked as I dripped cool lube onto his anus.  We were both incredibly excited.

I was gentle, and I took it slow, but he was so relaxed that it slipped right in.  Before we knew it, the toy was buried to the hilt in my boyfriend’s tight ass.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“It feels great” he whispered “now try fucking me.”

Gingerly at first, then harder and harder as he encouraged me, I started sliding the dildo in and out.  I would withdraw it almost all the way out, then slide it back in.  He would hump back against me, fucking back against my thrusts.  I twisted the toy inside him, and he moaned satisfyingly.  I was amazed at how wet I was, my juices were literally running down my thighs onto the sheets.  I stopped holding back, and fucked him with a vengeance, ramming the dildo up his ass until my arm was sore and my shoulder ached.  He was jerking off now, in time to my thrusts, and when he came, he arched his back and shouted, and the jet of semen hit him in the chin.

I couldn’t wait to get off.  Leaving the blue cock inside him, I physically rolled him over and squatted over his face to give him a prime view.  It took about two seconds of tugging on my clit before the orgasm started.  I felt my toes curl and my pussy spasm, and I just let the waves roll over me again and again until I was done.

“That was amazing” I said, and he agreed.

“Let’s do that again.”

We did do it again.  And again and again.  Fucking his ass became a regular part of our sex life.  I had no idea what I had done to make me so lucky.

Eventually it was over.  He met another girl, one who liked normal sex, one who would touch his penis without needing to wear gloves.  I don’t know if she fucks his ass, and I don’t ask.  We stayed friends; we write Christmas cards and call each other on our birthdays.  I guess that’s about the most one could ask.

After I graduated, I moved to New York.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to date boys in New York when you aren’t really into the bar and club scene, and when you let the occasional guy who does ask you out know up front that you’re not going to sleep with him?  My love life was completely nonexistent.

After six months of frustration and jilling off to memories of fucking Charlie from behind, I decided that desperate times called for desperate measures.  I placed an ad in the Village Voice.

“Tall, slim twenty something female seeks cute guy.  I’m not a prude but I don’t do sex.  Maybe we can have some fun together.”

I got a lot of responses.  They were all from guys who were out to convince me that they were the one who was going to teach me to love sex.  I didn’t get a single message that warranted a callback.  Disgusted, I fell back on my two favorite indulgences: porn and dildos.

I knew my ad was still running, but I hadn’t bothered to check it in a week.  There were six new voice messages, down to a trickle from the previous weeks.  Five were the same old messages from the same old guys with the ‘wonder cocks’.  One was from a girl.

It made me sit down and think.  I’d never really thought much about lesbian sex.  The idea of a tongue in my pussy ooked me out just as much as the idea of having a penis in there, and it wouldn’t matter if the mouth belonged to a male or a female; it was still dirty.  But I had seen a lot of lesbian porn, and I had nothing in principal against the idea of being with a woman.  The message was brief, but her voice sounded nice.  “My name is Laura, and I’m 25.  I know you were looking for men, but I thought your ad was interesting, and I wondered if you would like to talk.” And she left a phone number.

I decided to give her a call: what the hell.

My heart was racing as I dialed the number.  A combination of excitement and dread, I guess.  The whole personal ad thing was stupid, humiliating.  A girl answered the phone, and I almost hung up.  No, it wasn’t Laura, it was her roommate.  Could I hold on?

I held on, and Laura got on the line.  We introduced ourselves, and there was an uncomfortable pause.  I took a deep breath.  “Listen” I said “there’s a couple of things I’d like to let you know right away.  I’m not a lesbian.  I mean I’ve never dated a girl before.  But I’m not opposed to the idea and you sounded nice so…” my voice trailed off.

“Go on” she said.

“Well”, and I hesitated, not sure how to put it “I’m really not comfortable with physical sex.  I’m not just talking about penises.  I guess I have a bit of neurosis about it.  I don’t like other people touching my… my vagina.  But I do like to play.”

“How do you feel about touching other people?” she asked.

I laughed a little.  “Well that’s a fair question.  I guess I wouldn’t mind touching if I wore latex gloves.  But I wouldn’t be able to go down on you” I was blushing furiously.  “That’s probably not the sexiest thing you’ve ever heard.”

“It’s ok” she laughed “I have some hang-ups too.  I think I’d like to meet you, if that’s what you would like.”

It turned out that we didn’t live far from each other.  We agreed to meet at a bar a few blocks away.

It took me a long time to get dressed, and I’m not a fussy dresser.  I was nervous and excited.  I wanted her to be attracted to me.  I wanted something to happen.  What, I wasn’t really sure.

I spotted her right away.  She was way cute.  Everything about her was small: she was about five foot nothing and really skinny.  Her hair was dyed bright red and done up in pony tails, she had freckles on her cheeks and flashing blue eyes, and she wore blue jeans and scuffed up Doc Martins.  I loved her hands: she had little hands with clean, neatly trimmed nails.  It looked like she worked with her hands and took good care of them.  They were girl hands that were pretty but not pampered.

Right from the start we got along really well.  Things only seemed awkward for a moment, and then we were chatting away like old school chums.  We drank two beers together, and the topic of sex and relationships never came up.  Then we were buzzed, and it was late, and we both had to work in the morning.

It was cold outside the bar.  I took her hand in mine, and she squeezed back.

“Laura” I said “I had a good time tonight.  Do you think you’d like to go out again?’

“Yeah” she said “I would.”

“Hey, would you like me to walk you home?”  I cursed myself: what a dorky thing to say.

“No, you don’t have to do that.  It’s totally out of your way.  But if you don’t mind, I’d like a goodnight kiss.”

And so I kissed a girl.  I was happy to discover that it wasn’t very different from kissing a boy, and at least as nice.  I slipped my tongue into her mouth and held her tight.  It seemed to last for a very long time.  Then we both became conscious that we were in the middle of the sidewalk.

“Call me!”  She waved and headed off.  I was still reeling from the kiss.  I hurried back to my apartment.  My clit was throbbing, and I couldn’t wait to get home to my toy drawer.

The next day at work, I had an emergency conference with my friend Stephen over lunch.  “I’ve never been in a situation like this.  How long do I wait before I call her?”

“Call her tonight.” Stephen said.

I called her when I got home from work.  She wasn’t there, so I left a message.  I then proceeded to mope around the apartment, pretending not to wait for her to call.  A little after eight, the phone rang.

It was Laura, and she wanted to know if I would like to hang out. She suggested the bar we had met at the night before.  I took a deep breath and mentioned that I had beer in my fridge.  She said she’d be right over.

We had a beer, we kissed, we kissed some more, and then we moved onto the bed; kissing and touching and rolling around.  Under my jeans, my panties were soaked.  She reached up under my shirt, tweaking my erect nipple through my bra.  I really didn’t want to fuck this up.

“Listen.” I said.  “Stop for a second Laura.  I’m really excited, and I want to do things with you, but there are a lot of things I’m just not comfortable with.”

“It’s OK.” She said. “I’m not exactly… normal either.”  There was a long silence, and we both looked at each other. “Would you be comfortable spanking me?”

“Spanking you?”

“Yes.” she said, and I realized I was holding my breath. “What I’d really like is for you to beat my ass, like really hard, while I masturbate.”

“I’d love to do that for you.”  We got naked fast.  I was drooling with lust for her taught little body.  Her breasts were small and conical, pink nipples pierced with thick barbells.  Her pussy had a soft triangle of dark hair over it: on her tummy just above the pubes, there was the tattoo of a butterfly.  She bent over my bed, presenting her firm, pale butt just for me.  She was beautiful.

“Spank me” she whispered.  I raised my arm and slapped her ass.  Her flesh jiggled and I left the red imprint of my hand on her ass.  “Harder.  Don’t hold back.”

Her pussy was aroused, her labia pouting open and glistening with moisture.  Her ass wiggled provocatively at me.  I slapped her again and again, as hard as I could, turning her cheeks red, while she rubbed her clit.

I couldn’t keep it up long.  It hurt my hand too much.  “Don’t stop” she groaned, keeping a finger on her clit “use a ruler or a hairbrush or something.”

I got the hairbrush from my dresser.  “Would you like to use a vibrator while I do this?”

“Fuck yes!”

I handed her one of my favorites.  She slipped it right up her pussy and started fucking herself while her other hand kept busy with her clit, her face half buried in the sheets.

I beat her ass with the back of the hairbrush.  I hit her as hard as I could.  I started counting my strokes, but I lost track around twenty.  She was gasping, sobbing, but always telling me not to stop.

Finally she gasped “I don’t think I can take any more.”  I lowered my aching arm, and let the hairbrush fall.  Her ass was a mess, all red and covered with angry raised welts.  I had broken the skin in a couple places, and a trickle of blood ran down the back of one thigh.  Her hands were busy between her legs, eyes shut and forehead knotted in concentration.

“Could I fuck your ass while you do that?”

“Please” she said “Do it.”

I grabbed another dildo from the drawer, and squirted lube all over it.  It happened to be the blue mermaid that had been Charlie’s first choice.  I was so excited I didn’t even bother putting on my gloves.  I gently spread her poor abused cheeks, revealing the delicate brown rose of her asshole.  I pressed the dildo inside her.

It was hard work getting it in.  She was a small girl, and the resistance from the toy in her pussy made it harder.  I took it slow and eventually I had the whole thing buried in her ass.  I could feel the buzz and the frantic movement of the vibrator in her pussy, bumping against the dildo in her ass. I grabbed a fistful of her scarlet hair and pulled hard, twisting the dildo and fucking her ass mercilessly, and when she came, it was with a violence that almost scared me.  She kicked and thrashed, her eyes squeezed tight and her face locked in silent ecstasy.

When she was done, she rolled over, and the blue mermaid popped out of her butt.  “Where do you keep those damn gloves?”

“In a box in the top drawer.”

She ran over to the dresser and put on a pair of gloves with a snap.  I lay, exhausted and melting with sexual excitement, naked on the bed as she came back with my ‘Hello Kitty’ in one gloved hand.  I knew what she was going to do, and somehow it didn’t bother me at all.  I wanted her.

She urgently pushed my legs apart, exposing my sopping wet puss.  My clit was throbbing like an over inflated balloon, ready to explode at the slightest touch.  She buried two slippery, latex-covered fingers in my hungry cunt, going straight for my g-spot; and at the same time, pressed Hello Kitty to my needy clit.  I came like the ocean.  I don’t know how long I orgasmed, but when it finally slowed down, I realized I was sobbing.

“Are you ok?”

All I could say was “Wow.”

Wow indeed.  Laura told me that I was great, and that she probably wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week.  And when she could sit down again, she told me, she would probably bring a riding crop for me to use on her.  Until then, what did I think about strap-ons?

I thought that sounded pretty great.

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Goody Two-Shoes Visits College

I was always the bad kid in our family. I was the one with the lousy grades; I was the one with the messy room, the one who stayed out late, the one who dated boys and ditched church. I think everyone, myself included, was surprised when I went on to college after graduating. My grades weren’t what they might be, but I had artistic talent, and I majored in painting.

Amy came to visit me in the fall of my sophomore year. I had an off-campus apartment which I shared with another girl, Kristen. Amy was a junior that year, and thinking about going to my school after she graduated. It was great to see Amy, and I was looking forward to showing her around. We had always gotten along pretty well, considering that we were opposites in so many ways. She was the good daughter, the one who got perfect grades, helped out around the house, and didn’t date.

The first night we went out with a bunch of friends for pizza and beer. My friends all liked Amy; I was a little disturbed to see more than one of my male friends checking her out (this was my 16 year old kid sister!), but I knew that Amy could take care of herself. We stayed out late, and even though she didn’t sample any beer, she was falling asleep by the time we got back to the apartment. I made a bed for her on the couch, tucked her in, and stumbled off to my own room to catch a few hours sleep.

I had a full day of classes the next day. When I left for my morning class, Amy was still snoring on the couch. She looked really cute like that, almost like a porcelain doll, with her button nose and curly blonde hair all mussed up.

My second class of the day was cancelled; the professor had called in sick. I went back to the apartment, planning to surprise Amy and take her out to lunch.

When I opened the front door, I was greeted with a sight that stopped me in my tracks. Kristen, my roommate, was stark naked and spread out all over the couch. Her large breasts jiggled as her head rolled back and forth in ecstasy. Her long, muscular legs were spread wide, and my little sister Amy, naked as the day she was born, was crouched between her legs, her face buried in Kristen’s crotch. Apparently she was doing a good job; Kristen was moaning and groaning and encouraging Amy, running her fingers through my sister’s curly blonde hair as Amy slurped away.

I was shocked, to say the least. I’d never suspected that Kristen went that way, never mind my goody-two-shoes kid sister. I had to admit that they looked like they were having a good time. “At least someone is getting some in this place.” I thought to myself. They hadn’t seen me; they were in a world all their own. I quietly closed the door and went out for lunch by myself.

The rest of Amy’s visit was pretty uneventful. Needless to say, I never mentioned what I had seen on the couch that day. At the end of the week, Amy thanked me for my hospitality and went back to home and high school. Kristen told me that my sister was a really sweet kid. I only smiled.

It wasn’t as if I was totally sexually inexperienced. I had lost my virginity when I was 16. I had fooled around with a few guys since then. The main problem was that I was socially awkward and painfully shy. At 6’1, I was taller than most guys, and I wore glasses. I was kind of a geek. Guys weren’t exactly banging down my door. Anyway, masturbation was, I had found, a much more reliable way to have orgasms. Sometimes I thought about knocking on Kristen’s door late at night when my clit was twitching, but I never did. The fact is I was too chicken.

After midterms, I drove home for Thanksgiving. I got in around noon on the Wednesday before turkey day. My mom was at work, and Amy was in school. It was the first time in a while that I found myself alone with nothing particular to do.

I went into Amy’s room to see if she still had the halter top I had let her borrow last summer. Ok, I wasn’t even fooling myself. I went into her room to snoop.

Her room was disgustingly clean. The bed was made and her books were all neatly put away. There were family pictures and unicorns on her dresser. All her shoes were arraigned in pairs in the closet.

She kept her toys in a box under the bed. Now, I owned a vibrator, and I guess I had half expected to find one when I pulled the box out. What I found really blew me away. There were maybe a dozen different sex toys there. Some of them I didn’t even know what you were supposed to do with. There were a couple different vibrators, and several dildos; one of them so big that it was a little scary. There was what I thought was a butt plug, a double ended dildo, and were those anal beads? There was porn, too: a stack of magazines, and several DVDs.

I hadn’t been exposed to very much porn; I guess I had thought of it as a guy thing. I had a couple of trashy novels in my own bedroom, but it never would have occurred to me to buy a DVD. I was curious. I turned on her computer and slid a disk in.

I was shocked at first at how raw, how explicitly sexual it was. My little sister, the sweet little girl who volunteered down at the church, liked to watch this? It was all women, and they were fucking and licking each other in every combination imaginable. There didn’t seem to be much plot, but that really didn’t matter. The more I watched, the more I wanted to see. I could feel myself getting excited. Really excited. I looked at Amy’s alarm clock: it was one o’clock; I had plenty of time before she came home from school. On the screen, a woman with spiky pink hair was licking her girlfriend’s asshole. I let my jeans fall around my ankles, and snaked a hand between my thighs.

I watched and teased and watched and teased, getting more and more excited and wet with every scene. I was going to have to orgasm soon. I looked over at the collection of toys spread out on the bed, trying to decide which vibrator to pick out. It was then that Amy walked into the room.

I felt suddenly cold all over. I’m sure I looked as guilty as I felt, my hand stuffed inside my panties, the girls on the screen moaning orgasmically. The lust in my twat was suddenly gone. For a long heartbeat, we silently looked at each other across the room.

In our house, your room was sacred territory. You just didn’t go into someone else’s room without permission. I felt terrible.

“You’re home early.” I managed lamely.

“Half day at school.” Amy replied. “You aren’t going to tell Mom are you?”

Tell Mom what? That I had walked in on Amy eating out my roommate? That I had found a big stash of porn and sex toys under my little sister’s bed? That Amy had found me in her room masturbating to her lesbian porn?

“No, I’m not going to tell Mom anything.” I had stopped the DVD, and I was pulling my jeans back on. “I’m really sorry.” I added.

“You can borrow something if you want.” said Amy “Just ask first, ok?”

I slunk out of her room, feeling lower than low. I hid in my own room most of the rest of the day. I finished masturbating, because my body demanded it, but it wasn’t any fun. I felt that I had violated a trust between me and Amy. Why did I have to snoop? At dinner, Mom asked me why I was so quiet. I told her I was tired from midterms. Amy didn’t seem any different from usual: positive, polite, and perky.

The next day we did what has become our Thanksgiving tradition: in the afternoon we helped out at a homeless shelter; in the evening we rented a movie and ordered pizza. In spite of myself I had a good time.

After everyone had gone to bed, I tapped on Amy’s door. She answered, in her pajamas.

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m really sorry” I said “I feel terrible.”

“It’s ok.” Amy said. “Really, it’s ok. It’s just embarrassing. Why don’t you come in for a minute?”

I closed the door after me, and sat down on the side of her bed. “Are you a lesbian?” I asked.

“Yes” she replied. “Are you?”

“No.” I said “I mean I think I’m bisexual.” That was the first time I had said those words, even to myself.

She gave me a little hug, and I hugged her back. “How long have you been a lesbian?” I asked.

“Oh, forever. I’ve know as long as I can remember. What about you?”

“It’s pretty new for me.” I replied, somewhat evasively. The fact is, I hadn’t really known until that day.

“So” Amy said, smiling mischievously, “Would you like to finish watching the movie?”

I said that I did. Amy slipped the disk into her computer. It started automatically at the place where I had left off. We sat on the side of her bed, Amy in her pajamas, me in jeans and a t-shirt, and watched as the pink-haired porn star tongued her girlfriend’s ass.

“I’ve never shown this to anyone.”

“I like it.” My eyes were glued to the screen.

“You don’t think it’s gross?”

“No. I think it’s sexy.” It was an awkward moment, but I could feel my nipples stiffening, my pussy becoming moist.

“Hey” Amy said “Would you like to masturbate?”

“Yeah,” I whispered “I would.”

I realized that my hands were shaking. The action on the screen was driving me crazy. I had never masturbated in front of anyone else before; I had never watched porn before. Next to me, Amy had already stepped out of her pajama bottoms, and her hand was busy between her legs. Her light brown bush was neatly trimmed. I realized that I was staring. I took a deep breath and unbuttoned my jeans.

I pulled off my jeans and let them fall on the floor. My panties joined them. I ran my fingers through my own dark and unruly pubic patch, spreading my labia. I was surprised at just how wet I was already.

We lay side by side on the bed, silently masturbating as the movie played on. I slowly circled my clit, teasing myself as I became more and more aroused. More and more, I kept looking away from the screen over at Amy, and her busy fingers. Her pussy made little squishing noises as she touched herself.

“I’ve never done this before.” Amy said. Her eyes were closed, her fingers constantly moving. “I mean, masturbated along with someone.”

“Me either.” I said. Her pussy was so cute, so little and neat. Her inner lips were pouting like a blooming rose.

“I’d like to use a toy now.” She said. “You don’t mind, do you?”

As she got the box out from under her bed, I pulled off my t-shirt and unsnapped my bra. My breasts swung free.

“I always admired your boobs.” Amy had pulled a large, purple, penis shaped vibrator out of the box. “I used to be jealous of you for them.”

I blushed with pleasure at that. I’ve never thought of my breasts as being anything special.

I watched, rapt, as Amy slid the large purple toy into her hungry pussy. I was amazed at how it opened wide to accept the toys’ girth. She groaned and spread her legs even wider as she began to slide it in and out, fucking herself languidly. Acting on impulse, I unbuttoned her pajama tops, exposing her smaller, pancaked breasts. I pinched a pink nipple, and she made a moaning noise. When I released it, it stood up tall and proud. I couldn’t help myself. I brought my mouth down to Amy’s tit, tasting breast flesh for the first time. It felt delicious in my mouth. I sucked hungrily on her nipple as she fucked herself harder and harder. I snaked one hand down her flat tummy, through her pubes, to the magic button near the top of her pussy. As I sucked and licked her nipple, I felt the buzzing, thrusting motion of the vibrator inside her, and her muscles tense and spasm. She cried out loud, gritting her teeth, spitting out words I didn’t even know that she knew. “Fuck Shit Yes Oh Fuck yes Andrea fuck my clit I’m coming!”

I held her until the shaking stopped. When it was over she thanked me again and again.

“Would you like to go now?” she asked.  On the screen, a blonde woman was fucking a redhead with a really large black strap-on dildo.  I nodded my head earnestly.

“Pick out a toy!” Amy said.  After a little consideration I chose a curvilinear glass toy with colorful swirls in it from out of her box.

“Nice one!” she said.  I lay back down on her top sheet, and she sat on the edge of the bed, positioning herself (I realized self-consciously) for a prime view of the action.

I was really really wet, and I had no problem sliding the dildo up inside my pussy.  It felt great!  I’ve always liked to be penetrated when I masturbate, and this thing had interesting curves and bulges that felt amazing sliding in and out.

I slid the toy in and out, and petted my super-sensitive clit, and felt less and less self conscious about being watched as I got more and more excited.

I realized that I was moaning out loud.  I opened my eyes and saw Amy, her bright blue eyes fixated between my legs.  “May I…?”

I didn’t answer, and suddenly I felt her hand on the base of the glass dildo.  I relinquished control.  She fucked me deep and hard.  With two fingers, I pushed down on my mound, making my button stand up tall; my other hand was strumming my clitoris like a banjo.

I came really hard, writhing and shaking and moaning.  It was amazing.

When I was finally still, Amy kissed me on the cheek, and then we both got dressed and I went back to my own bedroom.  I never snooped in her room again.

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Road Trip To Boston

“Hey Jenny,” my older brother Sebastian called from the living room.  I could hear the question in his voice; I could almost see the blush on his face.  With a rush of adrenaline I realized what he was about to ask.  “Do we have time for a quick wank before we go?”

I finished washing up and closed the bathroom door behind me.  My twenty-five year old math genius brother was sitting on his couch, peering anxiously at me from behind his large, owl-like glasses.  We were supposed to be leaving right now.  We were supposed to be going downstairs to my illegally parked Jetta, and then swing by my friend Jessica’s place, and then drive up to Boston where Sebastian would be attending a mathematics symposium and Jess and I would be catching our friend’s band playing their first out of town gig.

“Of course we have time,” I said, unable to keep the smile off my face, “But we have to be quick about it.”

Sebastian is so cute, all 6’4” of him.  I don’t understand why he’s never really had a girlfriend.  I guess he just needs to find a girl who is smart enough to appreciate his geekiness, and aggressive enough to cut through his shyness.  He is kind of like an over-sized Tigger; full of energy and innocence and enthusiasm and hilarity.  And then in the presence of an attractive girl (I should know, I’ve tried to set him up before), he gets all stiff and sober and starts going off about Set Theory and Imaginary Numbers and the Calculus of Newton.  I swear, sometimes that boy is impossible.

Speaking of being impossible, he already had his jeans down, and his penis was sprawling across his lap, all plump and firm and delicious looking.

We hadn’t done this in a long time, not since he started grad school.  Sometimes I thought he must have outgrown our little game, and though I had certainly had my fair share of encounters since I had been in college, I have to confess that I had missed playing with him.  This was something special, just between the two of us.

I sat down on the futon couch next to Sebastian.  “We have to be quick,” I reminded him, “we’re already late to pick up Jess.”

“I know,” he said, “Don’t worry, it won’t take long.”

For just a moment, I contemplated dropping my head onto Sebastian’s lap, sucking that cock, making him come with my mouth, really blowing his mind.  I had had this nasty thought many times before and I had never acted on it.  As much as I love giving head (and I do love giving a great blowjob), this was my brother we were talking about.  And the rules of the game had always been: As long as it’s only touching, we weren’t doing anything wrong.  As long as we just masturbated each other, it wasn’t incest.

It’s amazing, how good the human mind is at rationalizing.

I peeled my olive tank top off so that he could watch my breasts jiggle while I worked.  He always seemed to appreciate that, and frankly I liked him watching me.

His cock certainly appreciated the gesture.  It was standing straight up, and leaking a little clear precome.  I wrapped my hand around his familiar, comfortable girth and started pumping.

Because I was in a hurry and wanted to bring him off quickly; hell because I was turned on and horny and curious about how he’d react, I slipped my free hand between his thighs; caressed his balls tenderly for a moment, and then slid further back into uncharted territory.  Probing gently between his ass cheeks, I found his anus.  My last boyfriend had taught me this trick and I was anxious to see if Sebastian would like it too.  As I stroked his hot dick, I tentatively circled that little hole.  He arched his back and moaned.  I took that to be a go-ahead signal.  Very gently, I worked the tip of my forefinger up inside him.  At the same time I pumped his dick hard and fast until my shoulder ached, squeezing him for all I was worth.

I thought it worked just fine.  Sebastian arched his back and yowled like a tiger.  I felt his body squeeze my finger as he came, which I thought was sexy as hell.  Fortunately Sebastian had pulled his own shirt off already; he shot a big fat load of semen all over his belly.  Some droplets made it all the way up past his nipples!  I released him from my grip and went to work slurping up his salty, slightly bitter juices.  Hey waste not want not, right?

Normally this would have been the part where I would have pulled down my Capri pants and climbed onto his lap and Sebastian would have gotten his finger nice and slippery and driven me crazy drawing tiny circles around my clit and finger fucking me to a humongous orgasm.  But we were already late and Jessica hates it when I’m late and traffic would only be getting worse anyway.  So regretfully I pulled my top on and Sebastian got his clothes back together and we headed downstairs to my (mercifully unticketed) car.

We stopped uptown and picked up Jessica (who was late herself and therefore had no grounds to be annoyed) and got on 95 headed north.  Sebastian, who doesn’t drive, sat in the passenger seat next to me while Jess sat in the back.  Traffic was heavy, and I had to concentrate on driving for a while.  It took me some time to realize that Sebastian, ordinarily a chatterbox, was being quiet as a mouse.  That could only mean one thing: he must think that Jessica was cute.  Well, he wasn’t the only one.

Jessica was a little shorter than me, red-haired, curvy as all hell, smart, and funny.  She was my best friend at college, and I had more than a little bit of a crush on her.  We had booked a hotel room in Boston together, and until Sebastian had asked if he could come along for his math conference, I had entertained nasty schemes of seducing her.

For a while, Jess and I talked about school and our friends and the band we would be seeing that night, while Sebastian sat and listened.  Then the driving got monotonous, and Jess settled back with her ipod for a nap.

I felt something tugging at the drawstrings of my Capri’s.  Oh My!  Sebastian was being a little frisky… not that I minded; I was still horny from our little escapade early on in his apartment.  I glanced in the rearview mirror: Jessica was slumped against the window, eyes closed, earbuds tucked into her ears.  I skootched my ass up to give Sebastian better access.

“You think she’s hot, don’t you?” I whispered.

“Maybe.” He whispered back.

“Maybe means YES.” I breathed back at him, but by then his exploring fingers had found what they were looking for, and I needed all my concentration just to keep the car on the road.

All the way through Connecticut, and halfway through freaking Massachusetts, Sebastian drove me crazy with his long, probing fingers.  I couldn’t ever quite come- he couldn’t get quite vigorous enough with his hand inside my pants; and I couldn’t let go enough (I was driving after all).  It was exquisitely frustrating, delicious and naughty and tantalizing.    By the time we started to get close in to Boston and traffic started to get really intense again, I was quite sure I’d made a big sticky puddle in the drivers’ seat and that the car must absolutely reek of excited female.  Sebastian took his fingers back and licked them off for me, looking equal parts sheepish and pleased with himself.

Damn, if I didn’t have an orgasm soon…

We dropped Sebastian off at the University to go play with the other math geeks, then Jess and I parked the car and went to the show.  Our friends’ band rocked, there were a lot of people there, and we had a great time.  By the time we got back to the hotel, it was after midnight and Sebastian was already asleep on the other twin bed, snoring softly.

We turned out the light and tumbled into bed.  I was bone tired, a little drunk, and sexually wired for sound.  I had been hyper-aware of my poor swollen clitoris all night long, and I thought there was a good chance I could come by just squeezing my thighs together.  I wondered if I had it in me to screw together my courage and make a move on Jess.

Harsh neon light spilled through the curtains from the building across the street.  I could make out Jessica lying on top of the sheet across the bed from me, wearing an oversized white t-shirt.

I rolled over, closer to Jess.  I wondered if she could see my erect nipples through the thin fabric of my bedtime shirt in the dim light.  I could feel her breath on me.  This was it.  I had to say something.  I had to make a move.

“I saw what was going on in the front seat today,” Jessica whispered to me “Tramp.”

My heart sank down into my toes.  I felt my ears burning.

“You little twat,” she giggled, “He’s your brother.”

I didn’t know what to say.  How could I explain to her that it was just a game that Sebastian and I played together?

“So…. Are you fucking him?”

“No…” I felt tongue-tied, “It’s just a game… between us… that we play sometimes…” I trailed off lamely.

“Are you sure?” she smirked.  I nodded sheepishly.  “I’d fuck him.  For sure.”

“You ought to,” I said, “He thinks you’re hot.”

“Really?  Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?”

“Mind?” I said, “Of course I wouldn’t mind!”

“I think he’s really cute.” Jessica rolled over onto her back “It’s too bad he’s so shy.”

“I know, I know.” I sighed.

“He finger-banged you all the way from New York to Boston, didn’t he?”

“Pretty much.” I admitted.

Jessica sat up in bed. Her large breasts jiggled pleasantly under her t-shirt.  Sometimes I wish mine were big like hers.  “You’re nasty Jenny,” I could see the smile on her face, “You sure you’re not fucking him?”

“Jess!” I said, “He’s my brother!  I couldn’t do that!  We just, you know, play sometimes.”

“I see.” she said, though I wasn’t sure that she did at all.

A little while later, Jessica was asleep.  I was exhausted, but I couldn’t sleep.  I was way too worked up, way too frustrated.  It was late, and my eyes ached.

All too aware of Jessica’s presence in the bed next to me, I squirmed my panties down around my knees.  Just the feeling of the night air on my (very!) wet pussy drove me deliciously crazy.  The idea of illicitly masturbating next to my best friend (who –gasp- now knew my most deep, dark secret!)  just added to the sexiness of it all.  I ran my fingers up and down my slit, which was absolutely drooling, and stroked my clit.  Sure enough, pretty much right away I was coming, and hard.  I tried not to shake the bed, tried not to make too much noise.  I bit down on my lip hard.

But one wasn’t going to be enough.  My body wasn’t about to allow that.  Even as the last spasms from my first orgasm passed, my fingers were busy again.  I allowed my fingers to penetrate my pussy, spreading my wetness up down and all around.  God, I was exhausted and turned on, drifting in between dreaming and consciousness.

And maybe I imagined it, or maybe I dreamed it or made it up in my head, or maybe it was real after all, but Jessica snuggled up against me.  I felt her large, heavy breasts press warmly against my back.  She kissed my neck and stroked my hair and her fingers found their way down to that sticky slippery place between my legs, and then they were all over my ass, exploring that secret place between my cheeks where I so longed to be touched, and then her fingertip was working its way up into my asshole and I was so excited I was in tears and she was penetrating me and I felt so full and turned on and I wasn’t sure I could take any more and I didn’t ever want her to stop…

…and when I woke up the morning sunlight was streaming in through the window and I was all twisted up in the sheets and I had kicked my panties off so they were hanging from one ankle and I was alone in the bed.

I heard them before I saw them.  I looked over and there they were: Sebastian was lying on his back on his bed squinting as he always did when he didn’t have his glasses on, and Jessica was straddling him on all fours, her red hair a wild mess, her breasts hanging down into his face.  I have to admit it- the first thought that went through my head was “Damn, she has beautiful tits!”

As I watched, Sebastian sucked and licked on Jessica’s boobs.  I felt a twinge of jealousy.  My brother’s cock was nice and fat and hard, lying on his flat stomach.  I felt bad for feeling jealous.  I wanted him to have her.

Jess looked over at me and grinned.  She climbed up off him and clambered off the bed and over to her overnight bag.  She caught me staring at her nakedness and grinned again, a big happy horny smile.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.  She looked so sexy!

She tore open a condom and rolled it carefully onto Sebastian’s erection. “This is our second go round,” she smirked, “You slept through the first one.”

I couldn’t believe it.  My fingers found their self-conscious way downstairs to my pussy which I discovered was already copiously wet.  “You’re too far away,” Jess informed me.  She was rubbing Sebastian’s latex-clad penis up and down her pretty pussy, which I was interested to note was a slightly darker auburn red than the hair on her head.

Ditching my t-shirt (and the last shreds of my modesty), I climbed onto the bed next to them.  Jessica had positioned my brother’s cock right at her opening.  Her lips were purple and pouting open hungrily; I could see her wetness literally dripping down onto him in sticky strands.  It was downright pornographic.

As I watched, she lowered herself onto him, swallowing his cock until their pubes were kissing.  I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  It was so hot!  Sebastians’ eyes were open, but unfocused.  His hands were on her boobs, which jiggled nicely as she moved.  I thought I might melt!  Jessica was bouncing up and down, grinding herself on Sebastian’s nice big cock.  I held my breath and reached out, cupping her ample, jiggling ass.  It felt good in my hand, soft and sexy.

“Do it to her,” Jessica rasped, “Finger her.  I want to watch.”

As if in a trance, Sebastian removed one hand from her breast.  Her nipple was fat, pink and erect.  He reached over, in between my legs where my own finger was already busy on my engorged clitoris, and then he slipped his long, talented forefinger up inside me.

“Oh fuck yes,” Jessica gasped, “Make her come!”

Sebastian knew just how to rub me, and between his finger and mine and watching Jess’ body bounce up and down and the smell of sex and her girl juices all over his condom, I was in the stratosphere.  I think I actually screamed out loud when I orgasmed, which was kind of embarrassing, but it felt so good I didn’t care.

“Come over here,” Jess told me.  I don’t know how, but I knew exactly what she wanted me to do.

Sebastian’s finger was still up inside me.  Jessica raised herself up onto her knees so that only the head of Sebastian’s cock was still inside her.  I’d never seen another girl’s pussy so up close before.  I could see her clit and everything, straining out from behind its little hood.  I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around Sebastian’s familiar girth and started pumping, short fast strokes like the wings of a butterfly.

It felt weird to be jacking him off through a condom.  Weird, but in a good way.  He was very hot, and all slippery sticky with her come.  I loved the smell of their sex.  I pumped harder, faster.  Sebastian was super excited, I could tell from the heaving of his stomach and the way his balls were drawn up tight.  Jessica had her clit pinched between two fingers and was jilling for all she was worth.

Sebastian’s finger curled up inside me as he shot off, triggering another little orgasm from deep inside me.  Jessica was coming too, flushed red and breasts heaving, her fingers a blur on her clitoris.  She was so beautiful when she came.

As she settled down and as Sebastian’s cock shyly shrank, I sat up on the bed, feeling self-conscious and exquisitely naked.  Jess kissed Sebastian on the lips, long and smoldering and sensual. Then she turned, and taking me utterly by surprise, kissed me hotly on the lips.

“That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” she whispered in my ear, “We are going to have a lot of fun together.  I just know it.”

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Angela’s Boyfriend

Angela’s boyfriend was asleep on the couch.  I don’t know why that should have pissed me off so much, but it did.  It was a rainy Saturday in October, and Angela and her boyfriend were home from college.  I wanted to play playstation, but Mike, the boyfriend was taking a nap on the couch in front of the tv.  My couch.  My tv.  The more I thought about it, the more it irked me.  Angela and Mom had gone out shopping, leaving me alone with Mike.  Now I couldn’t play my video games on my tv?  The injustice of it!

I was 16, in my junior year of high school.  My sister Angela was in her second year of college.  Angela was the good daughter, I was the bad.  Angela got good grades.  I didn’t.  Angela was pretty.  I wasn’t.  At least I didn’t think so.  I was a tomboy.  I was taller than any of the boys in my class.  I had broken my nose when I was eight, and it was still crooked.  My breasts had never really developed, while Angela’s had blossomed.  Angela had a nice boyfriend.  I didn’t.  Angela was saving herself for marriage.  I had no intention of doing any such thing.

And there he was, snoozing away on the couch.  My couch.  Well he was a looker all right, I had to hand Angela that.  Not incredibly bright, but cute.  Why he stayed with her I couldn’t imagine.  Angela didn’t even give blowjobs.  I had gone to her for sisterly advice, only to find that I was more experienced than my older sister!  She always seized the moral high ground.  God forbid she ever have any fun.

I don’t know where the idea came from, but once it got in my head, it just wouldn’t go away.  Why not?  He was certainly good looking; Mike was an athlete, running on the track team at the college.  He would probably enjoy getting some action for once.  Who was he going to tell anyway?  It would sound ridiculous.  “Oh Angela you’re kid sister tied me up and forced me to have sex with her.”  Yeah right.  I looked at the clock.  It was barely noon.  Mom and Angela could be counted on to be out at the mall until at least four.

My mind was pretty much made up.  I went up to my room, and came down with two pairs of handcuffs.  When I got back, Mike had shifted positions, lying flat on his back.  I was afraid he might have woken up, but he was still snoring gently.

Why did I have two pairs of handcuffs in my room?  Because I was an aspiring deviant.  I hadn’t had a boyfriend, but when I did I definitely wanted him to be kinky.  I didn’t know yet which I preferred; being the handcuffee or the handcuffer; but I intended to find out.

I held my breath as I slipped the first cuff around his wrist.  Would the cold steel wake him?  It did not.  I closed the cuff around his other wrist.  There.  I took the second pair of cuffs and secured one to his right ankle.  I then locked the other side to the leg of the couch.  Done.

I couldn’t believe I was actually going through with it.  I set the keys on the fireplace mantle, all the way across the room.  I was already turned on.  How long would he stay in that position?  How long until he tried to move and woke up, realizing his predicament?

I knelt on the floor, watching Mike sleep.  He looked beautiful, innocent, even cherubic like that.  Holding my breath, I unzipped his pants and parted the fly, revealing his boxers.  I fished out his penis, and held it between my fingers.  I couldn’t believe he was sleeping through this.  I stroked, and his dick responded, growing in my hands until it was a full-fledged erection, six or seven inches long, hot and silky smooth with a plump purple head.  It looked delicious.  Angela’s boyfriend had a very nice big dick, and she didn’t even appreciate it.

Mike awoke with a start, and promptly fell off the couch.  He landed on his face on the carpet.  “What the fuck?” He struggled for a few minutes before he was able to roll over onto his back.  I was pleased to see that his erection hadn’t shrunk much.  “Andrea” he said seeing me for the first time “What the fuck is going on?  Is this some kind of joke?  Let me go right now!”

“I don’t think so.” I said.  “At least not until I’m done with you.”

“What does that mean?” He was still struggling to get free.

“Oh you’ll see. Now lay still and be a good boy won’t you?”

I pulled his jeans and underwear down, lowered my mouth onto his member, and started coaxing it back to its full glory with my tongue. Until that day, I had given exactly two blowjobs.  I might not have a lot of experience, but I had enough to know that I liked it.  Mike must not have minded it either, because he stopped struggling and let me work.

After I had sucked him for a while, I stopped, letting his cock flop wetly out of my mouth onto his stomach.

“Please” Mike said “Don’t stop.”

“Oh I have no intention of stopping” I laughed “Not for quite a while anyway.  I just want to get more comfortable.”  I started stripping out of my clothes.  I wondered what he thought lying there on the floor watching his girlfriend’s baby sister strip naked.  Did he think I was ugly?  Sexy?  Did he want to fuck me?

“Why don’t you let me go?” He asked “This isn’t very comfortable.  I won’t tell, I promise.”

“Oh no.” I said “Not until I’ve had my way with you.”

I knelt over his chest, lightly petting my furry pussy.  “Tell me Mike” I said as I masturbated inches from his face “Do you eat Angela’s pussy for her?”

“No” he stammered “I never have.”

“Have you ever licked a pussy at all?”

“No” he admitted.

“Well” I said “Then I guess this will be a first for both of us.”  I moved forward onto my knees, bringing my dripping slit to his mouth.

I get really wet when I am excited.  It can be embarrassing.  I have soaked all the way through a pair of jeans before.  When I masturbate I sometimes leave a puddle on the bed.  Now I was really excited, and my juices were flowing like a river.  I had already covered Mike’s face in my come, and he hadn’t even started eating me out.  I like the way I taste.  I wondered if he would.

He started slowly, licking tentatively up and down my puss. It felt nice, but I was eager for more stimulation.  I grabbed a fistful of his hair to encourage him.  That made him pick up the pace.  I guided him to my clit, which was throbbing like a three-alarm fire.  It actually seemed like he was enjoying himself. By now he was licking with gusto, pressing his tongue against my sensitive button.  My first orgasm washed over me, and I bore down on his mouth, not caring for the moment whether he could breath or not.

When I recovered from my come, I got up and let Mike catch his breath.  His erection, rather than having wilted while he serviced me, had actually grown more intense.  I squatted over him in the sixty nine position.

“Oh you poor thing” I addressed his penis.  “I’ll make you a deal.  You lick my ass, and I’ll lick you.”

I felt Mike’s tongue on my pussy again. I gave his balls a warning squeeze. “No not there.  I want to feel your tongue in my butt.”

Mike had to crane his neck to get his face between my ass cheeks.  When I felt his hot breath back there, I stuck out my tongue and traced the length of his twitching cock, from the balls all the way to the head, which was oozing sweet sticky clear liquid.

Mike found my asshole with his tongue, and I was in heaven.  I let him rim me while I amused myself with his penis, licking and slurping it like a big lollypop.  I didn’t want him to come just yet, but I wasn’t sure how much he could take.  I wasn’t sure just how much I could take for that matter.

I climbed off him, letting his dick twitch in frustration.  “You lick ass like a pro” I said, grinning.  “Angela is really missing out on that tongue of yours.  Mmm it felt like you got your whole tongue up my butt.  Think about that next time you kiss her.  Think about where your tongue has been.”  I let him think about that for a moment.

“Are you ready to get laid now?”

He just nodded.

“Are you a virgin?”

He nodded again.  “Me too” I said.  “But not for long.”

“I was saving my first time for Angela.” He said.

“Too bad” I said, straddling his hips and grabbing his cock.  I positioned his cock at my entrance and sat down.  It felt great inside me.  I may have been a virgin, but I had lost my hymen to my vibrator years ago.  Now I started fucking my sisters’ boyfriend in earnest, bouncing up and down on him.  His dick responded, and he humped back.  I loved having his cock up inside my puss.

“Oh Angela” Mike moaned.  I slapped him in the face.

“My name is Andrea, bitch.”

I rubbed my clit as I fucked him.  Mike’s eyes were glued to the sight of his dick, covered in my juices, sliding in and out of my wide open pussy.  I could feel myself coming again.  I pinched my nipple with my free hand and ground down on him as a wave of pleasure rocked me.

“Don’t you dare come” I told Mike as we fucked “You don’t want me to get pregnant do you?  How would you explain that to my sister?”

I lifted myself up off of him.  There was something else I wanted.  I let my ass hover above his dick, just out of reach.

“Please let me come” Mike whimpered “Please.”

“Will you tell Angela what happened this afternoon?”

“No. I promise.  It’ll be our secret.  Honest.”

I lowered myself a little, catching his cock, all slimy from my juices between my butt cheeks.  He raised his hips, trying to get it in me, but I teased him, pulling away as he thrusted.


“I promise.”

“Scouts honor?”

“Yes scouts honor.  Please Andrea, please just let me come.”

I eased myself down onto him.  It didn’t hurt at all.  I was almost disappointed.  I had had my vibrator back there, but somehow I had thought a dick might be different.  It felt good.  Really good. I felt full up, stretched to the limit.  It was intensely erotic.  I buried his cock in my asshole, squirming down to get every centimeter up my butt.  “Come for me Mike. Come now, come in my asshole.”  I was bouncing up and down, fucking my ass with his dick, even as he bucked and squirmed, fucking my asshole as hard as he could in his restrained position.

My pussy was wide open and leaking all over his stomach and pubic patch.  He closed his eyes and arched his back, and deep in my ass I felt his dick twitch and fill my rectum with hot semen.  I frigged my clit with abandon, delighting in the exquisite sensation.  It seemed to go on for ever.  At last I disentangled myself from him.  His shrunken penis slipped out of my ass with a pop.  Ignoring him for the moment, I went upstairs and took a hot shower.  When I was done, I came back and let him out of the handcuffs.  He was covered in my juices, and had red marks where the cuffs had chafed his skin.  I didn’t know how he was going to explain those to Angela.

“Scouts honor, right?”

“I promised.” He surprised me by kissing me on the cheek.  Then he went upstairs and took a shower of his own, while I set up the playstation.  Five minutes later, Mom and Angela were home from the mall.

“How was your day Honey?”

“Oh fine.” I said.  “Kind of boring.”  Under my panties, I could feel some of Mike’s come leaking out of my ass.  I smiled a little smile.  Angela really didn’t know what she was missing.

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Summer Holiday

Every summer holiday, I would be sent off to visit my Aunty Ellen in Bournemouth.  This had been our family’s tradition ever since I had turned 12, and I think it was as much for my mother’s sanity as for my sake.  This summer was different: I had just turned 17, and I was going into my last year of private school.  What the future held, I had no idea.

Aunty Ellen wasn’t actually my Aunt, of course.  She was my mothers’ best friend.  They had served in the A.T.S. together during the war, and had stayed in close contact ever since.

Summer holiday was absolutely my favorite.  It got me away from dirty, close, hot London, and out from under my mother’s strict and watchful eye.  Not that I ever got into much trouble around home.  I was a good girl to the outside world; to all appearances butter wouldn’t have melted in my mouth.

Ellen was a handsome woman in her middle or late thirties.  She was a professional woman, a solicitor, in an age when the only careers deemed acceptable for females were teacher and nurse.  I had always wondered why she had never married.  I thought she was quite pretty.  She was tall, like me, with thick brown hair and piercing sea-blue eyes.  And a generous bosom.  I aspired to have a bust just like Aunty Ellen’s someday.

I was a shy girl.  I found most of my joy in books.  I always have had a hard time making friends, so I generally amused myself.  I would go for long walks, or go down to the pier and lose myself in Dickens or Bronte, and not get in till dark.  Ellen never questioned me about my doings; she seemed to understand that I was a private girl, and trusted me to take care of myself.

I had, by the age of 15, made the remarkable discovery that certain reading material made wonderful companionship for masturbation.  I had discovered wanking about age 12, and it had become my favorite activity (a close second to reading.  The two combined were pleasure beyond measure!)  Now at 17, I usually wanked 24 days out of 28; sometimes several times in a single day.  I knew of course that all boys were wankers; but I had never really suspected that other girls did it too.  I always thought that I was just strange.  But there was something else that I had discovered all by myself.

There were certain shops in Bournemouth that sold, along with cigarettes and newspapers, certain books and magazines.  Every now and then, when I was feeling particularly brave and randy, I would go into one of these shops, trying to look confident and mature, and make a purchase.  I would rush it home in a brown paper bag; hide it under my bed for masturbatory pleasures to come late at night when I could be assured of privacy.  I would look at the dirty pictures, and read the racy stories, and rub myself until I was too tender to touch.  I think I learned more from those forbidden magazines then I ever learned at school.

Now, it is a fact about me (and it can be awfully embarrassing), that when I get physically excited, I quickly become ungodly wet between my legs.  I have been known to soak all the way through a pair of trousers.  That summer was the first summer that I had started to consciously think sexually about girls (I have had sexual thoughts about boys basically as far back as I can remember); and just sitting under a tree, watching pretty girls strolling along the beach was enough to get my juices flowing.  I soiled many a pair of knickers that way.

So I always tried to be careful about my pussy juices when I wanked off in bed.  Usually, I was fairly successful.  But early one hot morning in August, I woke up feeling exceptionally randy, and indulged myself in the trashy paperback I had purchased the day before.  The plot, such as it was, revolved around the misadventures of an innocent young girl kidnapped by an outlaw biker gang.  It was pretty trite stuff (I think I realized that even at the time), but the sex scenes went straight to my clitoris.  I kept picturing it being me forced to have perverted sex with these tough dirty men, and I kept getting more and more turned on.  My favored technique at the time was to tease and pet myself, avoiding my most sensitive parts as I got more and more excited; and then when I really couldn’t stand it any more, tearing loose and rubbing my clitty like crazy.  Sometimes I would shove my fingers, or the handle of my hairbrush, up my pussy; once in a while, if I was feeling particularly brave, I would stick the handle of a toothbrush up my ass while I wanked; it felt deliciously nasty (I have been fascinated with that particular part of the anatomy ever since I became sexually aware; to this day I still am).  On this particular morning, I got on a roll: four or five body rattling orgasms right in a row.  I ended up on my stomach on top of the sheet, one hand reaching around my backside with two fingers buried deep inside my pussy; the other hand busy with my little button, thrashing around in a veritable lake of my own juices.

Well, there was nothing for it but to try and hide the mess until tomorrow, which was laundry day. I made the bed as neatly as I could, so that Aunty Ellen wouldn’t notice.  Then I took a shower and went out, fresh and sated, to enjoy the gorgeous summer day.

That evening when I got home, I found my bed freshly made with new sheets, and a new box of tissues next to the bed.  At supper, I thought Aunty Ellen might have looked at me funny, but I wasn’t sure.
I tended to lose track of the days when I was on holiday.  I knew that my days in Bournemouth were coming to an end, and soon I would be back at school.  I was determined to enjoy every last minute that I had left.

Ellen (She had asked me to call her by her first name now that I was “of age”; but it still sounded strange to my ears) normally left for her office around 7:30, leaving me to my own devices until supper time.  I would sleep late; have a wank (or two) if I felt like it; eat the breakfast that she had left for me; and spend a lovely day in the shade of a tree, or down by the beach, reading a book and watching the cute girls and boys walk by.  I loved the summer holidays.

On this particular morning, I woke up from a sexy dream and found myself already wet and slippery, my clit hard and ready for attention.  Stretching like a cat, I rolled out from under the sheets, and spread my legs wide apart.  I grabbed my trusty hairbrush off the bedside table.  I intended to enjoy this.

I had been having a confusing dream:  I was being fucked, deep and hard, by a big fat cock (I love that word, cock); but at the same time it was my Aunty Ellen.  I pictured her lying down on top of me, kissing me, squeezing and sucking on my tender tits, fucking me.

I was close.  It felt so good.  I pictured Aunty Ellen naked, taking me, using my body, fucking me with a big hard cock, her large breasts shaking with every powerful thrust.  I pictured her pussy, hot and wet and slippery.  I wondered what it looked like, tasted like.  I had read quite a bit by this time, including stories about girls licking each other down there.  I thought about doing that to her, and I got even more turned on.

I guess I must have heard her knock, but I was too far gone to stop or even to say anything.  It was Saturday morning, and Ellen didn’t have to go to work.  She had poked her head in to see if I was ready to come down for breakfast.

What she saw when she opened the door was me: completely naked on top of the sheets, my legs spread wide apart, the arched toes of my right foot pointed straight at the ceiling, shaking and sweating through a powerful orgasm.  I had the handle of my hairbrush jammed up my pussy; my toothbrush was buried deep in my sensitive anus; and my fingers were a blur on my clit.

She waited for me to calm down.  As my orgasm subsided, I became aware that I was being watched.  I thought I would die from embarrassment.  I didn’t even make an attempt to cover my lewd nakedness; what was the point?  I waited for her to yell at me, to scold me, to express her horror at what she had just seen.

“Victoria dear, when you are cleaned up and dressed, breakfast is on.”  And with that, Aunty Ellen closed the door and went downstairs.

I didn’t know what else to do.  I showered and got dressed, and headed sheepishly down to the sitting room, my heart heavy and full of guilt.

“I thought we might go for a sail today” Ellen was saying over her tea “We can rent a little sail boat and explore the port.  It’s a beautiful day for it, don’t you think?”

“Yes” I said, not daring to look up at her.

“Victoria, are you alright?”


“Do you want to talk about it Dear?”

I said nothing.

“Vicky, you were masturbating.  That’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Everybody does it.  I certainly do, all the time.”

Well, that wasn’t what I had expected.

“Victoria, what you do in your bedroom while you are in this house is entirely your own business.  I thought you knew that.  Please, wank off all you want, be my guest.  Maybe I could even teach you a few things about it, though I must say you seem to have things pretty well in hand.”

“Really Ellen?  You mean it?”

“Of course I do Vicky.  Now buck up and finish your toast.  We have a big day ahead of us.”

We spent the whole day playing around the busy coastal waters in a small sail boat.  It was dead fun, and there was no more talk of masturbation or sex; we were too busy keeping our little craft from capsizing or getting run down.  I laughed so much my stomach hurt, and got a little sunburned.  By the end of the day, we were both hot and dry and hungry.  We returned the little boat, and got ices and fish and chips, and sat by the water and ate our supper.

“Ellen” I ventured “Why didn’t you ever get married?”

She laughed, and I relaxed a little. “Oh Victoria, I don’t know that you’d understand.”

“But you’re such a pretty woman” I said “You’re beautiful.”

“Well, I’m glad you think so, Dear.  That is a real compliment coming from you.  But I’ve never had any desire to get married.”

“Really?  Why not?”

“Well Vicky, some women don’t feel the need to have men in their lives.” She laughed “At least, not on any terms but our own.  Some women prefer the company of other women.”

I had heard of this before.  I had even heard a whispered word associated with them: lesbian.  I wondered if that was what my Aunty Ellen was.  I wondered if I was too.

“Ellen” I whispered “Are you a lesbian?”

She laughed again, a friendly, open laugh.  “Oh, I don’t know if I’d go that far” she said “Lets just say I’m a free spirit.”

As we walked back to her house, it started to sink in that the summer holiday was almost over.  Tomorrow, Sunday was my last day in Bournemouth.  The very next night I would be taking the train home to London, back to Mum and school and my humdrum life.  My heart felt heavy in my chest.

By the time we got back to the house it was dark, and the stars were out.  You never got to see stars like this in London.  It was a warm night, and Ellen asked me if I would like to join her in a glass of wine before bed.

She poured me half a glass and we sat together on the front steps watching the night deepen around us.

“Ellen” I ventured hesitantly “Do you really… you know, wank?”

She stirred as if shaken from some private reverie and took a drink of wine.  “Well, of course I do Victoria” she said lightly “Everybody does it, you know.  I’m sure even the prime minister wanks off once in a while.  Your mum does” she smiled “I know that for a fact.”

It was hard to imagine my strict and no-nonsense mother frigging herself off.

“The thing to remember, Victoria, is that it’s really nothing to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about.  The better you are at pleasuring yourself the better off you’ll be when you find yourself in bed with someone else.”

“You said before that you might teach me something about… wanking.  About masturbation?”

“Oh Vicky” she sighed “I probably shouldn’t have said that.  Anyway, I don’t know if there is very much that I could teach you.  From what I saw, you know your way about your body pretty well.”

“Well” I said, emboldened by the wine “Then maybe you could teach me about some other things.”

She gave me a sharp look.  “I don’t know… if that would be a very good idea.”

We drank the rest of our wine in silence, and with a kiss, retired to bed.

I lay awake in my bed for a long time by the light of the bedside lamp.  I was in a very confused state.  I was randy, desperately turned on, but every time I started to wank, the image of my Aunty Ellen came into my head.  I couldn’t keep her away.  I kept picturing her, imagining what she would look like naked, imagining her touching me, doing things to me.  I felt horrible and guilty for thinking these thoughts, and forced myself not to masturbate to them; but I only got hotter and wetter and more frustrated.

There was a tap on my door.  I looked over at the alarm clock on the bedside table, and it read a little after midnight.

“Come in”

“I saw your light on” Ellen poked her head through the door “I guess you couldn’t sleep either.”

She came into the room and sat down on the edge of my bed.  “Victoria, my Dearest Heart, are you attracted to me?  Physcially, I mean?”

“Yes Ellen” I barely dared whisper it “I really am.”

She took my hand and gave it a squeeze “You really are so very sweet.  Let me assure you that the feeling is mutual, very much so.”


“Oh yes Victoria, oh yes.  I have been thinking that perhaps, if you still wanted me too, I could teach you a thing or two about being with a woman.”

“Oh Aunty Ellen!”

“Now understand Dearest, that a lot of people would think that is would be very wrong for us to do things together… physically”

By ‘A lot of people’ I understood that Ellen meant ‘Everybody in the world’.

“Especially your mother” she went on “She’d kill me if she ever thought I…

“I understand” I broke in.  I pictured my mother walking in on Aunty Ellen and I right in the throes of lovemaking.  It wouldn’t be a pretty picture. Hopefully the shock would kill her before she killed Ellen and me “I won’t tell anyone.  It’ll be our secret, just you and me.”

At the point Aunty Ellen bent down and kissed me on the lips.  She had, of course, kissed me a thousand times before that, but this time it was different.  Entirely different.  Before, when she had kissed me goodnight, or welcomed me off the train, or wished me a happy Christmas, it had been nothing more than a quick peck.  Now, when she pressed her lips against mine, I felt electricity course through my entire body, stiffening my nipples and curling my toes.

It wasn’t as if I had never been kissed before; there had been Tommy MacLean at the Guy Fawkes party last year, and another boy called Roger who was a friend of my friend Anne at school who I had ended up snogging on at her house last April.  Both these incidents had been scary and exciting, and had left me soaking wet and filled with an urgent need to masturbate.

This kiss was different; it was of an entirely different order of magnitude.  Ellen’s lips were soft and confident against mine.  I felt myself falling, falling into her.  She ran her fingers through my hair, and her tongue slipped into my mouth.  My own tongue met hers, and they danced and wrestled, exploring each other.  Every time our tongues touched, it sent a shiver through my entire body.  Every time she started to pull away, I pressed back against her.  I wanted that kiss to go on for ever.  My pussy was leaking; I could feel the sticky wetness collecting between my thighs, running down onto the sheets.  My nipples felt like they would burst out of my nightie.

At last she pulled away.  We both had to just breathe for a few moments.  Ellen took my hand in hers, and clasped my fingers, hard.

“Oh Victoria My Dearest Heart” she said heavily “I’ve wanted to do that ever since you became a woman.”

“Oh Ellen” I whispered “I want you.  I want you so badly.”

“I want you too Dearest” she kissed me again, on the forehead “Is this alright?”

“Oh yes Aunty Ellen, I want it more than anything.”

Her hand cupped my small breast through my nightie, and we kissed again.  It seemed to last for a long time, though I don’t think it went on as long as our first kiss.  Ellen broke off the kiss and stood up.  It felt almost surreal; I couldn’t quite believe this was actually happening to me.  As I watched, Ellen loosened the belt of her night gown, and let it fall to the floor.  She was left standing in front of me wearing nothing but her knickers.

She was beautiful, just as I had imagined her.  Her skin was soft and pale, flawless.  She had lovely curves.  Her tummy was soft and slightly rounded, her belly button was deep.  Her breasts were just gorgeous, large and proud and symmetrical.  Her nipples were big and pink, in the center of large brown aureole.   They were erect, pointing out, and I was beside myself with desire to have one of them in my mouth.

Ellen climbed back onto the bed, straddling me.  We kissed again, fiercely, more urgent now.  I felt my hands moving as if by themselves to Aunty Ellen’s breasts.  When I cupped her bosom, she moaned softly into my mouth.  I felt her nipples, hard against my palms, and I gently squeezed them in my fingers.

She broke off our kiss.  I could feel her trembling.  She took one of her breasts in hand and fed it to my eager mouth.  I was in heaven!  I suckled at her tit, flicking the nipple with my tongue, sucking hard as if I expected her to squirt milk into my mouth.

“Oh Vicky!” she finally pulled away “You have no idea what you do to me!”

Well, I had some idea.  That little button between my legs was throbbing incessantly, and my ass was coated in sticky wetness.

With a little help form me, Ellen pulled my nightie up over my head.  I hoped desperately that she wouldn’t be disappointed in what was revealed beneath.  I kicked the sheets away, baring all just for her.

I heard a sharp intake of breath “You are so beautiful Vicky.  You are such a beautiful little woman.”  She was struggling out of her knickers.  “You have such a lovely body.  I feel honored.”

Ellen’s pussy was covered in a lush triangle of dark brown hair.  I could make out her pussy lips, thick and puffy between her legs.

“What would you like, My Dear?”

“Could I please” I asked tentatively “Please lick you?  Lick your pussy?”

“Oh my goodness yes” Ellen tumbled onto bed next to me, spreading her legs.  I could see wetness glistening down there. “Please do Vicky, please do it.”

As fast as I could, I maneuvered myself between her thighs.  I could smell her sex, and it was intoxicating.  I had my first close up look at a vagina, and I thought hers was beautiful.  Her labia were fat and thick and purple, pouting open like a rose.  Her clit, bigger than mine, peeked out from beneath its little hood, pink and swollen.  Tentatively, I stuck out my tongue, touching her, tracing her pussy from where it met her ass all the way up to her clit.  When I touched that button, Aunty Ellen jumped and squirmed.  I hesitated, afraid that I had done something wrong.

“Don’t stop girl.  For God’s sake, don’t stop!”

I had been afraid that I wouldn’t like her taste.  I don’t know why; I certainly didn’t mind the way my pussy tasted.  I was pleased to discover that she tasted, if not actually delicious, powerfully sexy.  I lapped hungrily at her clit like a kitten at a dish of milk.

“Oh my God Vicky, you’re going to make me come”

Well, that was exactly what I wanted to make her do.  I redoubled my efforts.  “Please girl, put a finger inside of me.”

I pressed my index finger against her slick opening.  I slid right in, much easier than I had expected.  She was very hot inside, grasping and wet.  I felt her pussy throbbing.  I slid my finger in and out experimentally, just the way I liked to do it to myself, as I kept my tongue on her clitoris.

“Oh Vicky, Oh God, Its happening!”  Aunty Ellen shook and writhed, moaning incoherently.  I was surprised, a little alarmed, at the violence of her orgasm.  I was a little bit afraid that I was doing something wrong, hurting her.  But every time I slowed down or showed signs of stopping, Ellen pressed me back into her crotch.

Finally it was over.  Aunty Ellen lay on her back on my bed, covered in a sheen of sweat, breasts flushed red, gasping for air.  My face was covered in her juices; my finger was thoroughly coated in her milky come.

“Oh Dearest” she said at last, after we had kissed and cuddled for a little in silence “that was lovely.  Thank you ever so much!  And what can I do for you in return?”

“I had a dream Aunty Ellen” I said “that you were doing it to me, fucking me, only you had a penis… a cock.”

Her eyes seemed to light up.  “Just you wait here one moment.  Don’t you go anywhere!”

She jumped up from the bed and ran naked out of the room.  I lay there as if paralyzed.  I was randier that I ever had been in my life.  My pussy and clit felt swollen all out of proportion.  I was incredibly sensitive.  It felt like if I so much as touched myself down there, I would have an orgasm.

Ellen came back into the room seconds later, holding in her hand a little red silk bag.  “I want to show you something” she said.

She sat down on the bed next to me, and opened the bag.  She took what was inside out and handed it to me.  It was startlingly heavy in my hands.

It was carved from ivory, about six inches long, and shaped just like a man’s penis.  A cock.  It was beautiful, a work of art.

“Would you like me to fuck you?” Ellen asked me softly.

“Oh yes” I said “More than anything.”

“Are you a virgin?”

“Yes.  Is that all right?”

“It may hurt a little.”

I didn’t think it would.  The ivory penis wasn’t really that much bigger than my hairbrush handle.  Anyway I suspected that my maidenhead, if I’d ever even had one, had been lost early on in my masturbatory explorations.

“I’d be so honored to be your first.”

“Please Ellen, please do it to me.”

I thought I might die of pleasure when her tongue found my clitoris.  I managed not to come right away.  Ellen’s tongue was taking me to places I had never even glimpsed before.  My pussy felt like it had become my whole body, my clit the entire universe.

When she pressed her cock against my pussy, it felt hard and cool and improbably big.  I forced myself to relax, spreading my legs even wider apart for her.  She pressed into me, and I felt this wonderful feeling of fullness.  It felt like very inch of my pussy was being touched at once; my clit felt like it was going to burst.

And then Ellen started fucking me in earnest; slowly at first, then faster and harder.  I loved it.  I was bucking against her, trying to get more and more of her cock inside me.  She kept her tongue on my clit, licking me as she fucked my pussy.  I was coming in no time flat, shaking and calling out her name, crying hot tears from my eyes.  She held me until I was done.

We lay there together, enjoying the sensation of our bodies being so close together, just cuddling and kissing softly.  Ellen whispered in my ear that my orgasm was the sexiest thing that she had ever seen.   We lay together for a long time after that, silent except for the sound of our breathing, fingers intertwined.

After a while of course, the touching started again.  I explored the length and breadth of Ellen’s lovely, soft, womanly body.  She seemed to know exactly how to touch me, exactly where to touch me, exactly what would drive me insane with desire.

“Victoria Dear” she whispered in my ear, driving me crazy with the tickle “Would you like for me to play with your bum?”

How did she know that was exactly what I wanted?  “Is that alright?”

“Oh yes” she said “I think it would be ever so sexy.”

I rolled over on my stomach, and Ellen softly caressed my bum.  It felt wonderful.  I could feel myself getting aroused all over again as she drew hypnotic spirals all over my bottom.

She stopped for a second, and I held my breath.  I wanted to beg her to touch my arsehole, but I didn’t dare.

She spread my cheeks apart, and I felt more exposed and vulnerable than I ever had before.  She softly blew, and I felt the cool night air against my puckered little arse.

I wanted her so badly back there, but I was scared to tell her exactly what it was that I wanted.  I was still scared that she would be upset, think I was disgusting.

When I felt her tongue tracing down my crack, I was so startled I almost jumped out of my skin.  Her tongue danced on the tender skin between my cheeks, drawing closer and closer to that forbidden place.

She circled my anus with her tongue, and I started moaning out loud, thrusting my arse up at her.  When the tip of her tongue finally touched me in that super-sensitive place I actually had a little orgasm.  I moaned into the pillow and rubbed my clit as she licked me, drilling deeper and deeper into my tiny little arse.  It was the most erotic sensation I had ever experienced.  Her tongue felt like it was about a meter up inside me.  I gasped and wiggled, pressing my bum against her face, trying to get more and more of her tongue inside me.

I felt her finger back there, probing my arsehole “Yes oh yes.  Oh Ellen, please”

Her finger was pressing more insistently.  She withdrew it, and it came back a second later, wet and slippery.  I arched my back, opening myself up for her.  Her finger slipped into my bum, stretching me out, making me cry out with lust.

“God yes Ellen, please do it, please fuck me back there.”

She responded by sliding her finger deeper up my bum.  It felt terrific in there.  I couldn’t believe she was doing this.  I couldn’t believe what I was saying.

“With your cock Aunty Ellen.  Please fuck me with your cock.”

She paused.  “Are you sure?”

“Oh yes”

“It’s sort of big”

“I want you”

I watched as Ellen slipped the ivory penis into her own hungry pussy to make it nice and slippery for me.  She looked so sexy like that.  Then she bent me over again.  I buried my face in the pillow and arched my back.  “I’ll go slowly” she said

I felt pressure on my backside, and I realized that Ellen was pressing the end of her cock against my hole.  I tried to relax and open myself up for her.  I realized that my juice was running down my thighs in little rivulets.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take it, and I wanted it so badly.  I felt the end slip inside me, and for just a second it hurt.  “Slow” I moaned into the pillow “Go slowly”

Then my bum got used to the sensation of having the big cock inside it.  Ellen started sliding it in, deeper and deeper up my arse, occasionally licking me back there to keep things wet and slippery.

It felt fantastic.  I felt incredibly randy and turned on, utterly exposed.  The sensation of Aunty Ellen fucking my backside was incredible.  It was as if I was orgasming and never stopping.  Every nerve in my body seemed to be singing the same note in harmony.  I felt Ellen slip a finger (or more than one?) into my dripping pussy, and I started to come in earnest.  She was fucking my arse hard and fast now, burying her cock all the way up inside me before pulling it almost all the way out and slamming it in again.  It was almost too much for me.  Almost, but not quite.  I rode the knife edge between pleasure and agony, coming and coming until I just couldn’t take any more.

Oh so gently, Ellen eased her cock out of my very tender arsehole.  I licked my sticky juice of her fingers, and then we lay together and kissed for a long time.  At long last, Aunty Ellen reached over and turned out the bedside lamp.  It was almost three in the morning.

We both had a huge case of the giggles. Ellen had told me about her idea after breakfast.  She had squirmed and blushed, which I thought was ever so fetching.  It was a private fantasy of hers, she had said, something she had never done before.  Not everyone would think it was sexy.  She would understand if I didn’t want to.

What she didn’t know was that after last night, I would do anything, literally anything for her.  Besides, it sounded like fun.

And so we found ourselves in Aunty Ellen’s old claw footed bathtub; her laying on her back and me squatting over her chest.  And both of us giggling like little girls.

“Go ahead Vicky, do it” she said when she caught her breath.

“I’m trying” I said “But it won’t come out.”

“Just relax, take your time.”

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, trying to relax and forget where I was.  Suddenly the piss came out in a squirt.  I opened my eyes, and it stopped, but then it started up again.  It seemed like it would never stop.  I had drunk a lot of tea just for that reason.  I had trouble directing it; I splashed urine all over my Aunt Ellen; her stomach, her breasts, even up onto her face and in her hair.  She seemed blissfully happy, her fingers busy in between her legs.

When it was all done, and I had shaken the last drops off my pussy lips, Ellen opened her eyes.  “Please Victoria, put that sweet pussy on my face this instant!”

I was happy to comply.  I kissed her, tasting my own pee for the first time ever.  Then I turned around so that I could lick her pussy at the same time that she licked me.

Her tongue felt amazing on my pussy and clit and arsehole.  It was hard to concentrate on licking her, but I suppose I was doing a pretty good job, judging by the noises she was making.  She was very wet and slippery, and I reveled in licking all over her pussy and even down into her arsehole before sliding first one, then two and finally three of my fingers up her pussy while I licked her clit.  It was amazing to feel her body when she came.  Her pussy seemed to grasp and squeeze my fingers as she orgasmed.  I almost wished that she would let go and pee on me the way I had done for her.

Soon enough she had me coming too; her finger buried up to the knuckle in my arse, another pair of fingers up my pussy, and her extremely talented tongue working over my clit.

We had to bathe for real after that, and then I had to pack my things and get ready to go.  We had tea together in the sun room.  I felt wonderfully alive.  The sadness that I knew would come when I truly realized that I was leaving Bournemouth and Aunty Ellen’s house hadn’t hit me yet.  We chatted over tea like best friends, talking books and authors and school and life.

Ellen drove me to the train station in her motorcar.  The locomotive, one of the last steam engines not yet replaced by the modern diesels, was building up a head of steam.

“Oh Ellen” I said, annoyed with the tears that were coming to my eyes despite my best efforts “Thank you for everything.  It’s been the most wonderful holiday.”

“You’re very welcome Victoria” she said, smiling at me.  All around us in the car park, motorcars and taxis were cueing up, letting parents and boys and girls out and onto the platform.  The air was full of excited voices, tearful goodbyes and fare thee wells.  “I’ll miss you, but we’ll see each other again soon, won’t we?”

“Oh yes!” I said “Maybe I can come visit you again next term.  And I’ll make sure to write.”

“Do that” Aunty Ellen said.  Her hand had found its way up under my skirt, and she was softly petting my pussy through my knickers.  It was driving me crazy. “Tell me everything that happens to you.”

Her fingers slipped under my knickers, which were more than a little damp now, and found my pussy wet and ready for her.  It felt strange to be doing this in broad daylight in a crowded car park, but oddly exciting at the same time.  In no time she had me squirming and wiggling on her talented fingers.  My skirt rode up to my lap.  If anybody had looked inside our car, they would have gotten quite a show.  From the waist up, Ellen and I looked like any other pair of relatives saying our goodbyes.  Under my skirt though, Aunty Ellen was saying goodbye in quite another manner entirely.

After my orgasm, she licked her fingers clean and beamed at me.  “You are a lovely little woman Victoria, and I am going to miss you dreadfully.”

“Aunty Ellen” I said “I’m going to miss you too.”  At that moment what I wanted to do was pull her into the back of the car with me and give her pussy another good licking, but I knew I couldn’t do that.

She smiled and kissed me.  “I’m going to miss you too Dearest.  But we’ll see each other again soon enough. And there may be other girls for you at school for you.  I want to hear about all your adventures.”

We said our goodbyes, and kissed again, decorous kisses with promises of much more hidden inside.  When I got out of the car and Aunty Ellen got my suitcase out of the boot, neither of us had dry eyes.  We hugged one last time, and then it was up onto the platform and onboard the train bound for home.

I had to stop in the ladies and take off my knickers; they were wet.  My pussy and arse were both very tender from all the attention they had been receiving over the last day.  I was lucky enough to find a seat by the window on the right side of the train, and as we slowly lurched away from the station, I waved at Ellen, standing tall and proud next to her black motorcar.  She waved back at me, and blew me a kiss.  Then she was gone.  I was already counting the days till the next holiday.

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